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Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Healings – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Healings - Spirit Music Meet-Ups



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My divine healings caused me to research the subject - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

My miracles, signs, wonders, and healings caused me to thoroughly research the subject:



Because of my miraculous healing by Frank Kemberling of Freedom Fellowship in Tucson, Arizona of my right-side and back after a long trip of driving to Washington and Oregon in May 2009 that caused my spine to become misaligned and pinch nerves, I started studying how this miracle could have happened to me and why I hadn’t seen more of this until now.   Since then I’ve been healed in 30 seconds from a horrible migraine, healed of a horribly strained back I got from too much yard work, healed of a knee injury I had for a month after falling off a ladder after 20 minutes of prayer I did while claiming the blood of Jesus during the Lord’s Supper on Easter, and healed of many other physical ailments over the years by taking authority in the name/authority of Jesus over the demonic forces that manifest illness and injury  – see Salvation – BT5, BT6, BT7.


The supernatural grace-gifts, miracles, signs, wonders, and healings of the Holy Spirit are God’s way of “working together with us” to confirm the preaching of the gospel logos message of The Truth of trusting-relying-faith in Christ (a).  If we don’t preach the gospel, or we don’t seek the Spirit’s Baptism or Filling, or we don’t “routinely aiteo ask for, seek or earnestly/zealously desire” the supernatural grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit (b), including proseuchomai conversationally-praying and singing in tongues (c), but especially prophesying (d), or we quench the Holy Spirit (e) by forbidding or despising any of these grace-gifts but especially tongues and prophecy (f), then we simply can NOT expect the same profound results that the early Church had until around 200 AD.  Miracles, signs, wonders, and healings most often result in the same thing:  more people coming to trusting-relying-faith in Christ (g).  <Notes> a) Mark 16:17-20, b) Luke 11:13; 1 Corinthians 12:31, 14:1, c) 1 Corinthians 14:5, 14-15, 18, d) 1 Corinthians 14:31, 39, e) 1 Thessalonians 5:19-20 – see The Great Wall, f) 1 Corinthians 14:39, g) John 2:11, 23, 4:48, 7:31; Acts 2:22, 38, 41, 43, 47, 5:12, 9:32-35, 9:36-42; 14:3, 15:12; Hebrews 2:4, 1 Corinthians 14:22.


Around 200 AD was the time the Catholic Church started persecuting the Montanist churches that held to “New Prophecy” given by modern prophets as supported by extensive writings of Tertullian, the premiere documenter and theologian of the Holy Spirit.  However, the history of revival confirms the absolute truth of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit through grace-gifts and miracles, signs, wonders, and healings over and over – see Spirit-Baptism – BT2 and – BT3, and Cure of All Ills by Dr. Mary Stewart Relfe.




Miracles, Signs, Wonders, and Healings are part of Christ's Great Commission to preach the Gospel - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Miracles, Signs, Wonders, and Healings are part of Christ’s Great Commission to preach the Gospel:



Jesus promises in Mark 16:17-20 of the Great Commission, “And these signs shall actually accompany those who are definitively/wholly having trusting-relying-faith:  In My name/authority they shall actually cast out demons; they shall actually speak in new tongues; . . . they shall actually lay their hands on the sick to recover.”  And Mark further records, “And they went out and preached (a) everywhere, while the Lord routinely worked together with (b) them and confirmed the logos message by accompanying signs.”  Hebrews 2:4 also says, “God also bore-witness/testified by signs and/coupled wonders and/coupled various miracles and/coupled by grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed down-from/according-to His will.” <Notes> a) v. 15: the gospel logos message, b) sunergeo: co-working, partnering.


All throughout the history of the Church,grace-gifts, signs, wonders, and miracles as manifestations of the Spirit” (a) were being done as a result of “The Promise” of the Holy Spirit and follow-up practice of Spirit-Baptism or Filling that began on the Day of Pentecost (b) and the supernatural results should always be the same: “the Lord [Jesus] added to their number daily those who were being saved” (c) – that is, if the Church still has the same mission, the same gospel logos message, still preaches it, and doesn’t quench the Holy Spirit by forbidding or despising tongues, prophecy, or any other of the Spirit’s grace-gifts (d). <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 14:12, b) Acts 2:43, 4:30, 5:12, 6:8, 8:6, 13, 14:3, 15:12, 19:11; 2 Corinthians 12:12, c) Acts 2:47, 5:14, 9:42, 11:24, 13:12, 16:34, d) 1 Corinthians 14:5, 39; 1 Thessalonians 5:19-20.


