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It is NOT easy to say any of these things below because of my training in 5 bible colleges and intense desire to teach the bible since 1980 – see Bible Info – BT3 but the Lord has a way of ‘growing us up’ no matter where we start – see About – My Story.  What I have written to help you with, has been a long process of intense, exhausting, comprehensive studies from the original Hebrew and Greek, along with extensive historical and cultural studies.  I did it mostly to solve many ‘problems’ with the bible and what I heard coming from too many pulpits and Christians over the years, having played in so many worship bands and seeing what actually goes on ‘behind the Wizard-of-Oz curtains’ and also working in 2 Christian bookstores as a consultant and buyer.  I’ve seen more than most Christians could handle and still not lose my relationship with Jesus.  The glaring Truth I have discovered along the way has radically changed my Christian experience and that’s why it was so important to pass it along to you.  Do your own homework – look up all the bible verse references!  Or better yet, simply learn how to listen to the Voice of Jesus – see Bible Info – BT2 through Conversational-Prayer as God intended for us NOW.


Careful study shows that the logos “Word of God” radically changed from the gramma writings or letters of God collected into the graphe scripture of the Old Testament to something completely different-in-kind and superior for the New Covenant.  In only 4 places in the New Testament does logos refer to OT writings of scripture and in every case, the Jewish scriptures cited were used to argue against Jews.  Again, nowhere does the NT use Jewish scriptures to prove anything to a Gentile-only audience because they naturally could care less what Jews hold dear!  The same is true today!  Every good teacher knows to “know thy audience” to insure what you say is relevant to them!


The New Testament has radically redefined, as many Jewish beliefs, the “Logos Word of God” from gramma writings about God and His will to:  Jesus Christ as the “living, active, sharper-than-a-two-edged-sword” gospel message about Himself as “The [New Covenant] Way, The Truth, and The zoe Genuine-Life” for our salvation, WHO created everything and still holds everything together by His logos messages as God, the Logos Communicator.  See Wikipedia’s “Logos (Christianity)” article and Logos Word of God page.


Therefore, it’s absolutely inaccurate to hold up a big fat bible and say, “This is the Word of God!”


Just as the chadash/kainos NEW Covenant is completely different-in-kind and superior to the palios “old, dated, ancient, antiquated, worn-out, weak, worthless” covenant by definition, so is its logos Word of God!  You can’t mix oil and water, but so many Christians and churches try, even if the NT warns us repetitively not to!  They simply don’t understand this:  “For all the Prophets and the Law definitively/wholly prophesied (rhema words later written down) [heos: continued] UNTIL [heos: an end-point] John (the Baptizer) [but] since that [end-point] time the ‘Great News’ gospel of the kingdom of God is presently-ongoingly preached” – not written down, often much later in order to be later read, categorized, studied, and debated for thousands of years so people could know God’s will – see New Covenant Ways – BT13a.  But that’s what the religious “traditions of men” did with the New Testament, following the same failed pattern of the Jewish scribes and Pharisees!  God didn’t give us more of the same but somehow different, and expecting different results – that’s the definition of insanity!  God gave us a completely-different-in-kind, superior WAY to know His will – see New Covenant Ways – BT16, so impartial that even little children can know it – see Least Among You – BT8 or all the other “least among you” that the kingdom is revealed to FIRST per Jeremiah 31:34 and so many teachings of Christ!


What’s confuses a lot of readers is that most English bibles also translate the prophetic “rhema of God” as the “Word of God,” grossly misleading readers to believe that logos and rhema are both the same in meaning.  However, “in the original Greek there is a substantial distinction” per Wikipedia’s Rhema (doctrine) article.  Rhema is the directly-spoken and directly-heard “Voice of Jesus to His sheep” as our “Wonderful Parakletos Counselor” NOW on earth through the dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power of “the One is your teacherParakletos Holy Spirit  by His anointing Spirit-Baptism “to guide us into ALL the truth so that we ALL have eido mentally ‘seen’ to perceive/knowledge of God and His will so that absolutely in fact we have no need that any man teach us, because this anointing teaches all things, especially to ongoingly meno abide/stay-connected-to Jesus, the Vine that produces all fruit to glorify the Father.”  Yes, that’s what the NT says!  See Rhema Word of God page.


Therefore technically “The Word of God” for Christians is NO longer gramma writings of the bible, even the New Testament writings.  However, they still are a good record of some prophetic rhema “testimony of Jesus” per John 5:38-39, Luke 24:27, and other verses as we’ve seen – see Logos Word of God – BT6 to see how the early Jewish Church even used 2.6% of the Old Testament to convert Jews to Christ.  The OT was written only for the Jews to prepare them to “Come near-now to Christ for zoe genuine-life” – see New Covenant Ways – BT13.  Until around 70 AD, the early Church didn’t even use 97.4% of the OT because it was Law-based and completely fulfilled by Jesus, and from 70 to 200 AD the mostly Gentile church so no need for the OT at all – see Logos Word of God – BT5a and – BT8 and – BT18.  So of what value is the OT to Christians 2000 years later? – see New Covenant Ways – BT13b.


Likewise, because so many Christians are so much like the Jews in their indoctrination by religious men to put so much of their trusting-relying-faith in gramma writings – in many cases, more than an actual prophetic-rhema Spirit-kind-of encounters with Jesus – this BLOG website heavily references and documents the gramma writings of the bible along with many prophetic-rhema words, visions and dreams per Acts 2:17-19, the actual “promise” for the Church age, in hopes that many others will make the transition from indirect, second-hand, ancient, and often ‘dry as the desert’ communication that even the so-called “wise and understanding ones” grapple with to understand accurately and teach others . . . TO a “fresh, running, living water of zoe genuine-life” Spirit-kind-of directly heard, first-hand, brand-new in the very moment communication.


The “latter rain” revival that is beginning NOW will relive this ‘reality’ the “former rain” Church started out with but mostly lost around 200 AD when the Catholic Church “quenched the Spirit” and even persecuted all those involved, even their famous Latin theologian-apologist because of His documentation of the Holy Spirit!  They replaced it with a quest for a bible, dogma, creeds, and theology – the fell into “the baited trap and snare” of the Jewish scribes & Pharisees – see New Covenant Ways – BT17 and – BT18.  But what’s coming isn’t just a re-awakening to Jeremiah 31:34’s New Covenant direct eido mentally ‘seeing’ to perceive/knowledge of God but an explosion of it!


Thank God, we will finally be done with study of the bible – see Logos Word of God – BT19.  In fact, most of use will be so busy flowing in the Spirit with prophetic rhema word and ministering to others as Ephesians 4:7-16 originally was intended for Body-Ministry not ‘one-man shows’ as the Catholic and then Protestant churches turned it into, that few will even have time or want to read the bible except to prove to doubting Christians or late-to-the-revival Church teacher-leaders still ‘pushing the bible’ (as there were in every revival) that NOW there is a better WAY to learn from God – see New Covenant Ways – BT13c and – BT19.  Old Covenant WAYS simply don’t work under the completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant – see New Covenant Ways!


May God bless you abundantly in your journey through this!



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