11-13-20 Dream of Terrible judgment coming against the lying media for their part in fraud





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11-13-20 Dream: Terrible judgment coming against the lying media for their part in election fraud



I could see a lot of people were at a Disneyland next to a bay because I could see across an inlet of water at a city of tall buildings.  Now, after the dream I thought it was San Diego but realized Disneyland isn’t on a bay.  I don’t know about Florida’s Disney World because I’ve never been there.


Anyway, a lot of people were being entertained there, and there were lots of ‘news’ crews there, too, greatly adding to that entertainment!  I looked across the bay, as we all did, at a terrifying sight!  Clouds were developing at a supernatural rate out of clear skies – first white, then black with white swirls since the clouds were rolling with great downward & upward currents, mixing white with black.  It was other-worldly.  It reminded me of those clouds that would show up in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ especially when the huge mother spaceship arrived.  Ominous! Terrifying!


Sudden thunder & lightening occurred over the huge city, and we could feel the wind increase and we were across the bay!  It was a great day for us reporters earlier, but now it looked like a terrible day!  A great and terrible day of something coming!  So we ran to pack all our gear into the trucks, with some reporters still trying to broadcast in the forceful winds while others pack trucks.  I remember trying to hide in one of those caves for kids to crawl thru but it was too small for me and I was still too exposed to what I sensed would be a life-threatening storm, so I joined the packing of trucks.


Yet kids were playing all around having a blast in the wind with fewer lines for the rides.  ALL the media were being laughed at as we ran like chickens with our heads cut off, but just hours earlier we were so admired as the bringers of truth.  Now we were running for our lives!


After waking from this dream, which was a dream I had earlier in the night but then was brought back to me as I lay in bed trying to wake, I sensed a great excitement in expectation of something soon to happen.  The media has been part of the entertainment circus around the elections.  They helped stir it up, pretending to bring truth to the big city across the waters – always a symbol in dreams for the world’s peoples.  But the media has been spreading fake news, helping to motivate more unjust actions – more lying, cheating, and stealing of people’s votes.  For all this the Lord’s coming judgement is a ‘great and terrible day” – God’s children will continue to play and have even more fun and they will laugh with great joy as the evil rabble-rousers will flee in panic!  Praise the Lord for “the great and terrible day of His coming.”


As I write this I’m sensing with great joy that this “conviction of the Holy Spirit of sin, righteousness, and judgement to come” will start happening again – we have already seen some as people are exposed, humiliated, tried, and imprisoned – with increasing frequency and intensity as part of the “birth pangs” before the Lord’s return.


Holy Spirit come in this “latter rain” to prepare the way for Jesus!




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