12-14-20 Revelation of GO to GOd in prayer is the DO in reverse OD so GO + OD brings us to the GOOD of GOd




Video for 12-14-20 Revelation:  GO to GOd is the DO in reverse OD so GO + OD brings us to the GOOD of GOd



This morning I sat very still for 1 hour per Psalms 46:10 and waited, watched, and listened in conversational prayer.  It is difficult to “Be still – quiet and at rest to Hebrew yada or Greek ginosko (relationally experience to know) Elohim (the Triune God)” as that verse tells us to DO.  Ocean waves keep the sea from reflecting the image of the moon let alone the sun. It must be “still” in order show this reflection!


Well, I saw the words “GO.”  Now I’m really good at that, jumping out of bed and tackling the day’s many things to DO. And I know Jesus said before He ascended “GO make disciples.”  I think we think what “GO” means.  But then I saw “GO to God – in prayer.”  Now that is what I was experiencing, because biblical conversational prayer (proseuche) is not talking to God with a list of requests – that is called ‘supplication’ (deesis).  No, proseuche is a conversational dialogue between lovers, sharing and listening to one another.  It isn’t a monologue or a shopping list or a “Honey DO” list.  Instead, we ask questions of one another and watch & listen to each other to learn about each how to be more in love.


So, I understood what God was telling me, but here is the big surprise:  He shows me that we have to “GO” backwards.  We think it only means to GO out from us forward, but that is just the same as “DO.”  In Greek the word ergo is where we get “ergonomics,” and it essentially means “DO or WORK.”  That is what we think “GO” usually means – to “Just DO it” like the Nike commercial.  The entire Old Covenant Law (97.4% of the OT – see Logos Word of God – BT5a) is based on 613 commandments to DO or WORK to be closer to or more pleasing to God, and sadly many Christians think the completely different-in-kind, by definition and context, New Covenant means DOing or WORKing some of these rules, at least the 2 greatest OT commandments, and adding more but now for a different reason.  However, that is NOT what the NT says!


Anyway, what God shows me and says is:  The “DO” I AM talking about is backwards, ‘The first shall be last and the last first.’  It is OD.”  I looked at this and was puzzled.  Then He puts GO and OD together into GOOD and said, “Didn’t I say, ‘Only GOD is GOOD?'”  Yes, I remember Jesus said that to someone who called Him, “Good Teacher.”  He said it so that person would recognize who He was speaking to.  I also remember John said twice, “God is [unconditional] love.”  These “is” or “am” statements are in the Greek present indicative form meaning “actually exists ongoingly as” so “God actually, ongoing IS defined or exists as LOVE or as GOOD.” That is why God says to Moses His name is “I AM that I AM.”


Then you find out that Unconditional LOVE is described as “GOOD” in Galatians 5:22-23, a “flavor” of the singular fruit of the Spirit of God.  So God tells me that “GO to God in prayer” is the GO or DO he desires of us – it is not a DO that goes OUT from us, which is left-to-right thinking, first letter to last letter of DO, but in reverse order, “the ‘last’ first and the ‘first’ last” so we end up with OD.  This is the “DO or GO” that God is asking for, because GO and OD together create GOOD and this is what will lead us to GOD, and that is where He wants us, and this all happens in ‘Be still’ conversational prayer where He can come near beside us (proserchomai is almost the same word as proseuchomai) as we draw near to beside Him (James 4:8).  Ecclesiastes 5:1 says “To draw near to listen to understand is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools.”  God has shown me many times that this place of prayer is where the real WORK is done anyway, because it is where He WORKS, not us (Ephesians 2:10).  If we want to be changed or if we want our nation to be changed, that is the only place we can GO – into the very word GOd, into the very presence of GOd where HE can DO or WORK!


Thank you Holy Spirit of Christ for being our “One Teacher, and we are simply brethren” (Matthew 23:8 – see Teach One Another – BT10) so that “we have absolutely in fact no need that any one else teach us” (1 John 2:27).  Thank you, Lord for Your work. Amen!




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