12-2-20 Rhema of the demon Whine behind spirits & wine




Video:  12-2-2020 Rhema: Demon 'Whine' behind spirits & wine


12-2-2020 Rhema: Demon ‘Whine’ behind spirits & wine



I asked about that demon named “Whine” and this is what I saw:  All wine isn’t the same.  Some is very “sweet” because it is very young or new.  It hasn’t fermented much at all.  It is like bubbly grape juice.  It tastes great and can be drank like any beverage and there are many flavors based on the grape. You would have to drink tons to get drunk. I heard that Israel is known for their New Wine because the Law says you are to toast 4-5 glasses of wine at a Passover meal so you can’t have everybody getting drunk!  In the OT New Wine (tiyrowsh) is freshly squeezed grape juice and only rarely fermented like “yayin” wine is that can intoxicate you.  Hosea 4:11 speaks of both.


So in my “watching/listening time” I ‘see’ that demonic “spirits” are attached to the alcohol that intoxicates.  Ephesians 5:18 warns “do not in possibility presently, ongoingly, actually get drunk (methusko = intoxicated with alcohol”) with/of wine in/by/with is actually, ongoingly unrestrained, abandonment (asotia). ”  Intoxication makes you as loose as a goose.   Yes, it always does – you lose self-control.


The Lord showed me that is what “spirits” are.  It really isn’t ‘wine & spirits’ because the alcohol that intoxicates are actually demonic spirits assigned to “steal, destroy, and kill” people ordered by Satan, the great thief, deceiver, and murderer. They follow his orders to do what he is. That is why Nazarite vows included no wine, like Samson took.  So the intoxication is a demon assigned to get you to lose self-control.  Why?  So they can steal, destroy, and even kill you. How?  Once you “drop your guard” they can come into your life.  They can walk thru to door into you mind.  They can get you to think, say, and do things that will steal, destroy, and even kill you. They take you along for a ride to hell.  They deceive you along the way so you are unaware of your journey with them. They deceive with pleasure and jolly.  But is just a lie, a distraction, while they execute their evil schemes.  They 3 agendas for 1 MO – your ruin.


Now I understand why the Lord once told me “When you drink that beer or that wine, you decide between taking in ‘spirits’ or My Holy Spirit. You can get drunk (intoxicated) by one or the other but not both at the same time because the ‘spirits’ can not dwell where I AM.”  That’s exactly why Ephesians 5:18 next says “but instead I strongly urge you to habitually become filled up to completion by the means if the Spirit.”  Then Paul talks about a totally different “fun time” that you can have under the “influence or intoxication” of the Spirit.  It’s a whole different party than a bar!  So “spirits” create a deceptive party to keep us distracted while they ruin our lives, but the Spirit gives us genuine life to really celebrate by.  One path leads to hell, the other to heaven.  But you can’t walk in 2 opposite directions at the same time. We have to say ‘no’ to one to say ‘yes’ to the other.


Now I understand The Truth behind wine.  But why did you call it “whine?”  Because intoxicating whine isn’t sweet – it ultimately makes you whine. The demons get you to complain about life, about yourself  about others.  They get you to “cry in your beer.”  They want you to feel miserable one way or another – thus the hang-over that night or the next day. They always come to collect! ”


Now I understand. Help me remember this warning, Lord.




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