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God's Unconditionally-Loving Favor of Grace and the Holy Spirit's Grace-Gifts



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Video - Part 1: Intro-Grace & Grace-Gifts-Part 1: God's Unconditional-Loving Favor and His Holy Spirit's Gifts

Part 1



Gifts of the Holy Spirit - God's Unconditionally-Loving Favor of Grace and Grace-Gifts of the Spirit




The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are such a vital aspect of this Spirit Music Meet-Ups ministry that you will see much written about these grace-gifts throughout this website, but especially on this page and Body-of-Christ MinistryCoaches & Facilitators, Teaching, Spirit-Baptism, Anointing, and Prophetic pages.


The NT Greek singular word charisma and plural charismata are translated “gift(s)” in most bibles, but actually they are derived from the Greek word charis for the unmerited, unearned, undeserved “unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace” of God, so should really be translated grace-gift(s) as I have done throughout this BLOG website.  Paul makes this connection:  “However, we routinely/habitually are holding-to-have/possess charismata grace-gifts kata down-from/according to the charis unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace:  the [grace-gift that] having routinely/habitually been didomi bestowed-as-a-gift/present to us diaphoros [is]-different/various-in-kind:  if prophecy [then routinely/habitually be prophesying, from parallel structure of present participle verbs from vv. 12:7-8], etc.” (a).  <Notes> a) Roman 12:6.


Peter says the same thing:  “Just-as each-person has-already received a [singular] charisma grace-gift, [likely during their water-baptism] eis ‘toward and reaching the goal/purpose of’ IT routinely/habitually be-serving/ministering-to heautou ‘one-another [reciprocally, mutually]’ (a), [that is, serving/ministering] in-the-manner-of [as] kalos ‘beautifully-good, praiseworthy/inspiring good type of’ oikonomos ‘household-managers/stewards’ of/belonging-to [singular: the] charis unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace [that is] of/belonging-to God” (b).  <Notes> a) in the plural often used for the reciprocal pronoun allalon, thus one another [reciprocally, mutually], b) 1 Peter 4:10.


During the first century the problem wasn’t so much about ignorance of the Spirit’s charismata grace-gifts as in 1 Corinthians 12:1, but getting ALL Christians to USE them for Body-of-Christ ministry.  We have both problems today!


Many bibles also obscure the obvious connection to the noun chara or verb chairo for joy and rejoice, respectively.  Chara means “the joyful awareness/recognition of God’s charis grace as ‘unmerited, unearned, unconditional-loving favor,’ thus joy because of God’s unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace.”  The verb form chairo means “to actively rejoice or passively become joyful/delightful because of the experience of God’s unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace.”  In Romans 5:2, Paul says Christians can “chairo rejoice in/by/with elpis hope, i.e., trusting-relying-faith in an expectant future, of the glory of God” and couples this to “we have obtained access [to peace with God] through Christ by-the-means-of trusting-relying-faith [in Christ] in this charis unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace in which we stand.”  Can you see how charis unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace, pistis trusting-relying-faith, and chara joy are all related?


We will now explore this further and see how it relates to Christian music.  I can attest that being aware of God’s unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace and putting our trusting-relying-faith in this definitely affects your joy level, which then greatly affects playing worship music!  And if you are being anointed through the Spirit’s grace-gifts, then your playing will go to a whole new level!


The charismata grace-gifts and signs & wonders of the Holy Spirit are God’s way of “working together with us” to confirm the preaching of the gospel logos message (a).  If we don’t preach the gospel, or we don’t seek the Spirit’s Baptism to be baptizo ‘immersed, resulting in a change’ or “definitively/wholly being completely-filled with all the abundant-fullness of God, routinely/habitually being filled-to-completion by-the-means-of the Spirit” (b), or we don’t “routinely/habitually aiteo ask for, seek or earnestly desire” the supernatural grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit (c), which directly involves proseuchomai conversationally-praying and psalming in tongues (d) but especially involving prophesying (e), or we quench the Spirit (f) by forbidding or despising any of these grace-gifts but especially tongues and prophecy (g), THEN WE SIMPLY CAN NOT expect the same profound results that the early Church had until around 200 AD. <Notes> a) Mark 16:17-20, b) Ephesians 3:19, 5:18, c) Luke 11:13; 1 Corinthians 12:31, 14:1, d) 1 Corinthians 14:5, 14-15, 18, e) 1 Corinthians 14:31, 39, f) 1 Thessalonians 5:19-20 – see The Great Wall, g) 1 Corinthians 14:39.


