10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness

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10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness

10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


Video Part 1 - 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness

Part 1


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I woke up around 3 am from a series of God-dreams I wish I could remember because I was crying in sorrow.  The last dream kept my attention and so I woke up to ask the Lord about it and write down what He told me.


In my dream I was crying in empathy for a scrawny, looked-homeless, angry, depressed, rebellious, messed-up kid across from me sitting on the floor in the corner of a bathroom with his legs pulled up to his chest in a fetal position with his head sometimes on his arms atop his legs.  He looked like John Adank, a friend I grew up with that ended up turning bad and going to prison.  He almost looked like an anime character.


I saw a small T-shirt handed to me that barely fit me.  It was old, dark reddish-orange, and faded.  When I put it on, I suddenly was transformed like Steve Bannon into the Lou Ferrigno “The Hulk” but I wasn’t green but very white!  I was 6’ 7” with massive muscles just like Superman but bigger.  Unlike the Hulk’s clothes, my shirt was not shredded but it somehow stretched into a muscle shirt.


I was asking the Lord about this.  It turns out that the shirt color was the dried blood of Jesus from His crucifixion 2000 years ago.  It had transformed me into the original “Uberman” of Christ.  I was telling this kid across from me that the shirt gave me superpowers and it would do the same for him.  After a while I had the distinct feeling I was looking through the eyes of Christ as this “Uberman” at myself in that corner.  And the strong compassion had me crying and woke me up.  This switch in perspective has happened in many prophetic dreams – see Mike’s God-Messages.


I asked the Lord about this dream because I had been doing lots of videos from my website SpiritMusicMeetups.org about holiness/sanctification.  I’ve also been struggling with consistently having victory over my own “anger, depression, and sinful rebellion” that I see in this kid that turns out to be me, even though I’ve DONE so many studies on this subject.


I had come to the same conclusion Paul did in Colossians 2:20-23 that submission/subjugated to the DO and DO NOT dogma “regulations, decrees, ordinances” of ANY religion, even the Jewish or Christian “churchianity” one, “indeed has an appearance of wisdom in/by/with ethelothreskia ‘self-willed religious-worship’ and/coupled tapeinophrosune ‘self-imposed humility’ and/coupled apheidia ‘unsparing ascetic-severity to acquire self-control/mastery’ of the body,” but Paul says they however are “absolutely-in-fact-NOT of/with tis ‘certain perceived-value/worth’ pros ‘towards-and-reaching [rare context: ‘the-goal-of-opposition-to’] [singular] plesmone ‘satisfaction-indulgence’ of the flesh.”  Another way to translate is “they are absolutely-in-fact worthless in achieving the goal of self-control/mastery of the body’s desire for satisfaction-indulgence of the flesh.”  See Bible-Info page for problems with translation.



Commandments vs Grace - 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


I have agreed often with Paul in Romans 7:7-24 that the more I read and study about what I should DO and NOT DO, the more the commandments seem to make sin come alive, multiply insanely, and make it impossible to resist, so Paul says:  “I DO NOT do what I want, but I DO the very thing I hate . . . For I know that absolutely-in-fact-NO-thing agathos ‘God-like good, upright/honorable, excellent, beneficial/useful, or praiseworthy’ dwells in . . . my flesh.  For I parakeimai have-close-beside-me the thelo supreme-desire/will to DO what is right, but to absolutely-in-fact-NOT katergazomai exactly-DO-to-accomplish this agathos ‘God-like good, upright/honorable, excellent, beneficial/useful, or praiseworthy that I thelo supreme-desire/will, but the evil I DO absolutely-in-fact-NOT want is what I keep on DOing, . . . So I find it to be a law/principle that when I want to DO right, evil lies close at hand . . . I see a law/principle waging war against the Law (the Mosaic Law, as a Jewish-Christian, previously a Pharisee) of my mind/heart/inner-being [that delight’s in God’s instruction] and making me a captive-slave to the law/principle of sin that dwells in my bodily-members.  O, wretched man that I presently/ongoingly am.”


