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BT10:  Tongues and Prophecy is all about the directly-spoken/heard Rhema Words of Christ

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Video for Part 1 with APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 1 includes Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous Drumming (APSD) application


The common element of tongues and prophecy that makes it unique and so “optimally-desirable to zealously-desire” (a) is that it is the directly-spoken/heard rhema Word of God’ that is instructing you DIRECTLY for an experiential, relational ginosko knowledge of God, just as the Old and New Testament prophets learned from God.  They didn’t spend their time like the rabbi scribes and Pharisees studying old, dusty manuscripts of whatever form of the bible they had at that time!  In Jeremiah 31:34 as cited in Hebrews 10:17, God says that in the completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant, the distinct difference is “Now ou me ‘absolutely-in-possibility and in-fact NOT or NO LONGER’ (b) should each-one-of-them (God’s covenant people) definitively/wholly teach each-one-of their fellow-citizens/neighbors and/also each-one-of their family-members, [thus] each-one-of-them routinely saying ‘definitively/wholly experientially, relationally yada/ginosko know The Lord’ because ALL [of them] shall actually eido ‘mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know’ Me – from the least of them to the greatest, declares The Lord.”  <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 14:1, 5, 39, b) the strongest negative there is.


In contrast, the characteristic of the Old Covenant was that only Moses and the Prophets learned DIRECTLY from the God and all the rest of the people through their writings and teaching.  Regarding the Jews’ rejection of God’s invitation in Exodus 20:18-21 to personally learn from Him DIRECTLY, Hebrews 12:18-21, 25 reminds Jewish-Christians tempted to go back to Judaism of the disobedience of their forefathers at Mt. Sinai when they heard “the sound of a trumpet and/coupled the [singular] phone Voice of rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard words,” which those having heard paraiteomai ‘begged to avert/avoid from being close-beside [God], thus excusing themselves by essentially refusing/rejecting [God’s invitation]’ asking in-possibility-NOT The logos message [of God] to be prostithemi ‘made to stand/placed toward-forward’ to them.”  Only Moses got to be speak “faced to face as a man speaks to his friend” (a) and so only his face shown with the glory of God (b).  <Notes> a) Exodus 33:11, b) Exodus 34:29-30.


Everything had to be written down and taught from a hierarchal system of teachers “from the greatest to the least,” from Moses to Aaron and his sons, to the Levite priests, to the men of every tribe, to the wife and children at home and in schools, and lastly to servants, slaves, and finally Gentile proselytes.  The New Covenant gets rid of ALL of this, because God goes DIRECT, but not to the so-called “wise and understanding ones” first but instead first to the “little children and the least among you.




Video for Part 2 with APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 2 includes APSD application


Now God’s actual people, not religious institutional Christians but His actual Sheep, are “ALL taught by God,” the very reason Paul said there was no reason to write about having brotherly-love (a).  It’s the reason John was writing to warn Christians about the danger of human teachers deceiving them when in fact “The Anointing that you have already lambano ‘grabbed hold of to receive’ from Him (b) actually, presently/ongoingly meno ‘abides, remains-connected-to, dwells’ IN you, kai and/thus you have absolutely-in-fact-NO need that ANYONE should teach you, but just as The Same Anointing actually, presently/ongoingly teaches you peri all-about ALL-things kai and/thus is trustworthy and/coupled no lie – just as IT has already taught you – actually, presently/ongoingly [continue to] meno ‘abide, remain-connected-to, dwell’ in Him.”  The key to constantly being DIRECTLY “taught by God” via the Holy Spirit of Christ is to stay connected to Him, “the branches to the Vine” per John 15:4-5.  There is only “One Teacher and you are ALL brethren” (c), “The Spirit of The Truth” (d), who “shall actually guide you into ALL The Truth” (e), who “shall actually teach you in that very hora ‘literal or figurative hour, but generally a finite, limited, specific time-period or season’ what you ought to say” (f), who “shall actually teach you ALL things and/coupled shall actually bring to your remembrance ALL that I have said” (g).  There was never a hint of referring to ANY bible-writings!  The Spirit of Christ would teach us right when we need it!  <Notes> a) John 6:45; 1 Thessalonians 4:9, b) Christ The Holy One of 1 John 2:20, c) Matthew 23:8, d) John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13; 1 John 4:6, 5:6, e) John 16:13, f) Luke 12:12, g) John 14:26.




