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Body-Ministry for Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God’s Spirit


Body Ministry for Spirit Music Meet-Ups fellowship



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Body-of-Christ ministry through the Holy Spirit’s functioning grace-gifts is simply for the purpose of serving others.  This is such a vital aspect of this Spirit Music Meet-Ups ministry that you will see much written about the grace-gifts as they impact ministry throughout this BLOG website but especially on the Grace-Gifts, Coaches & Facilitators, Teaching, Spirit-Baptism, Anointing, and Prophetic pages.  Some of it will be repeated here, but don’t count on it, because I’ve written extensively for years on all these subjects, so it’s quite spread out.



BT1:  Positions, offices, and titles are the last thing the NT had in mind!


BT2:  Grace-gifts are functions, not people, positions, offices, or titles!


BT3:  Elders, Bishop-Overseers, and Shepherd-Pastors are the same group functions!


BT4:  Where do the preachers fit in?   They are supposed to be the evangelists!


BT5:  Everybody wants to be a “leader” in today’s Church instead of just “little children.”


BT6:  New Covenant Kingdom “leadership” structure is upside down!


BT7:  The NT warns about church “leadership” interfering with Body-of-Christ ministry.


BT8:  There is a blindness to the Body-of-Christ that Church clergy have.


BT9:  Church clergy is blind about what is supposed to occur when we gather together.


BT10:  1 Corinthians 14:26 is NOT a complete list of “gathering” activities but has 2 main points.


BT11:  Christians loved to “party” in the 1st century, just like they do now! 


BT12:  Early church gatherings would put most of today’s churches to shame!


BT13: What is “THE READING” of 1 Timothy 4:13 that Paul tells Timothy to focus on?


BT14:  What is “THE EXHORTATION” of 1 Timothy 4:13 referring to?


BT15:  What is the “THE TEACHING” of 1 Timothy 4:13 referring to?


BT16:  More about what is NOT the “sound teaching/doctrine” for the Church.


BT17:  What else was the early Church devoted to doing together?  


BT18:  Summary of BT13 – BT17!  


BT19:  Body-of-Christ ministry should ONLY be done by the means of the Holy Spirit.


BT20:  Body-of-Christ ministry supernaturally happens in the presence of God.


Body-of-Christ ministry absolutely does NOT rely on skill and professionalism – see Might-Skill page.


Entertainment of the saints by skilled professionals on a stage – see Might-Skill page.


More to come!



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