I find that sometimes I DO this or that to have self-control/mastery, but only for a while.  When I am tired, unhappy, depressed, frustrated, sick, or weak for whatever reason, then my flesh demands any energy, any happiness, any relief, any strength and it will grab for any stimulation or pleasure to make me feel better and all the previous DOing for self-control/mastery is quickly forgotten.  When I am low, my body will do anything to get higher.  It becomes focused on fixing the problem at hand by getting its “fix” and it wants it NOW.  Even if there are fleeting thoughts that the “quick fix” or immediate gratification is only temporary and will likely leave me eventually back in the same place, these thoughts soon get pushed aside by the craving for anything that is better than the way I feel now – this leads to desperation!



Video Part 2 - 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness

Part 2


I think I’m coming to the same conclusion Paul did that there doesn’t seem to be anything I can DO to FIX my weakness of the flesh.  Romans 7:14 says “I am presently/ongoing, actually exist-as/is-defined-as sarkinos fleshly (human, not Spirit-kind-of, thus often has negative connotations because of sin), having already [with ongoing effects] piprasko sold-as-a-slave under-authority-to (thus subordinate to) the sin (missing the target of God’s holiness).”  Jesus nailed it in Matthew 26:41 and Mark 14:38 that “the flesh is asthenes ‘weak, infirm, without vigor or strength, depleted, lacking in necessary resources, insufficient, frail, and sick’” and from John 6:63 “the flesh absolutely-in-fact-NOT ongoingly opheleo ‘profits, is advantageous of, or is helpful/beneficial/useful for’ absolutely-in-fact-NO-thing” – the double absolute negative is like bolding, capping, and underlining its impossibility!  This is exactly Paul’s assessment in Romans 7:18 above “For I know that absolutely-in-fact-NO-thing agathos ‘God-like good, upright/honorable, excellent, beneficial/useful, or praiseworthy’ dwells in . . . my flesh”  I can’t FIX my Colossians 2:23 “satisfaction-indulgence of the flesh” problem – it’s not possible!  I can’t FIX my Romans 7:23 “captive-slavery to the law of sin that dwells in my bodily-members” problem, because the real problem is that my flesh just can’t DO anything agathos “God-like good” for very long!  So I get more depressed when coming to the same conclusion that Paul did in the next verse 7:24:  “O, wretched man that I am!”



Flesh vs Spirit: 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


I’ve tried over an over to DO without success Colossians 3:5 “Therefore, nekroo ‘put-to-death, regard as corpse-like or lifeless or inoperative, mortify, cut off or sever everything that energizes’ the [context: bodily] members/parts which [are] upon/aptly-fits the/this earth” – aka my flesh.  How can the impotent flesh exercise self-control/mastery over the impotence of the flesh that lacks self-control/mastery?  There sure seems like there is a conflict of interest!  Paul goes on in v. 8 to strongly urge Christians to “definitively/wholly apotithemi ‘put off/aside/away’ all [these] things” [giving a list of sins], reminding them in v. 9 that in their water-baptism of Romans 6:6 they “had definitively/wholly/already [with ongoing results] apekduomai  ‘thoroughly/completely put away, renounced, stripped off’ the palaios ‘old, previous-in-time, worn-for-wear’ man/self together-with the praxis ‘functions as sustained activities/practices of’ of him.”  I’ve known DONE all this, but I’ve still failed.


The answer is in the context as I suspected because “a text without a context is a pretext.”  Paul says in v. 3:10 that is coupled/linked by the conjunction kai to v. 3:9, not a separate idea as English could mislead you to believe – see Bible Info – “having already [with ongoing results] put on the neos ‘younger-in-time’ [man/self] (also done in water-baptism), the [one] being habitually/routinely anakainoo ‘made (middle/passive) completely-different-in-kind NEW in a transformational process from one stage upward to a higher stage toward completeness’ eis ‘toward and reaching to interface with the purpose/result of’ epignosis ‘genuine/full, relational, experiential knowledgekata down-from/according-to [the singular] image of the [One] having definitively/wholly ktizo ‘created/formed/shaped’ him (the new man).”