Video for Part 3 with APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 3 includes APSD application


Jeremiah 31:34’s New Covenant eido ‘mental ‘seeing’ to perceive, understand, know’ God that ALL His actual people will have IS prophetic ‘seeing’ and is exactly what you see the Old Testament Prophets always calling God’s people toward, like Isaiah 28:10 did away from the childlike gibberish of rabbinical “precept up precept, line upon line, a little here, a little there” expository learning about God from bible writings – see Tongues – BT6.  In Acts 2:17-19 citing Joel 2:28-29, Peter says NOW ALL of God’s doulos servants/slaves whether men or women are the ones who have “God’s Spirit poured out upon them and they SHALL INDEED prophesy, even by horao ‘seeing with the mind or perceiving inwardly’ horasis ‘visions’ or enupniazomai ‘dreaming, seeing vision while asleep’ dreams.”


Who are these people?  They are Christ’s Sheep!  “My Sheep presently/ongoingly akouo ‘listen/hear to understand/know’ My phone Voice kai and/coupled/thus I presently/ongoingly experientially, relationally ginosko know them kai and/coupled/thus they presently/ongoingly akoloutheo ‘follow as a disciple would a rabbi’ Me” (a).  Jesus isn’t talking about just His 12 apostles, because “I have other sheep that are NOT of this fold.  I must bring them ALSO, and they SHALL ACTUALLY akouo ‘listen/hear to understand/know’ to My phone Voice, kai and/thus there shall actually be One Flock, One Shepherd” (b).  There is never a hint in the New Testament about reading old gramma writings from God’s palaios ‘old, ancient, used, worn out’ Testament or any later writings from God collected 300 years later into a New Testament, only DIRECT communication from Pentecost on!  To the bible-students of Christ’s day Jesus said:  “The one who is ek out-from God presently/ongoingly akouo ‘listens/hears to understand/know’ the directly-spoken/heard rhema words of God.  [However,] dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of this [God’s rhema word], you absolutely-in-fact-NOT presently/ongoingly akouo ‘listen/hear to understand/know,’ because you presently/ongoingly are absolutely-in-fact-NOT ek out-from God” (c).  A lot of so-called Christians are in the same boat!  <Notes> a) John 10:3-4, 27, b) John 10:16, c) John 8:47.


Instead of bible-writings, Christians are NOW “the [handwritten] epistle-letters from Christ written absolutely-in-fact-NOT with ink but-instead with the Spirit of the Living God, absolutely-in-fact-NOT on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts” (a).  The promise of the Old Testament is NOT to keep using  palaios ‘old, ancient, used, worn out’ writings that “made nothing perfect” (b) and “were found faulted, thus requiring a second Covenant” (c).  NO!  The promise was “a chadash/kainos completely-different-in-kind-NEW Spirit I will put within them . . . that they may (d) walk/live in My ‘enacted statutes’ and/coupled ‘vigilantly observe as a military guard to protect’ My ‘judicially-approved righteous acts’ and/also do them” (e).  <Notes> a) 2 Corinthians 3:3, b) Hebrews 7:19, c) Hebrews 8:7, d) cause you to:  Ezekiel 36:27, e) Ezekiel 11:19-20.




Video for Part 4 with APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 4 includes APSD application


The directly-spoken/heard rhema Words of God are actually the “Word of God” that is “from the mouth of God” (a) that is “the bread that we can alone zoa genuinely-live on” (b).  The “word =bread for life” is NOT the gramma written words collected 100s of years later by mere men into graphe scripture, nor is it even the preached gospel logos message Word of God, but the [singular] directly-spoken/heard rhema Word of God that goes out from My mouth that shall not return to Me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it” (c).  Quoting from English bibles, in this case to erroneously define “The Word of God” as bible verses, without checking the original languages, especially when quoting the 1611 King James Version or Authorized Version that has 300 (2.5%) archaic, obscured, or opposite meanings from today’s English, is very dangerous – see Bible Info<Notes> a) Matthew 4:4, b) Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4, Deuteronomy 8:3, c) Isaiah 55:11.


