12-3-20 Rhema: God supernaturally replacing the stolen papers to right the fraud

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Video:  12-3-20 Rhema:  God supernaturally replacing the stolen papers to right the fraud



12-3-20 Rhema: God supernaturally replacing the stolen papers to right the fraud



God showed me in a dream many bags of ballots that were tipped over and when I looked at the ballots I was told that these were produced by the Holy Spirit by the might of the Lord, because the devil had stolen ballots out of our election and God being just and very angry over this fraud has decided to inject into this voting system his own ballots to replace the ones that were stolen, and so to have faith:  He says, “Know that I’m in control of the situation. The devil is the thief I told of, but I will not let him steal what I’ve created and so I am going to take control of this election that looks like it’s out of control, but looks can be deceiving.”


He’s interjecting his Will, the votes that were taken stolen by the thief, back into the election process and this is going to take a while to flesh out here on earth, but to have courage and to have faith that He is not sitting back watching this but taking action, and so thank the Lord that He is in control and that He will right the wrong and we will see the actual vote come out at the end of this, but it will be through supernatural means – it will not be done by The Flesh of men. That’s what created the problem in the first place – people who were in The Flesh who were using their might & power that Zechariah 4:6 talks about.  They manipulated the election to exercise their will but God said “absolutely in fact not by might nor power – that is the external resources and internal abilities of man – but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts, ruler of angels.”


When I posted this on 2/28/21, again it’s amazing how we almost always assume that God is going to make the correct by the early dates we expect, like before the fake, dystopian inauguration of Joe Biden on 1/20/21.  Every date man though some move by the courts would solve the problem fell through.  No, God said this would be by supernatural means, so nobody else gets credit!  There won’t ever be anything like it happen, so the world will look back and say, “Wow, that was a true miracle of God!”




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