2-17-20 Dream of the Spirit leading us in precision maneuvers for the Big Event




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I had the same God-dream all night long and went right back into it every time I woke up to roll over.  It was captivating!  It’s rare to get all-night God-dreams unless something REALLY BIG is going to happen on earth, that I would be involved in, and REALLY SOON!  Seek the Lord NOW!


But the details He gave me evidently aren’t meant for everyone.  As soon as I started to wake, the details of God-dreams are usually stuck in my mind and I can type or voice record them, but not this time!  I asked why they quickly were “hidden again” and the Lord said:  “I AM the One Teacher, I reveal to whom I choose when I choose in that very hour.  I’ve said this before, not to worry about what you will say.”  But I said, “Isn’t what You showed me important to at least the Body, your Church?”  He said, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”  But I said, “I thought that ‘the chosen’ were Christians?”  He said, “That is what you read, but I choose what and when I will reveal to even the ‘chosen’ because I AM their ‘One Teacher,’ too.  So, all the training details I gave you are meant for you, and even you don’t have to remember them all.  Didn’t I say ‘My yoke of learning is easy and My burden of rules light’?”


This is what I do remember that evidently can be passed on:


I was told to follow a young cheer-leader at a very important game. The Parakletos in Greek is the Holy Spirit who trains us ‘close by’ but also encourages or cheers others on, and we are to ‘be led by the Spirit’ in order to ‘learn to walk in/by/with the Spirit’ and even ‘keep in step with the Spirit’ which is a military term for following close behind a commander to exactly obey as soon as they speak.  It’s not marching at the end of the line but close enough to them to hear the leader say “turn!”


In every prophetic dream I have had, the Holy Spirit is female, either young, very old, or dressed as a Queen, but Her effect is always the same – pure overwhelming unconditional-love, joy, and peace!  The Hebrew word for Spirit is in the feminine gender, whereas the Greek is unfortunately neuter, which really confuses people unless you realize the attribute of the Greek word dunamis for “enabling-power” most often describing the Spirit is also feminine.


She gave me detail instruction on marching around and through the crowds, players, coaches, media, military, and dignitaries at this very important game.  I had a hard time remembering the details, but She said “Don’t worry, just follow Me.  I will be there at the performance too!”  Whew!  Then She blew me away!  Instead of this long ‘scenic route’ to this final position we were to stand, she took 2 steps on this one turn we normally make and She was exactly in position.  I was shocked.  She said, that is Her backup plan if we run out of time!  Remember my prophetic dream yesterday?  The Prince Son said to the President Father, “You got this!” and the graceful, loving joyful, peaceful Holy Spirit Queen stood up and began the official ceremonies.”


So the very intense and complicated Event that is about to take place” The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have got this, even shortcuts to insure the outcome.


There are plenty of details for lovers of the truth to read and watch.  They are called Patriots & Prophets.  Many I have sent out.  But even they have NOT revealed all the details!  Some we don’t need to know but will be given to those who are listening & watching the Spirit closely – “in that very hour.”  Don’t worry, be happy!  The Lord is in Control.  Just stay close by THEM and you will be safe!


Don’t be surprised when the Deep State confuses the media during the game.  There will also be planned fake stories from the Right to keep the bad guys from knowing the real plan because the Right doesn’t want them to escape the coming judgment due them – if the Right reveals the truth, their cards, too early, then the bad guys will flee and escape justice.  So even though certain things are supposed to happen (like on the 12/18 Radcliff’s report on foreign interference in US elections) don’t be  surprised or disappointed if they are delayed or don’t go “as expected.”  What God showed me is intricately planned by Him, too much for me to remember (TMI) and we don’t need to – but we should Trust THEM now. “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world” – that was the last thing I heard and the last thing I leave you with.  “Make it so Number ONE.”


As I post this on 3/2/2021, I’m so aware that God has His intricate plans, shows those whom will watch & listen, but can easily erase memories of them, and even with the knowledge we often anticipate His “move” before He actually does!  I was so sure Radcliff would give his report publicly but He NEVER did!  I’m sure the Trump team and military saw it.  Did they not do anything about it, or are they still doing something about it?  Did they know that Supreme Court would come up with every bogus reason under the sun to not even look at the volumes of data provided by so many states concerning election fraud?  Why did so many Republicans yell so loud about the fraud but at the last minute back down?  Rhinos?  Buckling under threats against their career and family or caving into promises of big money and success if they don’t “rock the boat” but “go along with the mob?”  We may never know, but God had sure recorded their names for eternity!  Nevertheless, God is still clearly in control and will execute His plans to achieve the greatest good!


Maybe “The Complicated Event” had less to do with the election than The Great Revival that the Lord is bringing as a result of the great fall-out in faith in voting due to rampant fraud and a stolen election, our government system of representation by non-representative leaders, and courts that clearly political.  People in despair are turning to the Lord, not failed government!  I’ve turned off almost every news source, definitely the main-stream liars but also the conservative news because even with all their reporting of truth for 4 years it still couldn’t insure the integrity of the only thing people can do:  vote and urge their congressmen.  Both were completely hijacked by greed and self-interest!




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