Commenting on ALL that the Jewish religion had become with all their “might and power,” Jesus declared in John 6:63 “The flesh is absolutely-in-fact-NOT presently/ongoingly opheleo ‘useful, helpful, advantageous, or profitable’ – absolutely-in-fact-NOT one thing [of it],”  but contrasting this, Jesus declared: “The Spirit presently/ongoingly exists-as/defined-as the One routinely zoopoieo ‘making/empowering zoe genuine-life’ . . . The rhema directly-spoken/heard words that I already have [with ongoing effects] spoken to you presently/ongoing exist-as/defined-as [singular] Spirit and/coupled they presently/ongoingly exist-as/defined-as zoe genuine-life.”  The Jews had tons of bible-writings and spent 1500 years becoming bible-experts, but ALL this was worthless!  Bible-Information will NOT give you zoe genuine-life!




Video for Part 5a - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 5a

Video for Part 5b APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 5b APSD application


Even though you may be quite religious and even a faithful bible-student, you will still be powerless if you don’t akouo ‘listen/hear to understand/know’ the phone Voice of Christ DIRECTLY-speak His directly-heard rhema words to you.  After the angel Gabriel announces to Mary that Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant after being barren, he explains it’s because of being:  “para close-beside every rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of The God – [then] absolutely-in-fact-NO [thing] shall actually be impossible” (a) – This double negative in Greek is not a positive but an emphatic NO!  How powerful is the rhema spoken-word of God?  “The universes were formed [with ongoing effects] by [singular] directly-spoken/heard rhema word of God” (b).  The “[singular] rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of/belonging-to the [singular] dunamis supernatural-enabling-power dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of Christ” is what “routinely phero ‘brings/carries along, maintains’ ALL things” in creation (c).  <Notes> a) Luke 1:37, b) Hebrews 11:3, c) Hebrews 1:3.


According to Hebrews 6:5, NOW Christians are supposed to “have geuomai ‘tasted, tried out the flavor of, partaken, enjoyed, and experienced’ the kalos ‘beautiful, excellent-usefulness’ (a) of [singular] rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of God te and/both [plural] dunamis supernatural-enabling-powers of/belonging-to [singular] ’eminently-at hand, ready-to arrive’ Age.”  However, I have met many Christians that have not had 1 supernatural experience, shedding great doubt to their actual identity.  I fear that just as the Gentile pagans were worship-serving “mute idols,” so are a lot of Christians, even of their bibles (b).  Paul would have to say they were agnoeo “being ignorant” (c) or idiotes ‘conspicuously lacking education/instruction’ (d).   <Notes> a) kalos:  1) to make beautiful physically or morally, this is distinctly the ‘beauty’ that comes from harmony or proportional symmetry and thus completeness, or 2) to make excellent in nature or character, thus well adapted for its use, and thus praiseworthy and noble, b) 1 Corinthians 12:2, c) 1 Corinthians 12:1, d) 1 Corinthians 14:16, 23-24.




Video for Part 6a - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 6a

Video for Part 6b APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 6b APSD application


How in the world will you dunamai be-powerfully-enabled [when putting on the full armor of God] to stand against the schemes of the devil?”  That’s what Paul would ask you in Ephesians 6:10-19 if you refuse to do vv. 6:17-18:  “[I strongly urge you’all to] definitively/wholly [reflexively] dechomai ‘warmly-welcome’ the sword of/belonging-to the Spirit, which presently/ongoingly exists-as/defined-as the rhema directly-spoken/heard word of God, dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of ALL proseuche conversational-prayer and/coupled deesis supplication, [by] being routinely proseuchomai conversationally-praying in every kairos ‘coming-to-head opportune or suitable or right time/season to take full-advantage of,’ by-the-means-of [singular] Spirit kai and/related eis ‘toward and reaching the goal of’ this-very-thing [that is] routinely agrupneo ‘alertly, attentively, vigilantly watching without unnecessary time-off’ by-the-means-of pas ‘entirety of’ proskarteresis ‘steadfast/prevailing/enduring strength from being pros ‘towards and interfacing with [God]’ kai and/coupled deesis supplication peri ‘all-around-about’ pas ‘entirety of’ the saints.”


