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About – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

About Mike Burris, the founder of Music Meet-Ups Fellowship by God's Spirit

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Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous Drum-Declaration Ministry in Tucson, Arizona


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4 Parts to Spirit Music Meet-Ups

4 Parts to Spirit Music Meet-Ups:




Music-Making – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


1.  We are a Fellowship of students and musicians learning on this website how to Make Beautiful Music & Drums Together, especially what is AnointedProphetic, and even Spontaneous, so that we ALL become the “genuine worshippers that the Father is cravingly-searching for, that is those who worship by the means of singular Spirit and singular Truth,” as Jesus taught in John 4:23.




3 ways that you can Meet-Up together with God and others - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

2.  We especially encourage you to Meet-Up together in 3 WAYS to learn from this website (but also thru WORKSHOPS) how to practice PRIVATELY, practice in GROUPS, and finally PUBLICALLY play AnointedProphetic, and Spontaneous music that will not only Spirit-empower believers by God’s presence but save unbelievers!




Relationship Knowledge instead of Head Knowledge - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


3.  Some of the BLOG-Topics also focus on KEY obedient-steps-of-faith to take in order to progressively deepen your relationship with God toward the completion of you salvation when Christ returns for His spotless Bride, His Church.  They will greatly help you be “led into the Presence of, walk by the means of, and keep in step with the company of” God’s Holy Spirit.  This also naturally greatly influences your music-making!





4.  The founder Mike Burris also provides a LOT of Drum Lessons on this website from a purely technical point of view but also for practicing/learning by the Spirit and playing by the Spirit.





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Although we’ve added a lot of content already that you can “weigh in on,” this is only meant to start the conversation so you can all begin fellowshipping, “learning and being encouraged” together, and then take it to the next Meet-Up step!  This is called Body-of-Christ Ministry!


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BLOG Topics to comment on

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Mike Burris' Drum Lessons

Click on Pic: Learn more drumming ‘technicals’ from Mike Burris’ teaching since 1998 thru his companies CoreBeat, then TeachMeToDrum, but now Spirit Music Meet-Ups on the ‘Drums’ tab.



PDF Doc: 10 Advantages of Drum Lessons Watch the Video


PDF Doc:  Why I Teach Drumming since 1998 to over 5000 students – Watch the Video


PDF Doc:  Why have I have been Drumming since 1968 – Watch the Video





Learn, practice, and perform Music & Drums by God's Spirit

Learn, practice, and perform Music & Drums by God’s Spirit:



All Musicians can learn and practice by the Spirit


All Musicians can perform by the Spirit


Apply this to practicing Drums by the Spirit


Apply this to performing Drums by the Spirit



About the founder Mike Burris and his Drum Lessons:




Mike Burris directing the Krakatoa Percussion Ensemble

Click on Pic: Read “My Story” that led me to create this Spirit Music Meet-Ups BLOG website.



As you can see from “My Story” above, Spirit Music Meet-Ups was birthed out of a “burden” I’ve carried inside of me for years playing in 37 bands, 15 of which were in church ministry, and teaching over 5000 students.  This has really come to a head in the last few years, but especially since experiencing so much of God’s anointing during my last year-long church gig – despite the apparent lack of this anointing in most of the players or the worship leader – and particularly since experiencing so much anointing during my personal Spirit-practicing with the Lord.  It really has been magnified in the last 10 months while seeking the Lord for direction in my life.


Furthermore, God has showed me and others The Great Wall that is quenching the Holy Spirit from freely moving in the modern Church.  This is keeping much of today’s Church from experiencing the actual (instead of hyped-up) presence of the Lord, true revival, and profoundly influencing society around them.




Our Time is Short!



I also have been given a sense of urgency in the last couple of years since the Lord gave me a dream about Billy Graham where God told him to “sew it up” right after he preached at Disneyland with relatively few interested, and 1 month later Billy died at 99.  The Greek word soteria for “salvation” is a sewing term – “to mend torn pieces back together, to make whole again, reconcile, and save.”  Many have been told Billy was the last apostle to the Gentiles, Paul being the first, having preached the simple gospel logos message of The Truth about Jesus Christ as the Son of God sent for us.  Billy preached to 215 million people in 185 countries and territories since 1947.  At least 3.2 million were converted in those gatherings!


God has showed me and others that not much time is left for the Church as He returns His focus onto Israel.  The Lord is bringing us back to His priorities as He “sews it up.”  Praise the Lord for His perfect plans!  Once you get into God’s Holy Spirit, He always tells us: “Now, you can run as fast as you want!”



Mike Burris teaching a music summer camp

I also love to teach drums & percussion to classrooms of kids:



I’ve also found few Christian musicians that have actually learned to surrender control of their “might and power” in exchange for playing anointed, prophetic music even spontaneously.  That’s what I found after playing drums for 52 years in 25 secular and 15 church bands and orchestras, teaching 5000-plus students for 22 years, reading too many books and websites about worship music, and watching so many Christian bands attempt it.  Sadly, this is a key part of the The Great Wall quenching many musicians from realizing their God-given potential!


My desire is that Spirit Music Meet-Ups will help us ALL take obedient steps of faith back to the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant models of Body-of-Christ ministry and worship that were given to us, so that we may “routinely filled with the abundant-fullness of God, routinely being filled by-the-means-of the Holy Spirit (a)!  May God bless us in our journey together! <Notes> a) Ephesians 3:19, 5:18.






“Lord, may this ministry by the Body-of-Christ to one another allow your Holy Spirit to speak freely in order to teach one another your ways of playing music.  We lay everything that we have learned from religion and this world at you feet.  Guide us Holy Spirit. Amen.”




Thank YOU for visiting:  About – Spirit Music Meet-Ups





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