Yes, I have already [with lasting effects] put on the new man in water-baptism, but the key to sanctification/holiness is the next part, the present participle about a habitual, lifestyle of transformation which is passively DONE within (middle voice) us.  Our active part is this epignosis relationship-knowledge interfacing with our Creator!  So the DOing we are called to in order to be transformed is having an intimate relationship with the Lord.  Wow!  Can see the answer is NOT more religious DOing, but the DOing of having a relationship with the Lord.


So when I woke up from my dream I asked the Lord, “So Jesus, if there’s NO thing that I can DO to get me out of this mess, what’s left for me to DO?  I feel helpless and hopeless if there’s nothing left for me to DO to fix the problem.  After all, what does ‘repent’ mean, I asked?  When I hear it, I automatically think that I need to stop DOing abc and start DOing xyz.  But that’s exactly the problem:  I agree with Paul that it doesn’t seem to matter how much I want to DO xyz and NOT DO abc, I’m still going to eventually fail.


Gnosis information and will-power of Zechariah 4:6’s “might and power” just isn’t strong enough.  I know the gnosis information that “repent” is the word metanoeo that means “to think differently, to have a conviction to turn one’s thoughts for the better, heartily to amend with abhorrence of one’s past sins” as the dictionary says, but I’ve done that a 1000 times, even with tears, and I still fail.  Something is wrong!  Then I suddenly realized that I was thinking just like Jews under the Old Covenant, asking about what I needed to DO or NOT DO in order to be more right or pleasing with God.  Yikes, how did I fall into that?  I know from my New Covenant pages that this is a trap of the religious flesh that will send you straight to hell just as fast as sensual sin will!  So, I asked the Lord again, “what do You mean about ‘repent’ – what kind of ‘turning’ is this?”



Deliverance: 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


Video Part 3 - 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness

Part 3


Then I remember Paul beg in Romans 7:24 for a “rhuomai ‘snatching-away-deliverance to a deliver’ from this body of sin” that made him “a wretched man.”  But by DOing what? What is going to fix my problem with sin?  Oops, it’s NOT “whats or DOs” that will save him!  Paul’s says “WHO will deliver me?”  And Paul’s revelation out of this mess is this:  “Thanks be to God [the Father] dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of Jesus Christ, the kurios supreme-owner-master of us.”  Then I came to the realization that I needed to “repent or turn” not to “whats to DO” but simply to the WHO of Jesus as My deliver.  Only Jesus is powerful enough to defeat sin, my only “blessed hope,” so if I can’t have trusting-relying-faith in Him to accomplish sanctification/holiness then I am just ‘done’ and without hope.  Do you see our desperate need for a relationship with Jesus, our deliverer.


I also just found the answer in the definition of metanoeo “repent!”  Noieo means ‘to think’ and meta means ‘to be changed after being with something or someone.”  It’s the basis of metamorphoo metamorphic-transformation by the renewing of your mind/heart/inner-being per Romans 12:2, that comes through katoptrizo ‘gazing with wide-open eyes at yourself in a mirror’ at the [Spirit’s] image of Christ’s glory living in you as a Christian, per 2 Corinthians 3:18.



Repentance: 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


It looks like this essential meaning of metanoeo ‘repent’ got lost in what others say the word means:  “to think differently, to have a conviction to turn one’s thoughts for the better, heartily to amend with abhorrence of one’s past sins.”  According to Matthew 1:23, the title given to Christ of ‘Immanuel’ in Hebrew means in Greek ho theos meta hemon ‘God with us” is the One who meta ‘changes us after we have been in His company.’  Jesus implies this bond with Him:  “[I strongly urge you to definitively/wholly] airo lift-up My zugos ‘yoke or training harness for discipleship’ upon-to-fit you and/coupled manthano ‘learn the essentials’ apo away-from Me” in Matthew 11:29 – this is direct epignosis genuine, experiential, relational learning, not impersonal gnosis book-learning.  We also see this bond in John 15:4 “[I strongly urge you to definitively/wholly] meno ‘stay-connected-to/abide’ in-the-location-of Me.  As the branch is dunamis powerfully-enabled absolutely-in-fact-NOT to bear/carry/hold fruit by itself if-NOT-in-possibility it ongoingly meno ‘stays-connected-to/abides’ in-the-location-of the vine, absolutely-in-fact-neither can you, if-NOT-in-possibility you ongoingly meno ‘stay-connected-to/abide’ in-the-location-of Me.”  See the 8-part video series on Abiding in the Vine.  There’s so many verses about koinonia intimate relationship necessary with Jesus by the means of the Spirit.


