Spirit – Music-Performing


Spirit – Music-Performing – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Spirit - Music-Performing – Spirit Music Meet-Ups



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Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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Spirit - Music-Performing fits our Mission Statement

As part of our Mission Statement, we are dedicated to help YOU:


To fully surrender control of:


YOUR own “might and power external resources and internal abilities to:


Exchange this for God’s “promised Spirit resources and abilities in order to:


Learn & practice, and PERFORM MUSIC by the means of the Holy Spirit, even:


Spirit drum-practicing and Spirit drum-performing – not just:


The skill of technical drumming, but for:


AnointedProphetic, and even Spontaneous music & drums that:


Worships the Lord by the means of singular Spirit and singular Truth!





BLOG Topics for Spirit - Music-Performing - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Now that you know how to learn & practice by the means of the Holy Spirit, it’s time to PERFORM that way:


BT1:  Checklist based on the website’s BLOGs to prepare for Spirit-Performing


BT2:  Practical Application for the Worship-Team Performance


More to come!



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