Music-Making – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Music-Making – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Music-Making - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Intro video - Music-Making – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Music-Making – General Info YouTube Playlist


See also Drums with Mike Burris – General Info YouTube Playlist


Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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3 ways that you can Meet-Up together with God and others - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Let us Meet-Up TOGETHER in 3 ways with God and others to learn, practice, and play Spirit-empowered music!





The Advantages of Music Lessons:


Music Meet-Ups – The Advantages of Drum Lessons:


PDF doc:  10 Advantages of Music Lessons    Watch the video


Wikipedia’s value of music lessons – Watch the video


Wikipedia’s use of music for therapy – Mike also specializes in Autism Spectrum drum students Watch the video


All Skill Levels are Welcome! – Watch the video





Motivation for your music and drumming

50% of the battle is getting the rocket off the launching pad and 50% to its destination:


Learn the Motivation it takes to get from the Starting line to the Finishing line Watch the video


PDF doc:  Without the “Why” for studying music, you will have no sustaining power   Watch the video


PDF doc:  Here’s Mike’s “Why” for studying drums – what is yours for music?    Watch the video, and Hear more about what drives me NOW!


PDF doc:  What will motivate you to practice music or drums every day?    Watch the video


PDF doc:  When you have a resounding “Yes” within you, it’s easier to say “No” to these 9 time-wasters that will rob you of your dreams for music    Watch the video


PDF doc:  The effect of videos games on learning    Watch the video



Keys to Success for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

You can take the Long, scenic route or take the Shortcuts from a Pro:


PDF doc:  16 Keys to Success – Watch the video


PDF doc:  13 categories of Mike’s favorite teachings for your music success   Watch the video


PDF doc:  7 ideas for learnings music & drums faster   Watch the video


PDF doc:  11 Ways to Keep your practice FUN to practice longer and learn faster    Watch the video


PDF doc:  5 Motivation Tips and 6 Practice Tips – more ideas for success learning music & drums    Watch the video




Lear Music Notation and Rhythm from Mike Burris

Learn the Rhythmic Vocabulary of music like a Pro:


On this Music Notation page Watch the video – you will also learn the importance of Counting & Singing to learn much faster, and learn comprehensive Rhythm Charts for full expressiveness!  Don’t be stuck ‘coloring’ your music with 3 crayons – use all 100!



Improve your Timing - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Notes without Rhythm in Time is just Noise:


AB-Clip Looper and Speed-Changer – Great tool to practice with


Use various metronomes, loops, and tracks to help you play with good Timing Watch the video





Learn Groove Support, Embellish, and Dialogue from Mike Burris

S. E. D. – Support, Embellish, Dialogue to the Music’s Groove!


These Drum & Percussion Role-Guidelines will help YOU also know what & when to play in music –  Watch the video and Even more about the need


General principles of making music Groove that Drums also have to know –  Watch the video


Play Along to these Ear-training MP3s & Videos for Drummers to learn key Grooves –  Watch the video


Understand Rhythmic-Energy Contours based on where the note-density in a measure is for Internal Phrasing –  Watch the video


See also Grooves Page section “Easy Drum-Set BEATS with Zeke Para on Guitar”


“Embellish” or “Enhance” the Groove by adding Fill-ins for Internal Phrasing like Drummers do –  Watch the video


“Dialogue” with the Groove by FILLS during the Breaks like Drummers do –  Watch the video


“Dialogue” with FILLS for Section & Ensemble Rhythmic Figures using Long-note vs. Short-note interpretation like Drummers do –  Watch the video


“Dialogue” with the Groove by adding SOLOS in the bigger Breaks like Drummers do –  Watch the video





Music Genres for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Music Genres, Styles, and Songs:


Survey of every kind of Music Genre    Watch the video





Favorite Links for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Links Favorites for Music Play-Along:


Disclaimer:  The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the referenced videos in the Playlists belong SOLELY to the original artists, and are thus not necessarily those of myself – actually most of them are far from it!  Particularly as a drummer, I rarely listen to the actual words in music or watch the videos, but instead focus on the RHYTHMIC interaction of the vocal melody (if there is one) and other melodic instruments with the supporting RHYTHM section instruments to create the “groove,” with my focus particularly on the drumming.  If the video and/or lyrics are objectionable to you, tune it out, or click to another song – there’s hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from here!  However, my experience has shown that the Christian Genre from the Music Genres page does have worship and lyrics that you can genuinely live by.  Also, YouTube is always changing, so some of these links may be wrong!


Favorite Links:  Music for different Meters, Music Genres, Drum Styles, Drummers, Mike’s Playing, Mike’s Students, and this Website Ministry – Watch the video





Other Resources – Critique of other Websites and Books - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Other Resources – Critique of other Websites and Books – Watch the video





Learn to practice and perform Music by-the-means-of the Holy Spirit

Take your Music to a Higher Level –

Learn to practice and perform Music by-the-means-of the Holy Spirit:


Practice Music by the Spirit of God – Watch the video


Perform Music by the Spirit of God – Watch the video





Worship & Worship Music - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

The Essence of Praying, Singing, and Playing by the Holy Spirit is Worship:


Learn about Worship and how it applies to Music Watch the video





Anointed Music is what happens in the Presence of God

Anointed Music is what happens in the Presence of God:


Amazing Music is Anointed by the Presence of God Watch the video





Prophetic Music is communicates the directly-spoken/heard Rhema Words of God:


Amazing Music Prophesies the Words of God Watch the video





Spontaneous Music – Improvisation in the Natural & Supernatural Realms:

Spontaneous Music is Improvisation that creates a New Song:


Learn to improvise MUSIC spontaneously naturally and even by the Holy Spirit Watch the video




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