12-16-20 Dream of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the Son says to the Father that You have Got This!




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The Lord has a great sense of humor, especially after the very serious, almost scary stuff that will happen by the end of the week I learned from many deep intel videos and sources I have regarding our massive election fraud now involving other countries!


I just woke up laughing and still have a smile on my face!  In this dream I am at a special dinner to honor a visiting dignitary’s family from an African country that My family does a lot of business with.  My Dad is also the President of His own country, and I’m sitting across the table from Him.  He also is a black man, tall, well-groomed, and has a nervous smile because of this arriving African family.  As His beloved Son, I wink at my Dad and softly say “You got this!”  And He smiles back and nods, then says, “Now My Queen shall officially greet your queen.”  Then My Mother stood up and gracefully walked over to do so.


Man, I wish my attention had been on Her.  But I kept seeing My Dad’s subtle smile and hearing My words of encouragement.  And I woke up feeling very confident that God, the Father has this whole tense situation, now involving other countries the US does lots of business with (China, Canada, Italy), firmly in hand.  I know from other dreams that the Son is Jesus, our Advocate as our spokesman, negotiator, and courtroom legal scholar and attorney.  The elegant, beautifully-dressed, graceful, Queen is the Holy Spirit.  Not only does she bring love and joy to every situation as soon as She walks into the room, everyone can also immediately feel a tranquil calm and harmonious peace in oneself and between parties.  For that reason, they call Her “The Comforter.”  She is also called “The Counselor” just as the Father and Son are.  The Spirit is Their nature.  In fact, Parakletos in Greek, means One who comes close beside to call or summon. Parakaleo means to encourage or to exhort.  She is at every one of God’s negotiations.


So, even though I went to sleep in turmoil, I woke joyful, peaceful, comforted, and encouraged. The Father indeed “has got this!”  His whole family is One and works together to insure this.


As of 3/2/21 as I post this, evidently “You got this” didn’t apply to the re-election of Trump by 1/20, but God didn’t say that.  So there is more to the plans of God than meets the eye!




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