This was about the time the Catholic Church started persecuting the Montanist churches that held to “New Prophecy” given by modern prophets, and the time of Tertullian’s extensive writings, the premiere documenter and theologian of the Holy Spirit.  However, the history of revival confirms the absolute truth of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit through grace-gifts and signs & wonders over and over and over – see Spirit-Baptism – BT2 and – BT3 and Cure of All Ills by Dr. Mary Stewart Relfe.



God's Unconditionally-Loving Favor of Grace and Grace-Gifts of the Spirit



The charismata grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit are given by unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace by God’s own will so that nobody can feel more superior than another!  Actually, the entire Triune Godhead is involved in the initial deposit “grace-gift of the Holy Spirit” and subsequent grace-gifts from the Holy Spirit.  The early Church believed and expected the grace-gift of the initial arrabon “down-payment deposit, guaranteeing our full inheritance” (a) as the initial Spirit-Baptism or filling-to-completion by-the-means-of the Spirit, and the subsequent grace-gifts of the Spirit to ALL be given during a Christian’s water-baptism, a baptizo ‘immersion that changed the very nature’ of the person, all during “one baptism” per Ephesians 4:5!  In the modern Church, I fear many people have just performed a ritual, “having only a form/appearance of godliness but have denied its real dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power” (b) – see Water-Baptism and Spirit-Baptism pages.  <Notes> a) 2 Corinthians 1:22, 5:5; Ephesians 1:14, b) 2 Timothy 3:5.


Jesus promises in Mark 16:17-20 Great Commission, “And these signs shall actually accompany those who are having trusting-relying-faith:  In My name/authority they shall actually cast out demons; they shall actually speak in kainos completely-different-in-kind-NEW tongues; . . . they shall actually lay their hands on the sick to recover.” And Mark further records, “And they went out and/coupled preached (a) everywhere, while the Lord routinely/habitually worked-together-with (b) them and/coupled confirmed the logos message by accompanying signs.”  Hebrews 2:4 also says, “God also bore witness/testified by signs and wonders and various miracles and/also by grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed kata down-from/according-to His will.”   <Notes> a) v. 15: the gospel logos message, b) sunergeo: co-working, partnering.


All throughout the history of the Church,grace-gifts, signs, wonders, and miracles as manifestations of the Spirit” (a) were being done as a result of “The Promise” of the Holy Spirit and follow-up practice of Spirit-Baptism that BEGAN on the Day of Pentecost (b), that started the Church Age.  Consequently,  the supernatural results should always be the same:  “The Lord [Jesus] added to their number daily those who were being saved” (c).  This will surely continue if the Church still has the same mission, the same gospel logos message, still preaches it, and doesn’t quench the Holy Spirit by forbidding or despising tongues, prophecy, or any other of the Spirit’s grace-gifts (d).  Like Paul and Peter, they should be encouraging the USE of ALL of the grace-gifts!  <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 14:12, b) Acts 2:43, 4:30, 5:12, 6:8, 8:6, 13, 14:3, 15:12, 19:11; 2 Corinthians 12:12, c) Acts 2:47, 5:14, 9:42, 11:24, 13:12, 16:34, d) 1 Corinthians 14:5, 39; 1 Thessalonians 5:19-20.


Paul’s ministry was “by-the-means-of [gospel] logos message and/coupled [singular] deed, by-the-means-of [singular] the dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power of signs & wonders by-the-means-of [singular] the dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power of the Spirit so that … I already have [with ongoing effects] pleroo fully/completely preached the gospel of Christ” (a).  This implies that many of today’s preachers that don’t allow the supernatural aspects of the Holy Spirit are ‘incompletely preaching the gospel,’ but that the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are still preaching a ‘full gospel!’