There’s other Greek words for connection.  The rulers, elders, scribes, high priest, Caiaphas, and members of the high-priestly family of Jerusalem were astonished at the boldness of uneducated and common-men Peter and John, but recognized they had been sun ‘closely-together-with’ Jesus.  In Ephesians 6:23, Paul implies that “unconditional-love from God the Father and/coupled the Lord Jesus Christ” is given to Christians, because there was a “meta change after being with trusting-relying-faith.”  Indeed Paul says everywhere that our trusting-relying-faith brought us out of enmity with God into a relationship of “unconditional-love.”  So, our DOing of trusting-relying-faith brought about a “change” to experience “unconditional-love.”




Christ's obedience: 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


So if all I have is my own shirt, my flesh, then holiness/sanctification is impossible, just like Jesus reminded me He said in Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 18:27 “para close-beside man this [context obedience to commandments] is impossible but para close-beside God all things are possible.”  By myself, I remain as that defeated, dejected, rebellious, sinful kid in that bathroom corner.  The only way out is to put on the blood-stained shirt, the crucified flesh of Jesus Christ, so that the blood suffering of Christ transforms me into a bright white giant Superman.  Paul says the same in Romans 13:13-14 for us to “definitively-wholly live/walk-all-around honorably-properly . . . in-possibility-NOT in reveling, drinking, immoral-sexual-intercourse, sensuality, dissension, and jealousy . . . but-instead [I strongly urge you to] enduo ‘put on, as with a garment’ the Lord Jesus Christ and/coupled make in-possibility-NO provision for the flesh eis toward-reaching-the-goal/accomplishment-of [its] desires/lusts.”


So if I “put on the bloody shirt, flesh, of Christ” I will become super-human and then the supernatural becomes natural.  Tell me how, I ask?  How do I put your blood-soaked shirt on (Revelation 19:13) to be “covered by the blood of Jesus” as I’ve heard so many say, so that “our hearts are sprinkled from an evil conscience” (Hebrews 10:22).


The Lord answered me: “The eyes of faith can see yourself putting on the shirt, putting Me on.”  I asked, “Is it that easy?  Is this all I have to DO every time I want to be turned into Superman, into You?  It seems too easy.”  Then I remembered that Jesus said in Matthew 11:30 that His “zugos yoke-harness of manthano learning-of-essentials is chrestos ‘custom-fitted to me’ and/coupled His [rabbinical] burden ( the ‘binding’ of DO and NOT DO commandments) is ongoingly elaphros light-as-a-feather-to carry.”  Yes, that small shirt of Christ’s now stretched as a muscle shirt for my massive body fit me perfectly, and I didn’t even feel it on me!



Prophetic vision: 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


So, all I have to do is use my eido mental ‘seeing’ to perceive/know prophetic vision of Jeremiah 31:34 that is the promise of the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant to now know You?  The Lord answered, “Yes, the ‘eyes of you heart,’ just as Paul prayed that you would use.” Sure enough, in Ephesians 1:16-19 Paul “remembers them (Christians) in my prayers that God . . . may grant you the Spirit of wisdom and/coupled of revelation (uncovering what is hidden) by-the-means-of the epignosis genuine, full, intimate, relational, experiential knowledge of Him, [caused by] already having [with ongoing results] the eyes of your hearts photizo enlightened/illuminated eis ‘toward and reaching the goal of’ . . . the routinely hyperbolic-surpassing greatness of His dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power toward us, those routinely having-trusting-relying-faith kata down-from/according-to the energeia ‘energetic DOing/working’ of the kratos ‘perfect/complete dominion-exerted mighty-power’ of the ischus ‘overcoming ability, force, strength, might, power’ of Him (God).”  This eido mental ‘seeing” is much like the prophetic horao “seeing with the mind or inward spiritual perception” that Peter promised for the last days (Church Age) for the New Covenant in Acts 2:17-19.  Again, intimate relationship is the means by which this all occurs.


