12-7-20 The Lord is sharing the truth about fraud to bring people into fellowship with Him




Video for 12-7-20 Revelation: The Lord sharing the truth about election fraud to bring people into fellowship with Him



As I was waking up this morning the Lord reminded me more about sharing and how much sharing He wants to do. He is actually sharing His love for the truth and justice for the law with many people now concerning election fraud.  His servants are representing the light in the world right now, presenting the evidence of fraud in the courts and in front of legislators. But He is also sharing this with many people who were witnesses of the fraud and giving them great courage against so much evil to present this in those public arenas under great duress.  “Lord, strengthen them with your strength, in Jesus name, amen.”


And so more and more people witnessing sharing their testimony are sharing in the nature of God and this is multiplying like wildfire throughout the United States.  And this is part of the movement of the Holy Spirit who is the nature of God, and this is one more way that the coming revival is going to spread as God reveals himself more and more two more and more people.  It’s amazing that what the devil, his angels, and his servants here on Earth have meant for evil God is already turning into good, and we will see even greater good coming in the next few days.  Praise the Lord.  And the fallout from this will be absolutely amazing to see, the wondrous good that will spread throughout the United States and actually to the world because all eyes are on us right now, as it was in the beginning of our nation. This is actually the great reset, the Reset of God!


As I post this on 2/28/21, I realize that once action is taken against the censorship of the media, even more evidence will spread and more people will “wake up” to the extensive fraud in the election.  I have watched 100s of eye witnesses and experts at fraud testify in front of numerous state legislatures.  They even have signed affidavits from the software engineers who originally designed the voting machines to cheat in other countries.  It’s just a matter of time before a lot of these becomes common public knowledge and many of those trying to cover it up will be shamed!  And I have noticed more and more secular people are acknowledging that God cares about truth.  Many people are reporting a lot of people coming to the Lord as they enquire about truth.




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