2020 Mike’s God-Messages


2020 Mike’s God-Messages – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

2020 Mike's God-Messages - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


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BLOG Topics for 2020 Mike's God-Messages - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Trump perturbed by family chaos but resumes course


Jesus is the Referee named COMPARED


3 blindings or cripplings coming to America


Vision from my wife about seeing Jesus in others


How America got into this evil Mess


Throw rotten soil out, Fix leaks, Expose mere talkers, Get Living Water


Reprogramming evil men’s machines and Bunker-safety for God’s people


2-17-20 Dream of the Spirit leading us in precision maneuvers for the Big Event


12-16-20 Dream of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the Son says to the Father that You have Got This!


12-14-20 Revelation of GO to GOd in prayer is the DO in reverse OD so GO + OD brings us to the GOOD of GOd


12-12-20 Two Dreams that the fear from election fraud is fake news because God is in control and can make us laugh


12-10-20 Confirmations in the sky of coming glory but not the way we expect


12-8-20 Dream about Buddy Rich and his Lifetime Achievement Award


12-7-20 The Lord is sharing the truth about fraud to bring people into fellowship with Him


12-6-2020 Dream – The nature of God’s callings versus the World’s jobs


12-3-20 Rhema: God supernaturally replacing the stolen papers to right the fraud


12-2-20 Rhema of the demon Whine behind spirits & wine


11-28-20 Vision of demons that control vocal chords


11-27-20 Dream of speaking to crooked sticks and voting machines to be straight


11-26-20 Thanksgiving Dream of Syndey Powell as Peacock of the Spirit


11-19-20 Rhema to speak against the winds of lies & fraud blowing across the world


11-18-20 Repeating prayer of Holy Spirit, rain down fire from heaven


11-17-20 Revelation of God’s Heavy Hand of Holiness convicting fraudsters to repent – 2 Spirit bombs coming


11-17-20 Worship Rhema of Flesh and Spirit music or anything can’t be mixed along a scale


11-16-20 Revelation to celebrate ahead of the New Day and New Thing God will do in the USA


11-14-20 Vision of sinful Body disconnected from the Head moves by rigor mortis


11-14-20 Healing from Spirit-baptism of Fire cooking the bad meat and purging sin


11-13-20 Dream of Terrible judgment coming against the lying media for their part in election fraud



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