Paul’s ministry was “by-the-means-of [gospel] logos message and deed, by-the-means-of the enabling-power of signs and wonders by-the-means-of the enabling-power of the Spirit so that … I have pleroo fully/completely preached the gospel of Christ” (a).  This implies that many of today’s preachers that don’t allow the supernatural aspects of the Holy Spirit are ‘incompletely preaching the gospel,’ even though the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are still preaching a ‘full gospel!’  This is especially true, since Paul qualified this preaching further:  “my speech and logos message were absolutely-in-fact-NOT by-the-means-of peithos ‘plausible, persuasive, enticing, or skillful‘ words of sophia wisdom, but by-the-means-of apodeixis demonstrating-proof of the Spirit and/coupled of enabling-power” (b), and furthermore “our gospel came to you absolutely-in-fact-NOT only by-the-means-of logos message, but also by-the-means-of enabling-power and/specifically, by-the-means-of [singular] Holy Spirit” (c).  Clearly today many churches are NOT preaching a ‘Full gospel!’ <Notes> a) Romans 15:18-19, b) 1 Corinthians 2:4, c) 1 Thessalonians 1:5.


The key ‘signs’ of the Holy Spirit coming epi UPON, filling, or baptizing Christians was tongues and prophecy (a) that are often related (b), even urging “routine proseuche conversational-prayer by-the-means-of the Spirit” (c), likely in tongues (d) to build yourself up in your most holy trusting-relying-faith,” which is directly related to the imperative “tereo ‘carefully watch/observe to safely-guard, care-for/attend-to, firmly-hold/stand-in/maintain-a-present-state yourself in The Unconditional-Love of God” (e).  <Notes> a) Acts 2:4, 10:44-46, 19:6, b) 1 Corinthians 14:6, c) Ephesians 6:18, d) 1 Corinthians 14:14-15, e) Jude 1:20-21.


In Acts 4:29-31 the Apostles and over 5000 new Christians were gathered, “they lifted their voices together to God and said, ‘Sovereign Lord . . . Now, Lord, look on their threats (a), and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your [gospel] logos message, by-the-means-of stretching out Your hand to heal, kai and/also that signs and/coupled wonders may be done dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of the name/authority of Your holy Servant Jesus (b).  And when they had deomai prayed with urgent appeal from deep felt-need,’ the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were definitively/wholly ALL filled with the Holy Spirit, kai and/consequently they spoke the [gospel] logos message of God with boldness.” <Notes> a) Jewish rulers that were trying to prevent preaching and healing that was in the name/authority of Jesus Christ, b) refers to the Messianic passages of Isaiah that speak of ‘the Servant of God.’




Full Gospel Preaching is the Key - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Miracles, signs, wonders, and healings accompany the Preaching of the Gospel for those who are having Faith:



It could be that the reason so many churches today I’ve been to haven’t seen a miracle is that they are NOT preaching the gospel logos message, or they erroneously think that the entire New Testament is the gospel logos message, or worse they think the Old Testament is part of the New Testament’s gospel logos message!  Maybe it’s because I’ve never heard one Christian group “deomai pray with urgent appeal from deep felt-need” for God to given them boldness to go out and preach the gospel logos message.


I’ve also rarely heard any ask for God to “work together with them in” their street evangelism, to perform miracles, signs, wonders, and healings in the name/authority of Jesus.  It seems that many believe that their bible and inward motivation is all they need – Sola Scriptura.  Could it be that’s why we don’t see more miracles?  We just don’t have a clear purpose, a clear gospel logos message nor the trusting-relying-faith to ask God to show up with the Spirit’s supernatural enabling-power!


