11-19-20 Rhema to speak against the winds of lies & fraud blowing across the world

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God told me early this morning to speak to the wind over the tumultuous ocean, which is always a symbol of the world’s people:  “Deceiving spirits, STOP in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who has ALL authority in the heavens and earth.  STOP blowing  people to & from by every wave of false teaching. STOP!”


Now I’m strongly feeling that God’s people are to no longer “take it sitting down,” but “take your stand – resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  Stand and “speak to the mountain, or speak to the fig tree,” but for God’s sake SPEAK with the name/authority of Christ against the lying spirits causing people to believe lies.  They are using the media to spread lies, to keep people in the dark about the world’s massive frauds going on, which or many:  Election ballots, Machines in many countries and now the US, Mail fraud, Covid $ fraud, Welfare, Stimulus checks fraud, and every other kind of money fraud, human trafficking – sex & slaves, planned parenthood selling baby parts and abortion on demand making people rich, rampant ID & intellectual property thefts, history revision in schools is fraud, etc.


Trace any of this back far enough and you will see “the love of money is the root of ALL evil,” as Jesus said.


“STOP in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, STOP!”




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