This is especially true, since Paul qualified this preaching further:  “My speech and/coupled logos message were absolutely-in-fact-NOT by-the-means-of peithos ‘plausible, persuasive, enticing, skillfullogos messages of sophia wisdom, but-instead by-the-means-of apodeixis demonstrating-proof of the Spirit and/coupled of [singular] dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power” (b), and furthermore “our gospel came to you absolutely-in-fact-NOT ONLY by-the-means-of logos message, BUT ALSO by-the-means-of dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power and/specifically, by-the-means-of [singular] Holy Spirit” (c).  Clearly today many churches are NOT preaching a ‘full gospel, so how can they expect the same results! <Notes> a) Romans 15:18-19, b) The Greek coupling = “the dynamite-like-enabling-power of the Spirit that demonstrates-proves’ the gospel logos message, 1 Corinthians 2:4, c) The Greek syntax = “by the means of the enabling-power of the Holy Spirit,” 1 Thessalonians 1:5.


The Lord’s model of proseuche conversational-prayer for all Christians throughout the ages tells us HOW TO make our request for “Thy kingdom to come, Thy will to be done” even a possibility in our lives here “on earth as it is in heaven.”  Otherwise, we are only “wishing upon a star!”  As every good teacher does, Christ’s final teaching on proseuche conversational-prayer in Matthew 7:11 is about “the Father of you’all who [is] in the heavens shall-indeed didomi bestow-as-a-gift/present agathos [plural] God-like-good-things (a) to those who are routinely/habitually aiteo ‘willfully asking, crying-out for, requesting, petitioning, requiring, even demanding – NOT from a subordinate position but boldly as a child.” <Notes> a) agathos is God-like-good because it means “inherently or intrinsically good as excellent, distinguished, salutary, upright, honorable, useful, beneficial, suitable, advantageous” – you can see why word-for-word translations are nearly impossible – see Bible Info for other translation issues.


This likely refers to the same thing the parallel passage of Luke 11:13 does – “the [singular] grace-gift of the Holy Spirit [along with the plural Spirit’s charismata grace-gifts] to those who are routinely/habitually aiteo ‘willfully asking, crying-out for, requesting, petitioning, requiring, even demanding – NOT from a subordinate position but boldly as a child’ Him (the Father).” This present participle within the Lord’s Prayer Model to ALL Christians depicts a lifestyle, routine habit of “diligently asking, seeking, and knocking” for the Holy Spirit from the Father, as Jesus elaborates with His many stories.  If you are going to be doing any monologue of deesis supplication-asking within your proseuche conversational-prayer dialogue, this surely is the key to a powerfully-enabling Christian life, for the powerful reign of the King in His Kingdom to be in your life.




Video - Part 2: Intro-Grace & Grace-Gifts-Part 1: God's Unconditional-Loving Favor and His Holy Spirit's Gifts

Part 2



Prophetic Rhema Word - Grace & Gifts of the Spirit



Prophecy by definition is hearing/speaking the direct-spoken/heard rhema words of God – it is absolutely NOT knowledge gained from reading!  A lot of preachers are making stuff up or getting it from a book they read!  “The Promise” isn’t for more scripture but for more prophesying by ALL of God’s people (a) who “are still far off” into the future, “even to the end of the ages” (b).  There are so many New Testament verses about this (c) – see Prophetic Rhema Word of God. <Notes> a) Isaiah 59:20-21 cited by Paul in Roman 11:26-28, b) Acts 1:4, 2:33, 38-39, c) 2 Peter 1:21; Matthew 10:20; Mark 13:11; Luke 12:12; John 14:26, 16:13.


Jesus expected there to be prophesy (a), even to the end of the ages, just as Peter said (b), even if some of this would turn out to be false (c), even if this was in Christ’s name/authority (d).  The early Church had many prophets including Paul and Barnabas (e), even if some were false (f).  The key signs of the Holy Spirit coming upon Christians was tongues and prophesy (g) that are often related (h), even urging “routine/habitual proseuche conversational-prayer by-the-means-of the Spirit” (i), which is in tongues (j), to build yourself up in your most holy trusting-relying-faith,” which in turn is directly related to the imperative “tereo ‘carefully watch/observe to safely-guard, care-for/attend-to, firmly-hold/stand-in/maintain-as-a-present-state yourself in The Unconditional-Love of God” (k).  <Notes> a) Matthew 10:41, b) Acts 1:4, 2:33, 38-39, c) Matthew 7:15, 24:11, 24; Mark 13:22, d) Matthew 7:22, e) Acts 11:27, 13:1, 21:9-10, f) Acts 13:6, g) Acts 2:4, 10:44-46, 19:6, h) 1 Corinthians 14:6, i) Ephesians 6:18, j) 1 Corinthians 14:14-15, k) Jude 1:20-21.


