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BT9:  Unbelievers can only get faith if they hear & understand the directly-spoken rhema words of Christ even by tongues

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Will we agree with Jesus in John 6:63, who said:  “The flesh is absolutely-in-fact-NOT presently/ongoingly opheleo ‘useful, helpful, advantageous, or profitable’ – absolutely-in-fact-NOT one thing!”  Jesus was commenting about their entire religious system of “might & power” works of the old covenant that were to be done away by the “by-the-means-of My Spirit” of the New Covenant per Zechariah 4:6.  But in contrast He said “The Spirit presently/ongoingly exists-as/defined-as the One routinely zoopoieo ‘making/empowering zoe genuine-life’ . . . The rhema directly-spoken/heard words that I already have [with ongoing effects] spoken to you presently/ongoing exist-as/defined-as [singular] Spirit and/coupled they presently/ongoingly exist-as/defined-as zoe genuine-life.”  There is nothing here about accumulating bible-info!


Paul says in Romans 10:13-18 that trusting-relying-faith to “call on the name/authority of the Lord [Jesus] to be saved” because they have “obeyed the gospel” does NOT actually come from akouo ‘listening/hearing to understand/know’ the preaching of the gospel logos message, even from the apostle Paul, as “beautiful as their feet are!”  Our rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard words’ are not good enough, because it is Christ’s “rhema words that are Spirit and zoe genuine-life!”  In fact, here Paul and John 12:38 quotes Isaiah 53:1 that prophesies about the Messiah/Servant’s preaching:  “But absolutely-in-fact-NOT all hupakouo ‘came subordinately-under what was listened-to/heard, attentively-listened and heeded/obeyed it’ the Great-News, for Isaiah says:  ‘Yahweh, who has had trusting-relying-faith-in the akoe ‘verb of akouo: hearing report’ of/belonging to US (The Servant-Messiah and His Father-God from Isaiah 52)?”


If the perfect preacher-Son with a perfect message from Father-God saw many of the masses fail to acquire saving faith, Paul must have recognized this same if not more would occur in his preaching or anybody else’s!  Actually our only success must come from Christ’s “rhema words that are Spirit and zoe genuine-life,” for as Paul says in v. 10:17 “Therefore, trusting-relying-faith [is] ek out-from [genitive: of] akouo ‘listening/hearing to understand/know’ kai and/coupled this akouo hearing dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of [a/the singular] rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of/belonging-to Christ.”  Wow!


Saving faith must come from listening, hearing, understanding, and knowing the very words of Christ, because “My sheep akouo listen/hear-to-understand/know My phone Voice, their One Shepherd of the One Flock, and I presently/ongoing experientially, relationally ginosko know them and/coupled they presently/ongoing follow [as a disciple] Me” per John 10:16, 27.  There is nothing about understanding the preacher, following him, or getting faith from 2000-3500 year old bible writings read by yourself or the preacher.  Only directly hearing Christ’s voice speaking His rhema words directly to you will give you trusting-relying-faith, resultant salvation, or empower you to follow Him as His disciple.


The Jews should have hupakouoobeyed the message’ as Paul says:  “But I ask in-possibility did NOT they already akouo ‘listen/hear to understand/know’?  Indeed [they have]!”  The heard Jesus and His disciples preach!  Then Paul quotes here and in 1 Thessalonians 1:8 from Psalms 19:4.  Although Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20 “to preach the gospel to all nations . . . to the end of the age” and in Mark 16:15 “to preach the gospel to the whole creation after going into all the world” and Acts 1:8 “to be my witness . . . to the end of the earth,” Jesus said this ‘Great Commission’ is only finally completed at the “end of the ages” per Matthew 24:3, 14 as a final “proving-sign of Christ’s coming and/coupled the end of the age.”  By this time Psalms 19:4 will then be completely fulfilled:  “Eis ‘toward and reaching the goal of’ pas ALL the earth has-gone-out their [singular] phthoggos ‘musical like sound of voice or instrument’ kai and/even eis ‘toward and reaching the goal of’ the ends of the world the rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard words’ of THEM.”  The evangelist-preachers will have competed their job.


Why is this important regarding tongues?  We know from Tongues – BT4 that 1 of the ‘intended audiences’ is apistos unbelievers, and that no interpretation of tongues is needed because the same Spirit that produces the tongues takes care of interpreting them personally to the audience and so this becomes a “proving-sign” of the authenticity of the gospel logos message, and the result is that many unbelievers come to salvation through trusting-relying-faith and thus “obedience to the gospel.”  Many missionaries have attested to this!  But why is this true?  How does this work?


If this occurred, it would certainly prove their trusting-relying-faith “might in-possibility-NOT be in the wisdom of men but-instead in the enabling-power of God,” the exact reason Paul said “I absolutely-in-fact-NOT came kata down-from/according-to huperoche ‘superior, pre-eminent, elevated, authoritative-sounding’ of speech or wisdom, kataggello ‘declaring/announcing exactly/decisively down to a point’ to you the testimony of God . . . The logos message of mine kai and/coupled the kerugma ‘proclamation, heralding, preaching of fundamentals’ of mine [were to them] absolutely-in-fact-NOT by-the-means-of peithos ‘persuasive to trust, enticing to place confidence in, skillfullogos messages of/belonging-to wisdom but-instead by-the-means-of apodeixis demonstrable-proof of [singular] Spirit kai and/coupled/specifically of dunamis supernatural, enabling-power” per 1 Corinthians 2:2, 4-5.


We know from many verses like Hebrews 2:4 this to be miracles, proving-signs, wonders, and all the grace-gifts of the Spirit including tongues & interpretation.  Without these you don’t have a “full-gospel” and so can’t make Paul’s claim in Romans 15:19 that you have “fully-proclaimed the gospel by-the-means-of [singular] enabling-power of proving-signs and/coupled wonders by-the-means-of [singular] enabling-power of [singular] Spirit of God.”  You essentially have powerless gospel.


Unbelievers understanding the spoken tongues would indeed be a “proving-sign” because these apistos unbelievers are NOT akouo ‘listening/hearing-to-understand/know” the preacher’s words to place their trusting-relying-faith in those words, no matter how eloquent or wise they may have been.  No, the only way they could have acquired trusting-relying-faith is to have akouo ‘listening/hearing-to-understand/know” the “rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard words’ of Christ!   Nevertheless, the obedience of the preachers to preach even in their own unintelligible native tongue or in supernatural glossa tongues, puts the ball in the Lord’s court to do the interpretation to create the trusting-relying-faith!


Therefore if you are witnessing or sharing the gospel in hopes that unbelievers will have trusting-relying-faith, obey the gospel, and be saved, don’t try to do this without miracles, proving-signs – even speaking in tongues without interpretation, wonders, or the grace-gifts of the Spirit – even speaking in tongues without interpretation.  If you do, then you are preaching a powerless gospel and are expecting people to put their trusting-relying-faith in something other than the rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of Christ.  Even if they understand your native tongue, you still need these “demonstrating-proofs” for the very same reason.  You can boast in your preaching prowess all you want, but you will never get Christ’s results of the Holy Spirit’s enabling-power until you put your trusting-relying-faith in the phone Voice of Christ to do the real preaching, and surrender your “might and power” to the complete control of the Holy Spirit, clearly evidenced by the supernatural.  If you don’t see this in your ministry, chances are in some way you have quenched the Holy Spirit.  Forbidding tongues or despising prophecy are sure fire ways to do this per 1 Thessalonians 5:19-20 and 1 Corinthians 14:39



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