I also found that the book of Acts is filled with one miracle of God after another to confirm the preaching of the gospel logos message about Jesus as Messiah, and as a result, multitudes of people were saved.  Maybe that’s the reason we don’t see many people saved in churches anymore:  they stopped preaching the gospel logos message, so there’s no need for God to confirm their preaching!





More than just Salvation is supposed to happen at our Water-Baptism! - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

More than just Salvation is supposed to happen at our Water-Baptism:



Revisiting the “Great Commission” Mark 16:15-20 account, given by Christ to the apostles before He ascended into heaven, “Jesus said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  The one definitively/wholly having-had trusting-relying-faith and/coupled definitively/wholly having-been water-baptized shall actually be saved; but the one definitively/wholly having-had-NOT trusting-relying-faith shall actually be condemned (a).  And these signs shall actually follow those definitively/wholly having-had trusting-relying-faithIn My name/authority they will cast out demons (b); they will speak with new tongues (f); they will take up serpents (c); and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them (d); they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover (e). . . And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the [gospel] logos message by accompanying signs.”  <Notes> a) by phrase parallelism: those ‘not having trusting-relying-faith will be condemned’ is equated to not having-had the ‘trusting-relying-faith and/coupled water-baptized‘, b) Acts 16:18, showing victory over Satan, c) Acts 28:1-6, d) I’ve heard about this from many missionaries, where God protected them from water that had poisoned others, e) Acts 28:8 – this is evidently still going on because it happened to me, f) beginning at Pentecost: Acts 2:4-11.


I know a lot of churches that somehow get around the kai connection between saving aspects of “trusting-relying-faith kai and/coupled water-baptism.”  I was saved in the Church of Christ that got that part right, but then didn’t see the “connection” to the miraculous works of God, given to “those definitively/wholly having-had trusting-relying-faith.”  Miracles, signs, wonders, and healings did NOT happen in my Church of Christ because they “definitively/wholly having-had-NOT trusting-relying-faith,” but all kinds of doubt instead, in the Holy Spirit’s supernaturally enabling-power for today.  In many ways they were like the Jewish towns that wouldn’t believe Christ had the Spirit’s  enabling-power to heal, and so Christ didn’t bother doing miracles there.  How sad that so many churches don’t see any need for the “Lord to work together with them” (the very definition of koinonia partnership) or to “confirm the [gospel] logos message by accompanying signs.”  How absolutely sad!  They would rather “go it alone” with their bible!




The Great Commission is for a Full Gospel - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

The Great Commission to preach is to be a Full Gospel Message:



The “Great Commission” account in Matthew 28:18-20 doesn’t mention miracles, but Jesus says “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Therefore, definitively/wholly having-gone, [I strongly urge you to] definitively/wholly make-disciples of ALL (a) the nations, routinely water-baptizing them in the name/authority of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, routinely teaching them tereo to-observe (b) ALL (a) things that I have already entolomai officially-commanded (c) you; and lo, I am with you always to the end of the Age.  Amen.”  <Notes> a) pas:  a rare time this likely means “the whole of,” b) carefully keep an eye on in order to do,  c) entolomai is the verb of entole: officially decreed, universally binding commandment, which the New Testaments say are only:  trusting-relying-faith in Christ and unconditionally-love one another – see Only 2 Commandments.


In the “Great Commission” account of Luke 24:47-49, again it doesn’t mention miracles, but Jesus says: “that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in My name/authority to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. And you are witnesses of these things.  Behold I send ‘The Promise’ of My Father epi UPON you (a), but WAIT in Jerusalem UNTIL you are enduo ‘made to sink into a garment to be clothed with dunamis dynamite-like ‘enabling-power from on high.” The Holy Spirit came with great signs, wonders, and healings at Pentecost to be with the Church until His second coming at the end of the Age per Acts 2:4-11.  <Notes> a) this isn’t the “lambano ‘active grabbing hold of to possess in order to receive’ the Holy Spirit” that Jesus breathed UPON them in John 20:22 below but what He now says to actively “wait for” here and in Acts 1:4.