The Lord said, “Put Me on this way, the New Way by the Spirit.  Trust Me for the Superman, Hulk-like transformation from a weak Steve Bannon into a strong ME.  Put on my Blood-Soaked shirt to BE covered by My Blood.”  I remembered Romans 7:6 where Paul said we “NOW ongoingly serve/minister in the kainotes ‘completely-different-in-kind NEW Way’ of [singular] Spirit and/coupled absolutely-in-fact-NOT in the palaiotes ‘old, obsolete, worn-out Way’ of [singular] grammatos letter,” and in context this is the writings of God, particularly of the Old Covenant Law of DO and NOT DO commandments.


I replied:  “I’m gladly putting this on!  I am weak like that kid in the corner but NOT for long because You are Strong and putting You on by the eyes of trusting-relying-faith, seeing beyond the natural realm into the Spiritual realm, I will soon Hulk-transform in the Superman-You.  Thank You, Jesus.  You are able!



Cross of Christ: 10-8-22 Dream: Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness


Now I can see that the old faded, dried, bloody shirt is actually Your flesh after the cross, the flesh that conquered the world of sin that you took upon Yourself.  It is now my victory by my ‘eyes of faith,’ because you said “It is now My victory over the world’s sin, that is in My flesh.”


I cover my ugly flesh with Your victory, Jesus.  Is the ugliness of that bloody shirt because of so much sin by me and others when You were crucified, but now this shirt has washed me and them to become brilliant white?  Such ugliness transforms into such beauty?  I will cherish the old rugged cross and that bloody shirt, your flesh on that cross.  So all of our ugly sin is transfigured into making us spotless supernatural Hulks of brilliance?  So much suffering so that we can have so much victory over our defeated, dejected, rebellious flesh?  Wow!


I gladly put your ugly, bloody, suffering on!  Gladly by the eyes of faith!  Thank You for waking me up to show me this and please remind me again and again Holy Spirit.  It is 4 am and I started at 3 am, so I should sleep now.


Now I see that Paul talks about koinonia sharing in Christ’s sufferings per 2 Corinthians 1:5, koinonia sharing in His sufferings – becoming like Him in His death per Philippians 3:10, as does Peter “But rejoice insofar as you koinonia share Christ’s sufferings that you may also rejoice and be glad when His glory is revealed” per 1 Peter 4:13.



There are many other BLOGS that touch on this subject:


Proseuche Conversational-Prayer with the “eyes of our heart” is what builds koinonia intimate fellowship with God, which is really God’s “perfect will” PLAN A for His people, even though religion concerns itself more with DOing FOR God.  This “drawing near or close beside God” certainly does involve vigilantly watching for answers but not just for His stuff but for God Himself.  Bible-study gnosis knowledge requires a lot of “might and power” DOing that favors the so-called “wise and understanding ones.”  This certainly shows partiality against “the least among us” when God shows no such favoritism, so it’s now wonder that God considers this worldly knowledge rubbish.


In fact, little children aren’t even old enough to read or study the bible, yet God says that they will eido know the “secrets of the kingdom” long before the so-called “wise and understanding ones.”  On the other hand, ginosko or epiginosko knowledge is experiential and relational and relies on eido mental ‘seeing’ to perceive/knowledge of God, just as God promised for the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant.    Prophecy to receive the direct rhema words of God are sometimes akouo listened to or heard to be understood/known but in many cases seen with the wide-open eyes of the heart, for certainly a picture is worth 1000 words!  We also find much written about being transformed into Christ’s likeness for holiness/sanctification by the renewing of our mind, particularly when gazing with wide-open eyes at Christ as the Spirit within us.



Thank YOU for visiting:  Putting on the Bloody Flesh of Christ by the Eyes of Faith for Holiness




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