11-14-20 Healing from Spirit-baptism of Fire cooking the bad meat and purging sin

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I woke with sharp pains in my gut from old pork in the frig that I did not heat up last night – really dumb.  I  pressed into the pain for a long time until it was dulled while I was guided to call down “fire from heaven” (the Holy Spirit from another dream I had) to cook the meat in my gut and cook the bacteria dead.  After about 15 min. the pain was miraculously gone and I took my hand off, gave much thanks and drifted back off asleep.


But before I did, I became aware that God used this to lead me to ask instead for “the baptism of fire” from the Holy Spirit, so every time I woke, I cupped my hands together for the Lord to put this gift in my bowl.  I was told to be relentless in asking just as a little child does for the cookies hidden in the cookie jar on the top shelf we can’t reach – He showed me I did this a lot when I was a kid, trying to climb on shelves to get to the jar.  Yes, to ask relentlessly, but then to wait patiently at the foot of the cross until the ministering angels descend and ascend upon it like Jacob’s ladder to bring the gift – this was from another dream also.


There is no “work” we can do to get the grace-gifts or “work” of the Spirit.  All we can do is “wait upon the Lord” as we “draw near to God so He will draw near to us” in conversational prayer.  The “baptism of fire” is to purify a person for ministry – but not the way we have been erroneously taught!  So God burns out sin that will keep a person from going forward in serving, but it is NOT our ministry for God – this is Old Testament service “in the flesh with all our might & power” to obey God’s  commandments.


No!  The New Covenant by definition is  “radically different, unprecedented, sharing nothing with its predecessors, and is thus superior.” God reminded me that “we are now His workmanship and that He now works in us to desire & do His pleasure” – He said the coming “fire” prepares me to BE what He has called me to BE and that He takes care of the work. All I can “do” is be relentless in asking, then wait for Him to “work.”




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