The “Great Commission” account in John 20:21-23 also doesn’t mention miracles, but Jesus says “‘Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.’ And when He said this, He emphusao breathed-into (a) [them], and said to them, lambano ‘active grabbing hold of to possess in order to receive’ the Holy Spirit.  If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them;  if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.’”  Here Jesus is delegating His rabbinical ‘binding & loosing’ authority to His apostles.  Oftentimes you see healing associated with forgiveness of sins – both require authority!  <Notes> a) the prefix em is actually the preposition en that can mean “in/into, by, or with” but here specifically as “into” – see Bible Info for the problems with prepositions.


In the Acts 1:4-8 re-cap of the “Great Commission” by Luke we also doesn’t see miracles mentioned directly, but it says:  “Jesus paraggello ‘informed from close-beside, charged by full authority’ them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to perimeno ‘abide, remain, stay, wait all-around, thus steadily thru all-around difficulties’ for ‘The Promise’ of the Father, which you have heard from Me; for John (the Baptizer for repentance) truly [actively] baptized with water, but you shall [then] become [passively] baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.  . . .  But you shall [reflexively] lambano “be grabbing hold of to possess in order to receive’ enabling-power when the Holy Spirit has definitively/wholly come epi UPON you; and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


Clearly the Holy Spirit that was breathed-into them” in John 20:22, and Christ’s “authority delegated to them to forgive sins” in John 20:23 to “be sent” in John 20:21 in order to “preach repentance and forgiveness” in Luke 24:47-49 and in order to “make disciples by water-baptizing and teaching to keep the only 2 commandments of trusting-relying-faith and unconditional-love” in Matthew 28:18-20 and being “witnesses of the things” in Luke 24:48 of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection were simply NOT enough for the apostles to be effective in ministry!  Jesus told them they needed the Holy Spirit’s enabling-power!  And we find that they did actually “wait for the Promise” in patiently-waiting, watching, listening, worshipful, proseuche conversational-prayer – Acts 1:14 says “All of them with one accord were routinely proskartereo ‘towards and interacting with the showing of strength that prevails thru difficulties, thus enduring devotion’ in/by/with the proseuche conversational-prayer“, the specific prayer of “waiting” that Jesus called for!  Why do so many modern churches believe they can do without Spirit-Baptism or not “wait in prayer for it?”




We need the Spirit's manifested Power in order to be effective Witnesses of the Gospel Message - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

We need the Spirit’s manifested Power in order to be effective Witnesses of the Gospel Message:



When “The Promise” of the Holy Spirit did come in Acts chapter 2, Peter explains in Acts 2:17-19 to the 3000-plus people what just happened, turning to the prophet Joel (a): “And it shall actually come to pass in the last days (b), says God, that I shall actually pour out My Spirit on all (c) flesh, kai and/specifically your sons and/coupled your daughters shall actually prophesy, kai and/specifically Your young men shall actually see visions and/coupled Your old men shall actually dream dreams, kai ge and/exactly epi UPON My men-servants and/coupled epi UPON My maid-servants (d) I shall actually pour out My Spirit in those days; And they (d) shall actually prophesy (e).  I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath . . . And it shall actually come to pass that whoever calls (f)  on the name/authority of the Lord shall be saved.'” <Notes> a) Joel 2:28-32, see also Isaiah 44:3; Ezekiel 11:19; Zechariah 12:10, b) which we are still in, the Church Age, c) pas: of a kind or group of, not the rarer “the whole of,” as is evidenced by the subsequent qualifying phrases that whittle it down to the last phrase introduced by kai ge that means ‘and/exactly,’ d) this is the ‘kind’ or ‘group’ that pas “all flesh” is finally whittled down to, who we must be in order to be thus empowered to prophesy, e) the summation of prophecy, dreams, visions, f) a word used for deesis supplication in proseuche conversational-prayer.


Peter goes on to say in Acts 2:32-33: “This Jesus God has raised up (from the dead) and exalted to God’s right hand of authority, of which we are all witnesses . . . having already lambano “actively grabbed hold of to possess in order to receive’ from the Father ’The Promise’ of the Holy Spirit, He poured out this which you now see and hear.”  Clearly, “the Promise” is the outpouring, not necessarily the invisible emphusao “breathing-into of the Holy Spirit” they were to privately lambano “actively grabbed hold of to possess in order to receive’ in John 20:22.  In the context, Peter says there were physical manifestations – signs, wonders, and healings, tongues/languages, and prophecy they “now see and hear!


