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What about Christian musicians practicing to improve their skill?




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After everything we have warned about the dangers of skill and professionalism and the might and power of the flesh, and all the incredibly positive aspects of playing anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous music in/by/with the Spirit, how does the idea of practicing music or for that matter practicing your preaching/evangelizing, teaching, prophesying, or any of the grace-gifts fit into this?


If we put our trusting-relying-faith solely in/by/with the Spirit instead of our might and power skill, does that mean we show up to performances totally unprepared and just “wing it?” Does that mean we just start preaching/evangelizing, teaching, prophesying, or performing any of the Spirit’s grace-gifts “in the heat of the moment” in public when we have never done so before?  Do we jump off the temple and see if the angels will catch us before we hit the pavement?  Are we greater than Jesus with His great trusting-relying-faith who was tempted to do this but said to Satan, “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test” (a).  Remember that Jesus didn’t say or do anything unless He saw the Father first say or do it (b).  So if the Lord shows or tells you to do something and you are confident it is Him and not a deceiving spirit (1 Timothy 4:1), then that is absolutely the time to “step out in faith” and do it, even if it’s your first time! <Notes> a) Matthew 4:7, b) John 5:19.


What I see throughout the NT is the idea of a loving Father training little children to learn how to walk in/by/with the Spirit.  We will explore this in a minute, but God has also showed me through many dreams and visions His great pleasure in seeing us going on an adventure to explore creativity, like a kid going on long bike rides in the country, or a kid on the beach making a magnificent sand castle only to wipe it out with a crashing wave or his own arm, and then start making another one!  He loves to see us “in the zone” lost in the joy of our adventures!  I’ve seen Him smile from ear to ear with the pride of father saying, “That’s my kid making those things!”  I’ve seen the Holy Spirit, like a squiggle of colored light floating like a butterfly into my childhood carport and then dance from drum to drum to cymbal to tom-tom right before my hand suddenly moved to play on it, but I was unware, simply “in the zone” staring at my drums as my hands danced about.  I’ve physically felt blown or swept away by music that was played in/by/with the Spirit in a few rare church experiences.  It was completely free-form with little or no predetermined music structure, program, or other agenda.  It was anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous – what a Spirit-power combination!  I also know that God loves it when we are full of gratitude and give Him thanks for the privilege to learn and practice music.  Remember 1 Timothy 4:5 says that the logos gospel message of confident childlike trusting-relying-faith and childlike, confident prayerful approach to God is what makes all things created by God holy or consecrated to Him.


So I would say that God absolutely loves it when you practice your instrument in/by/with the Spirit!  He absolutely loves it that you are willing to surrender control of your worries, concerns, and ambitions to acquire more “might and power, fleshly” skill and learn how to “let go and let God” to explore how to be “led by the Spirit as like-Father-sons (a) of God” (Romans 8:14) so that we are no longer under the bondage of following the commandments of the Torah Law of conditional-favor (b).  This is how Jesus lived (c)!  This is how we live or ‘walk all about’ by the Spirit (d) – by following so close behind the lead of the Spirit that we keep in step with This commander (e). <Notes> a) huios: mature, like their father, ready for their inheritance, b) Galatians 5:18, c) Matthew 4:1; Luke 4:1, d) Acts 9:31; Romans 8:4; Galatians 5:16, e) Galatians 5:25.


It took a lot of practice for us to learn how to physically walk, leaning less and less on our parent’s arms, furniture, and walls.  It will take lots of practice to “lean not on our own understanding, but in all our ways to experientially, relationally know (a) Yahweh to make our paths straight and smooth” (b).  It takes time to learn this and our unconditionally-loving Father gives us unconditional-favor-of-grace to learn this.  He will do everything in His Spirit-power to help us move more and more from the flesh to the Spirit, and He loves it when we practice this. And He is not like many human fathers that yell, tease, criticize, berate, or beat kids for their failures!  He is nothing but unconditional in His unconditionally-loving favor, only gently instructing and encouraging us, and is quick to applaud our successes!  That’s what this SpiritMusicMeetups ministry is all about – learning how to do this together!  <Notes> a) yada, ginosko, b) Proverbs 3:5-6.