Prophecy is thus a key charismata grace-gift listed for the entire Church Age (a), often listed second after apostleship to likely indicate its importance in the Church (b), which is certainly to be most sought after (c), and clearly assumed to be commonplace or the norm in the Church (d).  It was especially a sign for believers (e), even though an ‘outsider’ who hears the whole church doing this “will be convicted by all, he is called to account by all, the secrets of his heart are disclosed, and so, falling on his face, he will worship God and declare that God is really among you” (f).  Don’t we want this to happen in your church?  <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 12:10, b) Romans 12:6; 1 Corinthians 12:28-29, 14:5; Ephesians 2:20, 3:5, 4:11, c) 1 Corinthians 14:1, 39, d) 1 Corinthians 11:4-5, 13:8-9, 14:6, 24, 37, e) 1 Corinthians 14:22, f) 1 Corinthians 14:23-25.


But primarily, prophecy is to build the assembly of the saints up (a), even giving us rules for orderly prophesying so that all of us could participate and/or diakrino ‘judge back-in-forth between, thus to weigh in on’ what was said (b).  Finally, through prophecy other charismata grace-gifts came into people’s lives (c) as with the laying on of hands to impart the Spirit-Baptism and charismata grace-gifts (d). <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 14:3, b) 1 Corinthians 14:29, 31-32, c) 1 Timothy 1:18, 4:14, d) Acts 8:18, 9:17; 2 Timothy 1:6.




Prophecy is the The Promise - Grace & Gifts of the Spirit



After the outpouring of the promised Holy Spirit on Pentecost, complete with supernatural prophecy and worship in tongues, Peter says in Acts 2:17-19 citing the prophet Joel 2:28-29: “This is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel:  In the last days it SHALL ACTUALLY BE, God declares, that that I will pour out My Spirit on pas ‘each/every of a kind of’ (a) mankind:  For your sons and your daughters SHALL ACTUALLY prophesythat is, your young men SHALL ACTUALLY see visions (b) and/coupled your old men SHALL ACTUALLY dream dreams, that is, upon My male servants and female servants in those days I SHALL ACTUALLY pour out My Spirit, and they SHALL ACTUALLY prophesy.”  <Notes> a) As often is the case, pas doesn’t mean “the whole/entirety of, but each/every of a class/category/kind/portion of, as defined by the context” – here ultimately, the smaller class of “My servants” of the larger class “mankind” during the Church Age before Christ’s Second Coming per Hebrews 1:2, b) optanomai: gaze in awe with wide-open eyes upon.


Zechariah 4:6 also spoke 520 years earlier about the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant period:  “It shall absolutely-in-fact-NO longer be by-the-means-of might nor power (c), but by-the-means-of My Spirit.” No more religious working FOR God!  Clearly “The Promise” is the the Spirit’s manifested outpouring, most often demonstrated by tongues and prophecy – speaking God’s directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words, particularly received by dreams and visions. There is absolutely no hint of more sacred gramma letters collected into graphe scripture hundreds of years later, or any second-hand contact, communicated logos messages! <Notes> a) Hebrew for all of man’s external resources and internal abilities.


Jesus had already told them “I am sending ‘The Promise’ of My Father upon you, but stay in Jerusalem until you are clothed with dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power from on high” (a).  So Luke further records after the resurrection, “While Jesus was staying with them, He ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for ‘The Promise’ of the Father that you have heard from Me [many times earlier], for although John baptized (b) with water, you will be baptized (b) by-the-means-of [singular] Holy Spirit (i.e., Spirit-Baptism) not many days from now” (c). <Notes> a) Luke 24:49, b) baptizo: transformational immersion in any liquid, even cucumbers in vinegar changed into pickles, c) Acts 1:4-5.


Peter thus records this Pentecost event in Acts 2:33, 38-39, “Having received ‘The Promise’ of the Holy Spirit, which He has poured out, this is what you yourselves are seeing and hearing (a). . . .Therefore, repent (b) and/coupled be water-baptized every one of you in the name/authority of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins (c).  And moreover, you will [at an unspecified future time] lambano ‘actively grab-a-hold-of-to-receive’ the grace-gift of the Holy Spirit, for ‘The Promise’ is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to Himself.”  Clearly ALL of this is for the entire Church age!  The Cessationists who deny this are dead wrong – see Spirit-Baptism – BT3!