Later in Acts 10:42-45, Peter recalls the “Great Commission” given:  “‘And He (Jesus) paraggello ‘informed from close-beside, charged by full authority’ us to preach to the people, and to testify that it is He who was ordained by God to be Judge of the living and the dead. To Him all the prophets bear-witness the forgiveness of sins [is] definitively/wholly lambano “actively grabbed hold of to possess in order to receive’ dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of His name/authority, every [single] one routinely having trusting-relying-faith in Him.’  While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell epi UPON all those akouo ‘hearing/listening to understand/know‘ the [gospel] logos message” . . . hos kai just as also we definitely/wholly lambano “actively grabbed hold of to possess in order to receive’ the Holy Spirit.”  The proof that convinced Peter to water-baptize the Gentiles for salvation wasn’t an invisible emphusao “breathing-into of the Holy Spirit” but “for they were hearing from them speaking in tongues and/coupled magnifying God.”


Later in Acts 11:15, Peter is recounting this episode to defend his preaching to the Gentiles and subsequent koinonia fellowship with the Gentiles, having had a vision from God to do so, “And as I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell epi UPON them hosper kai ‘indeed just as also’ epi UPON us in the beginning” – that is just like what happened in Acts 2 on Pentecost we saw above.  Evidently “tongues and prophecy” were the “signs or wonders” that proved “the promised gift of the Holy Spirit” was actually given – it is “seen and heard.”  It was self-evident, not a mysterious, secret entrance of an unseen Holy Spirit en ‘into’ the hearts of a person during conversion.  Supernatural Spirit enabling-power was clearly manifest!




How can we be effective Preaching the Gospel if we don't have the same confirming Miracles, Signs, Wonders, and Gifts? - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

How can we be effective Preaching the Gospel if we don’t have the same confirming Miracles, Signs, Wonders, and Gifts:



From Pentecost on, God’s Holy Spirit through the authority of the name of Jesus Christ has never stopped being poured out epi UPON people in order to confirm the preaching of the name/authority of Jesus.  The apostles never reached “the ends of the earth” and neither has the Church yet, though we are much closer to succeeding!  Since the mission hasn’t been completed, the need for God to confirm His gospel logos message still remains, and since the authority of Jesus’ name hasn’t changed either, I can see no reason why the miracles, signs, wonders, and healings of the early Church shouldn’t be happening wherever the gospel is preached and there routinely is trusting-relying-faith.  And in fact, it happens all the time, especially in the mission field where churches don’t exist so much for ‘the entertainment of the saints” as in America but to “equip the saints to do the work of ministry” to build up the Body-of-Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission to reach the lost.  These are the “front lines” where God is doing battle to win people’s souls!  Wouldn’t He be there doing His “mighty works” in order to give authority to His gospel logos message to confirm The Truth of Jesus that is being preached?  Sure He would!


On 1/8/2021 I had been battling an annoying cough for days from sinus drainage but last night was my first trying a cough suppressant.  It must have worn off!  I had this cough show up around 4 am during the night when the first round wore off, but I learned from the Praying Medic to take authority over by bind those demons time and time again until they finally leave.  They will keep coming back to test your resolve, but if you persist rebuking them in the name/authority of Jesus, then they will finally give up and you will get your healing.  Well at 4 am I wasn’t too good at it because I was so tired.  It worked for a while.  I would start falling asleep and it would come back.  I did this 3 times and finally just got up and took my dose.  How do I know this was demonic?  Because it always came right when I started praying and falling asleep!  Now this morning when I wanted to go back into the prophetic dream to ask more from the Lord and re-live this profound joy, which I have been able to do up to 2 hours long in previous prophetic dreams, after getting a bit of insight from the Lord, sure enough the coughing spell returned!  And it was so frustrating that I felt like I had to get up!  Obviously, I still have to learn more about taking Christ’s authority over demons for healing.  I welcome your comments below!




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