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Our YouTube Channel:  introduction, subscription, videos, playlists, and more


Our Uncensored and Unfiltered Social Media on or the GETTR app


Photo Gallery



Worship Media:



Media-BT1:  Thousands of Christian songs, but few are anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous


Media-BT2:  But HERE is a great spontaneous prophetic worship YouTube playlist! 




Drumming Media:



Media-BT5:  Mike Burris’ student videos


Media-BT3:  Mike Burris’ Pics & Music


Media-BT4:  Learning drums by the help of God’s Spirit  –  see also the Playlist


Playlist:  Music Genres & Styles


Playlist:  What & When to Play – Common Skill-set and Instrument Role-Guidelines


Playlist:  Hand & Foot Technique to build control, speed, power, and endurance


Playlist:  Hand & Foot Rudiments to build a ‘Stroke Vocabulary’


Playlist:  Notation – Learning to count, sing, and play a complete ‘Rhythm Vocabulary’


Playlist:  Notation – Learning to count and play cross-rhythms and polyrhythms


Playlist:  Figures – Notation and Interpretation


Playlist:  Improve your timing with play-along metronomes, drum, and music loops


Playlist:  Drum-Set Beats and Ear-Training for Rhythm & Supporting Grooves


Playlist:  Embellishing Grooves with Fill-ins


Playlist:  Dialoguing after a Groove with Fills


Playlist:  Dialoguing after a Groove with a Solo


Playlist:  Learn how to play songs


Playlist:  My Favorite Buddy Rich




YouTube Playlists for other corresponding BLOG pages:


Playlist:  About Us


Playlist:  Get and Stay Motivated


Playlist:  Spirit-Baptism




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