<Notes> a) this isn’t an invisible, quiet ‘deposit’ made into many Christians that churches say you just have to “take by faith.”  No!  This is clearly manifested in context by prophecy and tongues, b) turn your mind’s direction back – see Surrender-Control, c) Clearly repentance and/coupled water-baptism are required for forgiveness of sins in order to save you – see 1 Peter 3:21.


Paul also says, “In Christ, the blessing of Abraham (eternal inheritance) might also come to the Gentiles, in order that we [all] may receive the promised Spirit through trusting-relying-faith,” not by obedience to OT commandments (a), and “The [previously hidden but now revealed to us] mystery [of Christ] is that the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same Body [of Christ], and/thus partakers of ‘The Promise’ IN Christ Jesus through the gospel” (b), and so “when you heard the logos message of The Truth, that is, the gospel of your salvation (c) and had trusting-relying-faith in Him, and were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance” (d).  Paul uses “The Promise” consistently to refer to the demonstrable Holy Spirit that is a visible proof that you are a Christian!


<Notes> a) Galatians 3:14, b) Ephesians 3:6, c) the logos word/message of God in the NT has radically been redefined from the OT because of a completely different-in-kind New Covenant.  In the NT 99% of the time it’s either refers to Jesus Christ Himself as with John 1:1 or His gospel message, as here. d) Ephesians 1:13-14.






As Christian musicians, shouldn’t it be clear that “The Promise” for the completely different-in-kind New Covenant wasn’t more graphe scripture that never really worked in the old covenant to reveal God, bring people closer to Him, or help them do His will.  It is the definition of insanity to believe and do the same things as before and somehow expect different results!  God isn’t insane, but apparently many churches and Christians are!


What we should be expecting from God is signs & wonders and the grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially tongues and prophecy!  Don’t we want to be filled with joy and all the other abundant-fullness of God and have the same results in ministry as the early Church?  Is our poor theology telling God “NO” when He is saying “Grab-hold-of-to-recieve My gifts?”  Are we asking for the kingdom but then denying the power of the kingdom?  Are we trying to “run with Christ’s Great Commission marching orders” without obeying Him to “wait for the Promised Holy Spirit for power to testify” that came with tongues and prophecy?  Do we have a “message-only” gospel without the power of God in signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and the Spirit’s grace-gifts to confirm it and enable us to actually do ministry?






Lord, keep us from going insane by pursuing You the same ways that religious Jews did but failed miserably – through endless bible-study!  Lord, give us the faith to seek Your completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant Way of the Holy Spirit’s prophetic rhema word type of knowledge through visions and dreams, now confirming your gospel message with demonstrable power of signs, wonders, miracles, healing, and ministering gifts of the Holy Spirit, all given by your unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace.  Lord, we want to hear, see, and feel You directly as the early Christians did before a religious Catholic Church built “The Great Wall” that quenched the Spirit!  We reject religion!  We want relationship!  Lord, we will lambano ‘grab hold of this to receive it for ourselves’ and run with it!




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Spiritual Education, God’s salvation is by unconditionally-loving-favor-of-Grace, So is the Spirit’s gifts to Christians, charisma or charismata grace-gifts from God’s Spirit, Chara joy comes from Charis Grace, Worship should be a natural response to experiencing the Spirit’s agape unconditional-love & charis Grace of God, Spirit-Baptism & Spirit’s Grace-gifts given during Water-Baptism, Full Gospel includes confirmation of the message by Spirit-Baptism’s Gifts with Signs & Wonder’s miracles, Receiving the Spirit wasn’t invisible but with Gifts & Signs & Wonders, Playing by the Spirit is the better than flesh Might & Power, Cessationism is lifeless Christianity religion, Great Commission says to expect Confirming Signs of God working with preaching of Gospel, Eloquent preaching is powerless, Christians are to habitually be filled by the Spirit for God’s kingdom to come, Prophecy is directly seeing hearing feeling the mind of God by the Spirit, Great Commission & Pentecost & ALL New Testament writings say that Prophecy is to be MOST sought after by every Christian, Cessationists are dead wrong quenching the whole person of the Spirit out, Body-Ministry NOT professional Clergy is the New Testament model, By-God’s Spirit is the New Covenant ministry NOT religious Might & Power service FOR God, Direct relationship communication is the New Covenant model

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