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The Greek word zoe, where we get “zoology,” means “the absolute fullness of genuine, ‘it’s the real-thing” life that is active, vigorous, and blessed.”  This is more than mere bios or biological life!


I had a dream in 2013 that lasted all night that I absolutely knew was from the Lord, answering my frustration with this long study I’ve presented in these BLOGs as to what really is “the truth that sets men free” that Jesus spoke of in John 8:31-32.  I know in context it was the gospel logos message of Christ concerning His claims as Messiah, the Jews’ Savior who can forgive sin, and His God-given authority to say these things and others like, “I am the light of the world, the light of life” and that “you will die in your sins unless you believe that I AM who I say that I AM.”  I had also read many other “truths” in the course of this long study and had this gnawing feeling that it had to be much simpler, so that even a little child could get it.  After all, Jesus said we “had to be like little children to even enter the kingdom.”


In the dream I was trying to escape from a hospital with a friend of mine, but the only antidote to the “sickness” that everybody was suffering from was in a can marked “the real thing.”  After waking up I knew this was zoe because of my studies here – not Coca Cola!


In the dream, 2 biochemical engineers – one older and one younger that I believe were a father and son – had created the antidote to cure people from all their ills so they could get out of this massive hospital that seemed to have the whole world in it.  The “sickness” caused people to see things that weren’t really there, even though they absolutely believed what they saw was genuinely ‘the truth.’  However, they were actually being deceived by evil spirits – even from the “wine and spirits sold here” they regularly drank.  These demonic forces also kept us all busy and entertained so many people would NOT sense there was something wrong with this place.  It was a false reality, much like that in the movie “The Matrix.”  The doctors and nurses were giving the people medications and sometimes sedatives to help them cope but also so that they could gain some sense of control over all these uncontrollable people.  Some admitted they were treating symptoms, but it was the best they could do.  The only real way out was the antidote – like getting “unplugged from the Matrix.”  When I gave it to my alcoholic friend, his chest opened up and a robotic hand came from deep within him to “receive or take hold of the gift for himself.”  Immediately he was clear-minded and we escaped.


When I woke up, I asked, “Wow, what in the world was in that?” I clearly heard “The Truth that sets men free has always been the same – it’s My love.”  That’s what was in the can in my dream – “The real thing of zoe genuine-life” is Christ’s unconditional-love.  That’s what I’m also seeing in this study.  This is the gospel message or “good news” and it’s so simple that the “least among us” can easily receive this!


Here are the summary points for the BLOGS below:


  • Christ is the only source of light and genuine, super-abundant life that lasts forever, and relatively few will travel this road. All other roads provided by the world, self, or religion leave you unsatisfied in a darkness that still leads to death everlasting, which is permanent separation from God.  No one is good enough to reach God, except Christ.


  • Even the study of graphe scripture will not lead to genuine-life, as many preachers promise. Only coming directly to the person of Jesus will!  We must hear Christ’ prophetic-rhema words for His Holy Spirit to be our “One Teacher.” Only by coming into a progressive, experiential, relational ginosko knowledge of the Father through the Son can we have this genuine-life that lasts forever.


  • The only way to reach God and have His genuine-life, now and then, is to lose your life on the cross with Christ so you can have the righteous life of Christ given to you by the indwelling Holy Spirit. This act of repentance – a turning away from the world and self, and turning toward Christ – is not meant to be a one-time event, but a daily experience of “taking up of our cross and following Christ” – this is the essence of submission or surrendering control.


  • We must become like little children who haven’t created too much of a life yet to hold onto. We must “let go and let God” if we want the genuine-life God has for us!  God comes directly to the “least among us” first, because they are the most open for change!


  • The super-abundant zoe genuine-life of Christ is a progressive, intimate koinonia fellowship with God that transforms us more into Christ – unconditional-love being His Spirit’s singular “fruit” or nature. Only when we are “receiving this unconditional-love” can “the truth set us free” from sin and death.  Again, it’s not a one-time event that saves us once, but an ongoing, growing koinonia fellowship that progressively heals us toward wholeness, making salvation a process!


  • ‘Feeding’ on the body and blood of Christ is not just a communion event, it’s to be a daily trusting dependence on Christ for zoe genuine-life, which is the very definition of pistis trusting-relying-faith! We need to seek regular Spirit-Baptism or “being completely-filled with the abundant-fullness of God by the means/instrument of the Holy Spirit” instead of escaping into drunkenness or drugs or any other mind-numbing entertainment to “get filled up with.”


  • If we continue to put on the fresh new clothes of the Spirit, we will start to have the fragrance of Christ. But if we keep putting on the old clothes of the unregenerate man, we will start to stink like an unbeliever!  Yet, we really don’t have the enabling-power to “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps” in order to “clean up our act.”  However, if we rely on the Holy Spirit, He will enable us to put the misdeeds of our body to death so we can experience more of God’s zoe genuine-life.


  • The key is to meno abide/remain-connected-to/dwell in a genuine, progressive, experiential, relational, epignosis knowledge of the Lord by the means/instrument of His Spirit through the simple devotion of habitually drawing near/beside God through proseuche conversational-prayer where we patiently-wait, watch and listen for God to draw near/beside us to teach us through prophetic-rhema words and “work in us both to desire and do His good pleasure” by the enabling-power of His Spirit. This certainly takes obedient steps of trusting-relying-faith but then we become God’s workmanship as we “are led, keep in step with, and walk by the means/instrument of the Spirit!”



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