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Koinonia fellowship sharing of rest to experientially, relationally know the Lord



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The Lord has directly spoken prophetic rhema words to me many times about koinoniasharing together” many things in general, about music, and often about “resting from my work,” because I’m always on the go.  He has told me to “sleep in” many times, and even if I’m awake then to just lay in bed.  I always felt it was to slow me down so that I wouldn’t get physically ill from stress, which has happened too often.  However, in November 2020, the Lord told me through some dreams and in proseuche conversational-prayer while I lay in bed why this “rest” was so important.  Once He said that, “When you are staying in one place resting, I can connect to you in order to give you zoe genuine-life and to teach you.”  I remembered a dream I had of a robotic body, symbolic of the Body-of-Christ that I was part of, that wouldn’t sit still long, always restless, moving towards its own plans, schedules, and programs – its “might and power.”  But when it did, then a Massive Head (a) would connect to it and a surge of zoe genuine-life would come into the Body with its first gasp of air.  <Notes> a) Jesus: Ephesians 1:22; Colossians 1:18.


So I knew the Lord was right about “taking a vacation, ceasing activity, and being quiet,” which is what Psalms 46:10 means:  “Be still (a) and/coupled (or ‘and/thus’) experientially, relationally know (b) that I AM the Supreme God Elohiym.”  These are coupled/related ideas, or very likely one “thusly” leading to the other.  If we stop moving and stop talking and draw near (c), wait, watch, and listen in proseuche conversational-prayer for God, then He will “show up” and “draw near alongside us” (d) and we will be connected to the Vine of Christ for zoe genuine-life and fruitfulness (e).  So I was again reminded to “Come near to Me, all you who labor and are heavily-weighed down (burdened), and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke (f) upon you and/coupled learn from Me . . . and you will find rest for your souls (g).  For My yoke [of teaching] is well-fitted to you (h) and My burden is light to carry (i)” (j). <Notes> a) raphah, scholazo: take a vacation, cease motions, be quiet, b) yada, ginosko, c) proserchomai, d) James 4:8, e) John 15:1-8, f) a harness between experienced animals and novices to train them, g) chrestos: comfortable, useful, beneficial, h) elaphros: easy to carry or move with, i) mind, emotions, will, j) Matthew 11:28-30.



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