Using your ‘sword’ to fight against demons isn’t just for yourself but to fight ‘back-to-back’ or in a team against those coming at your comrades!  Fight like the Spartans!  Fighting against the flesh, the world, and the devil behind it all will take us ALL working together in partnership with the Lord and His angel armies!


We know that this proseuche special kind of conversational-prayer that involves being a channel of God’s directly-spoken/heard rhema words is fully explained by Paul as: “presently/ongoingly proseuchomai conversationally-praying by-the-means-of glossa tongues/languages by-the-means-of The Spirit of/belonging-to him” (a).  Without conversationally-praying in tongues you are fighting without a sword!  That’s why Paul says this “builds yourself up” (b).  That’s why he “thanks God that I speak in tongues more than all of you” (c).  That’s why he determines to conversationally-pray and/also psalm (d) in tongues (e).  <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 14:14-15, b) 1 Corinthians 14:4, c) 1 Corinthians 14:18, d) instrumental music with or without singing, e) 1 Corinthians 14:15.




Video for Part 7a - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 7a

Video for Part 7b APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 7b APSD application


Jesus said in John 15:7 the only way for your prayers to be powerfully answered is if:  1) “you definitively/wholly meno ‘abide, remain-connected-to, dwell’ in Me and/coupled, 2) My directly-spoken/heard rhema words definitively/wholly meno ‘abide, remain-connected-to, dwell’ in you.”  God simply won’t give you something outside of His will.  “We can have confidence when pros ‘toward and interfacing with’ Him that IF we ask anything according to His will, THEN He akouo ‘listens/hears to understand/know’ us, kai and/coupled/consequently IF we have already [with ongoing effects] eido ‘mentally ‘seen’ to perceive/know’ (this is prophetic vision) that He akouo ‘listens/hears to understand/know’ us, then-in whatever we may be asking, THEN we already have [with ongoing effects] eido ‘mentally ‘seen’ to perceive/know’ (a)  that we presently/ongoingly have the requests that we have already [with ongoing effects] asked of Him” (b).  Another way to get this eido prophetic-vision of God’s will is to “ask for wisdom and God will generously give this to ALL without reproach” (c).  <Notes> a) prophetic vision, b) 1 John 5:14-15, c) James 1:5.


Only a few times is “The Will of God” explicitly stated and these are very general statement.  That’s because in the New Covenant, we are supposed to go to God DIRECTLY to learn this from Him, “ALL being taught by God” just as Part 2 above explained.  This is exactly Christ’s invitation to “Take My yoke (a) and/coupled manthano ‘learn the key facts from experience and/or reflection’ from Me” (b).  This is a DIRECT-connection learning, never through bible-writings, “for these things God has revealed to us dia thru-the-realizing-channel of The Spirit, for The Spirit presently/ongoingly ereunao ‘diligently-searches, examines’ ALL things, even the depths of God” (c).  See New Covenant Ways – BT16 and Bible Info – BT2 and Least Among You – BT8.  <Notes> a) harness of instruction for discipleship, a common bar tying an inexperienced animal to its master for training, b) Matthew 11:29, c) 1 Corinthians 2:10.




Video for Part 8a - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 8a

Video for Part 8b APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 8b APSD application


I was taught that reading and studying the bible daily would make me holy or sanctified, set-apart for God’s special purposes.  Wrong!  It sure didn’t the Jewish bible-experts!  I know a lot of Christians and churches that spend more time in the Old Testament than the New Testament, so how does that give them better results than the Jews?  But you may say, “Not me!  I read and study only the New Testament or just ‘the red letters’ of Christ speaking!”  But nobody in the New Testament asked you to do this either, but in fact steered you away from it!  Paul tells you how to be holy: “Christ already unconditionally-loved the Church and/coupled already gave Himself up for Her, in order that He might definitively/wholly sanctify/make-holy Her, having already cleansed Her by the washing/ablution of the water (a) by [singular] directly-spoken/heard rhema word, in order that He might definitively/wholly present to Himself the Church in [future] glory, without in-possibility spot or wrinkle” (a).  We are ALREADY made holy by Christ’s singular rhema spoken-word<Notes> a) possibly a reference to water-baptism,  especially because how often Paul teaches about it, b) Ephesians 5:25-27.