I believe that God wants us to confidently walk in the Spirit and that means practicing this.  I don’t think that means He wants us to use other people as guinea pigs (how unloving) as we struggle to “let go” of our flesh and “let God” take control by His Spirit.  He wants us to use “training wheels” on our brand-new “Spirit bicycle” so that we don’t run into people and cars and who knows what else, hurting ourselves and others (how unloving).  That’s why we need to make our private practice time a holy space.  We need to spend a lot of time in there learning directly from the Holy Spirit, learning how to surrender control.  As we develop more confidence there, we can take our “training wheels” off and ride with others in our neighborhood where it’s save, riding with those who also have “Spirit bicycles,” so our group practice time also needs to be a holy space.  As we grow more confident in our “Spirit group,” then we will be confident to race as a “Spirit team” in public, whether to the saved or unsaved, still keeping this time a holy space.  By the time we get to this point, we will have very little if any “flesh” left to confuse or hurt others (how unloving), but instead we will be filled by the Spirit to play anointed, prophetic, and even spontaneous music.  Can you see that “trusting-relying-faith and unconditional-love” must go hand-in-hand, just as 1 John 3:23 combines them into only 1 NT commandment to keep?


Yet, after 15 worship bands since 1980, I can say that 90% of church musicians know very little of this experience about “letting go” of all their pursuit of skill and professionalism they work so hard on in their practice room and with their worship bands, and simply “letting God” when it comes time to worship “in/by/with [singular] Spirit and/coupled in/by/with [singular] Truth” in the assembly of the saints.  They are still glued to their music stands, so concerned about getting it all just right to “honor God.” I’ve seen Christian groups get more bent out of shape in band rehearsals than the 25 secular groups I’ve played in! All this self-reliance and prideful striving is actually dishonoring to God, and the performance/showmanship of many church services actually grieves God – I’ve felt my insides just break down in tears!  Just because you can’t feel this, doesn’t mean it’s not going on!  I had one bass player at a huge church just rail on me for not playing my charts, especially after I told him that I rather the Lord lead me in worship.  He told me it was “dishonoring to God and so unprofessional.”  I laughed under my breath because he didn’t know that I have a 1000 charts in a huge accordion file from the 37 bands I’ve been in, and teach drumming professionally, but chose not to rely on the charts I did make and did practice before I got there.  Boy was his judgment really off base – that log of criticalness in his own eye needed to be removed before he was qualified to pick specks of dust out of my eyes (a)!  Since those days, I’ve relied less and less on charts even in my practice time, deciding I would rather practice playing a song over and over by the Spirit than spend 30 minutes writing a chart out only to have my eyes glued to it while playing – even in the assembly of the saints!  <Notes> a) Matthew 7:3-6; Luke 6:41-42.


At telltale sign of trusting-relying-faith in the flesh is the lack of proseuche conversational-prayerIn several church groups I’ve played with, they prayed very little or not at all before rehearsals or church services!  How sad is that?  I even asked the worship leader at one church to do this but he never did!  Yet most churches have stressed following their stage clocks to the minute so that every service would end exactly on time!  If you ran over much at all, you would practically get yelled at by the pastor!  That’s because they have to fit 2, 3, or 4 services in a day.  Seems like greed to me!  The results of a poor conversational-prayer life are devastating, whether in your own practice time, group time, or public time.



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Make sure to first read the Spirit-Musician-Practice pages and ask the Lord how you can apply this to your drumming.  He is “The One Teacher!”  I’ve been teaching drums since 1998 to over 5000 students and have had 2 websites full of information for drummers.  Much of my last website will be moved into the Drums page for my existing and future students and those of you who want help on the “technicals” of drumming.  However, the Lord has really been sharing with me so much more than any of my previous training, experience, and huge library has taught me.  That’s why I’ve created this section here – to share this with you and for you to share what you’ve learned with others.


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