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Make sure to first read the Holy Spaces and Spirit-Practice pages written for all Spirit-kind-of musicians, and ask the Lord how you can apply this to your drumming.  He is “The One Teacher!”  I’ve been teaching drums since 1998 to over 5000 students and have had 2 websites full of information for drummers.  Much of my last website will be moved into the Drums page for my existing and future students and those of you who want help on the “technicals” of drumming.  However, the Lord has really been sharing with me so much more than any of my previous training, experience, and huge library has taught me.  That’s why I’ve created this section here – to share this with you and for you to share what you’ve learned with others.


BT1:  Practical steps for your Worship-Team pre-performance personal drum practice


BT2:  After your last Worship-Team pre-performance personal drum practice session


BT3:  Practical steps for your pre-performance Worship-Team rehearsals


BT4:  Learning to drum by God’s Holy Spirit – a whole new level!  For just the “technicals,” see also Drums.




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