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Knowledge from Learning – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Knowledge from Learning - Spirit Music Meet-Ups



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Knowledge from Learning - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Knowledge from Learning is:



1. Revealed by God as His unconditionally-loving-grace-gift to us through prophetic-rhema words authored within the Father’s invisible mind and spoken through His Son Jesus/Yeshua as The Logos-Word/Message of God by-the-means-of the Holy Spirit, so ultimately it is a pneumatikos Spirit-kind-of knowledge.  This is exactly what Zechariah 4:6’s prophecy said about the completely different-in-kind New (a) Covenant Way that God was switching to:  “It shall actually ou me absolutely-in-fact-or possibility-NOT by-the-means-of might nor by-the-means-of power but instead by-the-means-of My Spirit, says Yahweh of hosts (b).”  Ou me is the strongest absolute negative possible – it’s like God bolding, CAPPING, and underlining it!  God is commanding His people to move away from human-kind-of knowledge of God and His will to a Spirit-kind-of knowledge of Him and His will, especially because the Old Testament way was a disaster due to “weakness of the flesh” – see Identity<Notes> a) chadash, kainos: fresh, completely different-in-kind, unprecedented, sharing nothing with its predecessors, unique, and superior, b) or ‘ruler of all’ angel armies.


2. Acquired by the work of man’s human, fleshly, “might and power” external resources and internal abilities through reading books of gramma writings, having the IQ to comprehend, and often require study, analysis, and reasoning, so it is a human-kind-of knowledge.


Human-kind-of gnosis info-knowledge from learning through sunesis connect-the-dots understanding and correctly applying all this through sophia wisdom requires an enormous amount of “might and power” and skill, which will always favor the “wise and learned” over the “little children” and the other uneducated “least among you.”  Human gnosis info-knowledge is acquired through the ergon work/doing of reading, comprehension, and study or Sherlock Holm’s keen observation, and then having this data rationally and logically understood by sunesis ‘connecting-of-the-dots’ left-to-right induction that is very difficult to do if the ‘dots’ are to far apart of non-sequitur, then using human sophia wisdom to figure out how to correctly apply this understanding.  This is a lot of work, and so it is earned, merited, deserved, and thus conditional on your own mental prowess and determination – it’s perfect for the earned, merited, deserved, conditional-based Old Testament Torah or Old Covenant Law or the rules common to all religions of the world.  But it’s all just a ‘house of cards’ ready to come tumbling down, and many terrible things have been created by man as a result of their knowledge-errors, even terribly destructive “teachings of men and demons” (a).  <Notes> a) Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7-8; 1 John 4:6; Hebrews 13:9; Ephesians 4:14; 1 Timothy 4:1.


However, God shows no partiality (a) and so neither should we (b)!  Not only are the people on top of the human IQ hierarchy favored by their “might and powerknowledge and skill, but there is every kind of translation and transmission error possible when you rely on men – see Bible Info.  Our great God had no intention of continuing this utter disaster by carrying this forward into the completely different-in-kind New Covenant! <Notes> a) Luke 20:21; Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; Galatians 2:6, b) Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 3:25; 1 Timothy 5:21; James 2:1, 9.



Bible Knowing vs Spirit Knowing - Spirit Music Meet-Ups



Spirit-kind-of gnosis info-knowledge that belongs to God, Spirit-kind-of sunesis ‘connect-the-dots’ understanding, and correctly applying all this through Spirit-kind-of sophia wisdom requires absolutely no “might and power” or skill of man because it is all lambano ‘grabbed hold of to receive’ by trusting-relying-faith by-the-means-of God’s Spirit via direct prophetic revelation!  Thus it an unearned, unmerited, undeserved, unconditional, grace-gift of knowledge, which is the essence of the completely different-in-kind New Covenant.  Human-kind-of knowledge doesn’t require any koinonia relationship, sharing, partnership, or fellowship with God, but Spirit-kind-of knowledge absolutely does!


