11-28-20 Vision of demons that control vocal chords





Video:  11-28-20 Vision of demons that control vocal chords

11-28-20 Vision of demons that control vocal chords



This is a pretty darn personal struggle I went through, but I include it to help you:


I saw a centipede burrow into my vocal chords and knew right away it was the demon that has been causing so many problems with my speech to others.  Just yesterday I had arguments with my wife.  She asked me not to read news to her at breakfast, she doesn’t want all the details, just a paraphrase, make it shorter, and get to the point.  Too much stuff wears her down.  She told me 3 times but I ignored her.  Then she yelled, and that set me off thinking she wanted to control me.  I said a lot of things I wish I had not, standing up for myself, not really listening to her wishes.  I just felt that once again I had to lose my case and say, “Yes, dear.”  Whipped into submission once again by the woman.  So I was mad most of day and complained to Tom and Tony.


But then Tony told me that my wife was right, that I was an “obnoxious Christian to some people” because I don’t stop talking but keep hammering in my points, trying to over-convince.  Later on the phone I could hear that tone from Tom Galen.  He often tried to end the call and was being very impatient with me.  Then when I saw Joel, I wanted to play him a news clip I was sure he would me interested in, but he said, “No.”  Well I preceded to convince him to.  I could tell he was irritated with me. Well I got offended, and almost left.  I tried not to show my anger but I could feel it, like with my wife.  So within 1 day 3 other people illustrated what my wife told me – you don’t stop pushing when people indicate not to.  You ignore them.  I told her my friends don’t dictate how I talk, only you.


Well, in 1 day I was proved dead wrong.  They were all subtly saying, “Enough” and “No, I don’t want what you want to say or do for me.”  Last week my Dad hung up on me because he didn’t want to hear the truth about the fraudulent elections after he told me repeatedly and then yelled at me and when I tried switching gears he thought I was still talking about News and hung up.  We didn’t talk for days.  My sister stopped talking cause of my texts about the election fraud, but though she said stop many times, I would sneak one in here and there, cause she needs to hear the truth.  Well that didn’t work.  So I guess I must be obnoxious even though I feel I was right.


I had gone to bed frustrated that now I need to “walk on egg shells” in my conversations with everybody.  How can I live in such fear, such insecurity?  How can I control something so evidently pervasive?


Well, I was shocked to wake up seeing that centipede demon!


I have been told more than once “speak to that demon of ___ to get out in the name & authority of Jesus Christ. Your assignment has been cancelled. You must go back to your boss. Your case file against me has been rejected by The Judge.  Leave now!”  So I did with confidence – I was shown the problem and what to do about it, and I saw it in my mind’s eye crawl out and leave and I thanked God.


The demon was a lawyer (I’ve been shown this before) assigned by his demon boss (and the hierarchy goes up to Satan) to accuse me in front of The Judge.  He never stops talking, pushing his case, reiterating his points, giving illustrations, hammering out his case on and on until  The Judge says Stop, but he finds ways to keep interjecting.  That is his job, and he prides himself in it.  And he often wins cases against people in the world.  Well, I run right over people too, too many times.  I, too, have prided myself as being an effective teacher, but many times I fear now, it was just this demon attached to my vocal chords and that pride I felt was actually his.  How insidious!  How deceived I have been – a pawn of his!  No, more!


But then I felt compelled to speak to my ears that they really akouo listen to understand.  And I knew from my Greek studies that what Jesus always was saying – not just hearing others speak, anybody that isn’t physical deaf can do that, but to really listen in order to really understand what they are saying.  This requires attention and thinking.  I admit that I often multi-task while people are talking – years of work habits of customer support over the phone while on a computer typing or analyzing code.  Well it doesn’t work in person!  I’ve even argued, “You know I’ve been trained to multi-task!”  It still pisses people off.


Well, I spoke to my ears to be mended back into 1 piece from multiple pieces, back to wholeness.  That is the meaning of “saved” (soteria).  In the name of Jesus!  So I know God had that right, too.  I feel at peace that God has changed what I could not. The fear is gone and the guilt of failure.  I look forward to now physically seeing the results or fruit (karpos) of this divine change.  I feel thankful for the Spirit’s “control’ (Galatians 5:23) because I sure don’t have it.


As much pride as I evidently have, my flesh really is weak.  My “might & power” is really difficult to control.  It wears me out.  It is a burden I don’t want to carry.  So yesterday I just rebelled in frustration – I drank lots of spiced tea – another demon called “simulants.”  I almost got a bottle of wine – another demon appropriately called “wine & spirits” because after you drink you just “whine” about everything, called “crying into your beer.”


Then the Lord reminded me that the house was swept clean of demons but I needed to call on the Holy Spirit to fill it to keep 7 times more demons from coming back when they see the “vacancy” sign.  So I welcomed the Holy Spirit into my ears and throat to exercise His control.  Now the “no vacancy” sign is lit up for all the demons to see, so they will pass by my ears and voice.


I sense the Lord is doing this now because of this new Spirit Music Meetups BLOG website I am building and its ministry.  It is very important I really listen to others and that He speak.


So be it!  I look forward to seeing you do all this.  Thank You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  THANK YOU!




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