But aren’t we to read, study, and preach the bible?  Where in the New Testament does it say to do that?  Read Logos Word of God – BT19!  Instead Peter says:  “The directly-spoken/heard rhema Word of the Lord [Jesus] endures forever and/thus this is the directly-spoken/heard rhema Word which was preached” (a).  Early in Church history, after the angel of the Lord freed all the apostles from prison, he said:  “speak in the Temple to the people ALL the directly-spoken/heard rhema words of/belonging-to this zoe genuine-life” (b).  They weren’t doing bible-studies and then going out and preaching what they learned!  <Notes> a) 1 Peter 1:25, b) Acts 5:20.


Even Jesus didn’t preach what He read in some bible.  No, He was noted as different from the other rabbis:  “Jesus is the one who spoke the directly-spoken/heard rhema Words of God, given the Spirit without measure” (a).  He said this Himself:  “The directly-spoken/heard rhema words that I speak to you I do absolutely-in-fact-NOT speak from Myself” (b), but instead Jesus was always giving credit to His Father.  And on the way to His death, Jesus said to His Father:  “The directly-spoken/heard rhema words that you have already given Me, I have already [with lasting effects] given them” (c). <Notes> a) John 3:34, b) John 14:10, c) John 17:8.




Video for Part 9a - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 9a

Video for Part 9b APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 9b APSD application


But wasn’t the bible meant to give me faith, and won’t preaching it give the unbelievers saving faith?  That’s not what the New Testament says!  Faith isn’t found in the pages of ancient writings, for: “the directly-spoken/heard rhema word of/belonging-to trusting-relying-faith is presently/ongoingly eggus ‘nearest, right next to’ you, IN your mouth and/coupled in your heart – the spoken/heard rhema word of/belonging-to trusting-relying-faith that we presently/ongoingly proclaim/preach (a). <Notes> a) Roman 10:8.


After talking about how important it is to send out preachers of the gospel logos message for people to get saved, Paul humbly admits:  “Therefore, trusting-relying-faith [is] ek out-from [genitive: of] akouo ‘listening/hearing to understand/know’ kai and/coupled this akouo hearing dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of [singular] rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of/belonging-to Christ” (a).  That’s where faith comes from – not Old or New Testaments, not even our own preaching, but DIRECTLY from Christ’s rhema directly-spoken word!  <Notes> a) Romans 10:17.


That’s why Paul recognizes 3 genos ‘family/kind’ of tongues (a) and that the “#3 intended audience-purpose” of tongues is indeed a “proving-sign” to unbelievers because they will be amazed when they understand every directly-spoken/heard rhema word of Christ thru the missionaries preaching the gospel in an unknown tongue with NO interpretation by the humans, just as on the Day of Pentecost, and 3000 were added to their number!  Many missionaries will tell you that they were in tough spots where they had to preach in their native tongue or in supernatural tongues and trust the Lord to interpret and the Lord did, to the audience’s total amazement and conviction!  When I give prophetic Drum-Declarations in the parks with my drumming, I often do this very thing.  According to Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:14-15, I could also do this while psalming!  <Notes> a) 1 Corinthians 12:10, 28 – see the introduction of the Tongues & Interpretation page.




Video for Part 10a - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 10a

Video for Part 10b APSD - BT10 Tongues & Interpretation - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Part 10b APSD application


Every musician knows that music notation is just another language, symbols representing rhythm and frequencies arranged to convey specific meanings, just as many languages are not only picture-based but also music-based so that tone differences change the meaning of identical-looking words.


So even if a musician is NOT praying or singing in tongues “unto God” verbally or under their breath or in their head while optionally playing their instrument “making music from their hearts,” the Spirit dwelling within them can just as easily be communicating the mind/heart of God “unto God” (audience #1) and even “unto others of the whole church gathered” (audience #2), and especially unbelievers (audience #3), through the arrangements of rhythms & frequencies that the audience’s inward being or ‘spirit’ may indeed understand because of God’s interpretation, regardless of whether their human mind of their flesh is ‘out of the loop’ because it is “unfruitful/unproductive/understanding.”


Thus the psalming instrumentally or including vocals with our without tongues is still an anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous “New Song” or “Spirit-kind-of ode,” because it is still communicating the directly-spoken/heard rhema words of God to minister to them God’s logos message, especially to unbelievers!



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