Prophetic knowledge is a Spirit-kind-of gnosis info-knowledge, even a “treasury of the sophia wisdom and gnosis info-knowledge” (a).  The “pneumatikos Spirit-kind-of sophia wisdom (b) and/coupled sunesis connect-the-dots understanding” (b) of the Father’s mind is prophetically revealed through The Logos Message Communicator of God who is Christ (d).  He speaks the Father’s mind with directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words given to Him from the Father and puts these together into logos messages that then ‘focus on content’ by definition of logos, for our understanding and all this by-the-means-of God’s Spirit, even doing this THROUGH us as logos messages of gnosis info-knowledge and sophia wisdom given to others (d).  <Notes> a) Colossians 2:3, b) Colossians 1:9, c) John 1:1, 1 John 1:1-2, d) 1 Corinthians 12:8.


All of this is prophetic-rhema by definition because it is all revealed from God by the means/instrument of the Spirit.  It is not worked for, earned, merited, or deserved but is a grace-gift received by trusting-relying-faith.  Christ puts His directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words together into logos messages so that their ‘content’ can be sunesis understood.  However, we do NOT have to work to ‘connect-the-dots’ to get this understanding through human rational, logical, inductive, left-to-right reasoning, which often requires sequitur connections between data-point ‘dots.’  I can’t tell you the number of times that the Lord ‘connected’ completely non-sequitur data-point ‘dots’ in a completely irrational and illogical way that had nothing to do with human inductive reasoning, to give me great sunesis understanding of many things in this BLOG website – see 11-24-21 Revelations about the Lord’s Supper, even about drumming – see Spirit-Practice-Drums.


Prophetic knowledge of the gnosis information that belongs to God, God’s non-sequitur sunesis understanding, and God’s sophia wisdom that comes by-the-means-of Christ’s directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema words that He organizes into His spoken logos messages are revealed to us dia through 3 “realizing channels, conduits, interfaces, avenues, or ways.”


The preposition dia is often used throughout the New Testament to convey how to get from one place/state to another.  Another common phrase is en [to] pneumati in the dative case that always means “by the means/instrument of [the] Spirit”– see Bible Info and Spirit-Baptism – BT6.  Thus Spirit-power is the “realizing-channel or means/instrument” by which Christ speaks to us His directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words as prophetic logos messages.



Spirit-Revealed Knowing - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

This is how we essentially receive Revelation-Knowledge:



1. Akouo hearing/listening to understand/know


2. Eido mentally ‘seeing’ to perceive to understand/know through visions and dreams


3. Feeling to understand/know, specifically to progressively, experientially, relationally ginosko understand/know, and when the writers want to emphasis that it’s genuine or that “it’s-the-real-thing” knowledge, they will use epiginosko (verb) or epignosis (noun).


When we prophesy to others (a), we are also revealing prophetic knowledge that was directly-spoken/heard to us and revealed to our minds through the 3 “realizing channels, conduits, interfaces, avenues, or ways” of hearing, seeing, and feeling “by the means/instruments of the Spirit.”  Hopefully, we can simply convey this “as is” to others so that they can also hear, see, and feel the prophetic revelation of God. <Notes> a) Acts 2:17-18, 19:6; 1 Corinthians 13:9, 14:1, 5-6, 24, 31, 39; Revelation 10:11, 11:3, 6.





As Christian musicians, do we want our knowledge from learning to be limited by what we already know or can know through acquiring more skill through music lessons and study, or tap into the unlimited enabling-power of the Spirit for God’s skill to play through us?  The old covenant is all about the former and the completely different-in-kind New Covenant is all about the latter!  What are we putting our trusting-relying-faith in and what are we communicating to the congregation through our worship music?  Do we want to be like human-reasoning bible-expert scribes or be like trusting, relentlessly-asking little children to hear, see, and feel God’s knowledge directly?  Are we depending on our own “might and power” or prophetic revelation?




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