11-27-20 Dream of speaking to crooked sticks and machines to be straight





Video: 11-27-20 Dream: Speaking to crooked sticks and voting machines to be straight


11-27-20 Dream: Speaking to crooked sticks and machines to be straight



I saw pairs of drumsticks lined up next to each other but I saw 2 sticks that weren’t straight, and when I twisted them I could see them wobble.  Their crookedness was verified when they were grabbed & twisted.  I felt so bad because they were supposed to be useful sticks, but now they were crooked & useless.  I felt a great loss!   But the Lord told me: Speak to the stick:  ‘Stick, Be straight.’  And when I did with His authority, it miraculously straightened in front of my eyes.  And I praised the Lord.”


Well I, like many others, feel helpless while our elections are being stolen by voting machines that were supposed to be helpful, but they have been made crooked by the software designers, one of which just signed an affidavit admitting that they designed it to steal elections in countries so that socialist dictators could come to power.  The FBI has a team on it now.  But most of us have felt helpless and we rolled over as dead.  But the Lord is telling us to stand up and speak to the “crooked” to be “made straight.”  John the Baptist did the same for the 1st coming of Christ, quoting Isaiah’s prophecy:  make straight the road for the Lord.”  That’s why the Lord is saying this to us now – to prepare for His 2nd coming.  Many have seen this, and now again to me.




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