Drum Technique – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Drum Technique for Mike Burris’ Drum Lessons – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Drum Technique for Mike Burris' Drum Lessons with Spirit Music Meet-Ups



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Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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Some of these various foot/hand/sticking patterns can also be included in Drum Rudiments as “building blocks” given various rhythmic notations and countings to create a fundamental “vocabulary” for the drummer to “master” and then build on.  They can be applied to everything in drumming!




General Drum Techniques common in Categories below:



Video:  Learn Drums faster by using both the Left & Right side of your brain – exercises & drills


Video – Drums-Tech-Stick Control – Part 1:  Seat & drum height, body-limbs-stick position, grip, technique, Part 2, Part 3


The Spirit-Drums-Practice (22PWG) page has so many revealed techniques that will help you tremendously, like these 22PWG videos:


Video – 22PWG:  Use Mirrors – it’s worth 1,000 words! Watch your Technique so you don’t practice errors


Video – 22PWG:  Focus is Fire – Focus is Power. Concentrate on 1 thing in your drumming at a time for success


Videos – 22PWG:  Focus on the weak link or bottleneck in music & drums to fix the chain and assembly line


Video – 22PWG:  Exercise and Rest to build muscle-memory for your music & drumming Technique and Control 


Video – 22PWG:  Having long-tempered-patience with your/other’s mistakes is part of God’s Unconditional-Love


Video – 22PWG:  Be gentle with yourself as you learn music/drums – Gentleness is the nature of God’s Love



MOTION STUDIES:  You want your drumming to avoid having to be “the outside force” needed to overcome INERTIA that would occur if your arms, wrists, hands and/or sticks travel in straight lines and have to stop & restart in order to change directions like a piston in a car travels. Instead you want to take advantage of the free centripetal and centrifugal energies associated with circular motions and also take advantage of the energy of MOMENTUM as in wheels, the Mazda Rotary Engine, or perpetual motion machines. In the Part 1 Video I explore Motions on 1 – 4 surfaces to make a Single stick/hand or both hands in Unison (Flat Flam) travel more efficiently for greater speed and endurance with less effort. This can be applied to Drum Line, Drum-Set, and even Hand-Drums. You can add your Feet under your Hands for keeping Time for use as Non-Linear Fills. Or add your Feet before the Hands/Sticks Motion (F R R . . . or F L L . . .) or after the Hands/Sticks Motion (R R . . . F or L L . . . F) for use as Linear Fills.  In the Part 2 Video I explore all this moving both hands R L . . . from surface to surface.  In the Part 3 Video I explore keeping 1 hand-stationary and moving the other.


More to come!




Technique Categories - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Foot Control – Bass-Drum and Hi-Hat


Percussion – Hand-drums & Hand-percussion


Stick Control – Stick grips, Stroke Types, Linear Sticking Patterns, Accent Control, Velocity Studies


For more Stick Control, see also Rudiments


Drum-Set Beats use Feet & Hands – see Grooves & Ear-Training



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Share your blessings to help others - Drum Technique for Mike Burris' Drum Lessons with Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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