Links & Resources Critique – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Links & Resources Critique – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Links & Resources Critique for Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Links & Resources Critique for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Links & Resources Critique for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Links & Resources Critique: 


Please send me your own suggestions in YOUR journey toward Anointed, Prophetic, and even Spontaneous music and drumming.  After I’ve checked them out, I will add your suggestions to the list below.





  • David Santistevan’s blog What It Means To Be A Prophetic Musician (And How You Can Be One). I agree with everything he says, but I would modify the section “Pursue Experimentation” – that your “practicing hard to prepare for when God decides to use you” should also be “by the Spirit” not by your own “might and power.”  In other words, practice surrender by “letting go with God.”  Remember that the Lord said, “The flesh is completely useless and worthless.” Don’t use “the flesh” as a means to later perform “by the Spirit.”  Musicians should know to always “practice like you want to perform!”  My BLOG will certainly dovetail into his short one, but I’m hoping mine will reach more people and help them to actually Meet-Up to do this together.


  • Kerry Wright’s The Musician. I read an excerpt from this book on Prophetic Ministry Through Musical Instruments and Singers and I agree the prophetic musician must go further than “playing notes in the right order” but that it is a “divine appointment” for us and others it impacts.  Instrumental music is an expression of God’s emotions, just as much as words are.  God’s emotions are so powerfully-enabling that they impact people!  God communicates by His whole being, not just by words.



  • Brian Johnson’s Spontaneous vs. Prophetic Worship. I no longer can find his blog, but am evaluating this video here.  Yes, Jazz musicians improvise or play spontaneously, but it’s not necessarily prophetic because it never reaches that “moment, a nerve” when God speaks.  It’s really just playing “in the flesh,” even if FOR God.  This is religion!  However, I wish he and others would realize that “Anointed, Prophetic, and even Spontaneous music and drumming” isn’t supposed to be in a few spots in the music that we “allow FOR Him,” planned or unplanned, but ALL the time!  It’s sad that worship leaders have to view the song service as “fishing, just throwing out their line, hoping to catch something” of the Lord speaking, or playing along “in the flesh FOR God” but “hoping for it to turn into something else.”  Doesn’t this sound like a lot of “might and power” of man?  But I agree that it is a struggle of our flesh to surrender by “letting go and letting God” and maybe that’s what Brian is trying to describe in order to “cultivate more of the prophetic.”  I agree that “music by its very nature is prophetic, and has the power through God to cause change . . . whether for evil or good.”  Yes, God told me that He created music, so naturally it would be prophetic in that it expresses His nature, but Satan has also tainted all of creation and that’s why “all of creation intensely, anxiously, expectantly waits for the revealing of the sons of God . . . when it will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.  For we know the whole creation has been groaning/moaning together in experiencing together the agonizing pangs of childbirth until now” as Paul declared in Romans 8:19-22.  Music is not just quantum vibrations forming the physical world as “string theory” postulates. Yes, the heart of the musician is more important than the notes he prepares.  But my point is that why do Christian musicians feel like they have to prepare, to “bring something of their own to God.”  Did God say to do that?  However, I do believe that ‘preparing’ by practicing by the Spirit is a great idea!  I think we can over-analyze the difference between our emotions and God’s emotions.  Why can’t we just admit that God influences our emotions?  I agree that in public you don’t have to preach to get the people saved.  Just by performing by the Spirit, it changes the atmosphere, opening the reality of God to people.  It does draw people in to want to know more, and that’s when God can give you prophetic words to share with them.  But we have to view the whole process as God speaking to them, not just after the music stops.  When you feel that “wow” in you while playing, you know God is breathing on it and that’s when it creates results!  God’s emotions are intense and you will know it when He hits you with them!  Yes, deliberately praising God “before the fact” releases healing and so this is prophetic because it foretold the future!  Then of course there is spontaneously praising God “after the fact” out of gratitude because of God’s results in our lives.  I totally agree that you can get so “professional” in your Christian music that you lose that simple, undecorated, hearing from God.  Why is worship music looked as a “prelude to hearing a clear word from God” in the sermon that follows?  And why does Brian emphasize that “cultivating the transition from natural spontaneous to supernatural prophetic is just as important to be practiced as all this gnosis informational knowledge about worship leading and learning of your instrument?”  I agree that the best starting place to hear from God is to focus on unconditional-love and praise to God.  “God will take your simple chords a lot further than you could on your own power.”  Very true!  I don’t agree that we need to “get our bag of tricks full so that when God comes into the room and we feel God wants to say something, we can reach into our bag to use what’s needed to express it.”  This sounds very manipulative and gimmicky!  What we need to learn is to be guided by the Spirit – that’s what we need to practice.  Let God pull out His own “tricks of the trade!”  If we don’t become super-skilled, are we then limiting the Holy Spirit as Brian and Phil Driscoll, the trumpet player, imply?  Now, he does qualify that it’s “not just our gnosis info-knowledge of technical skill that keeps us from limiting the Spirit, but from our history of practicing with the Lord, worshiping in communion.”  Amen!  So, it looks like Brian finally gets to this important point, though initially misleading.  I agree that “hearing from the Lord” comes to everybody differently – a daydream, a picture, a voice, seeing words – but it always comes without straining to hear God.  And we do need to learn how God wants us to communicate it, by logos message or instrumentally or by song, because the impact it has definitely relies on it.  This does involve experimentation and watching for results, so don’t be afraid to venture out if the idea or emotion comes.  We really need to be led by the Spirit!  We have to be careful about rules that limit God because every anointed revivalist and evangelist operated differently.  Go with God’s flow, don’t box Him in by getting complacent, satisfied, and set in our ways.  We have to put ourselves in a position beyond our natural abilities so God can ‘show up.’  “Music feeds the spirit.”  A lot of times we will do something and not even know it’s from the Lord.  It often just pops into your head or you are emotionally moved to do it.  We need to have our pen ready for God to speak.  Yes, I noticed this in proseuche conversational-prayer times – if I have my pen ready on paper, or my phone on for my recorder app, I hear from Him so much more easily!  We can’t be prophetically arrogant, “take it or leave it,” but in humility, listen to others, listen to God, and have God’s heart in reaching people.  Overall, this was a pretty darn good video, so I highly recommend it!



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