Mike Burris Resumes – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Mike Burris’ Resumes – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Mike Burris' Resumes for Spirit Music Meet-Ups



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Our Credentials - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Educational Degrees:


Degrees:  Glendale Community College A.A. music minor and University of Arizona B.S. in Watershed Management Hydrology.  1/2-way through a B.A. in Organizational Management (HR) from University of Phoenix.  3/4-way through a M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary.


Bible Credentials


PDF Doc:  Professional Resume for All Careers





Mike Burris - Drum Lessons Instructor - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Click on Pic: Drum Lessons with Mike Burris – started as CoreBeat in 1998, TeachMeToDrum in 2016, and now SpiritMusicMeetups



Drum instructor since 1998 to over 5000 students, from 4 to 75 years old, from beginners to professionals, with proficiency for special needs through:



2 music schools:  Casas Adobes School of Fine Arts & Music and Downtown Tucson Piano Lab.


10 public schools:  University of Arizona Summer Camps for Kids, Catalina Foothills Community Schools, Townsend Middle School, Vail-Ventana Institute Middle and High Schools, Aztlan Academy/Cesar-Chavez Middle School, Miles and Marshall Elementary Schools, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and Emily Gray Junior High School.


5 music stores:  House of Bard’s Lessons N’ More, Guitar Center Studios, Music & Arts, Mountain Music, and Sticks & Strings.


9 community organizations:  Tucson Symphony Women’s Organization, ORFF Schulwerk program, Tucson Fun & Adventures, Astarte Dance Company, Spirit in Action Center, Desert Crones of Tucson, The New Warrior, Robert Encila’s Studio Connection, and Universal Unitarian Church.


Many homes, parties, and businesses:  Private instruction that’s also entertaining and/or helps improve group communication skills for businesses.


9 instructional DVDs and 126 online videos:  Produced to help my Krakatoa music classes from 2000-2005.  Many more YouTube videos since – see Media.





Krakatoa Drum & Percussion Ensemble

Click on Pic for photos of Krakatoa Drum & Percussion Ensemble

Music Burris’ Resume – Music Performance:



2 drum lines:  Moon Valley award-winning Marching Band and Glendale Community College Marching Band.


8 orchestras & concert bands:  Moon Valley Orchestra, Moon Valley Advanced Concert Band, Glendale Community College Band, Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra, Tucson Pops Orchestra, Casas Adobes Baptist Sanctuary Orchestra, Casas Adobes Baptist Youth Touring Orchestra, Grace Chapel Sanctuary Orchestra.


22 local bands:  Krakatoa ensemble, Tucson Kitchen Musicians, Batucaxe, Black Leather Zydeco, The Ron Ponoel (famous martial artist – actor) Elvis Band, Euphrates, Doug Kahl Trio, Jay Carlis & Evening Star, Mercury Transit, Daniel Sobel, Moxy Band, Xception, Pat Bishop & Friends, The Bags, Little Philly & The Cheesesteaks, Stardusters, The Bouncing Czechs, Music Meisters, Accordian Club of Tucson, House of Bard’s Open Mic house drummer, The Revampers, and many other individuals musicians. I’m often called to substitute for other drummers.


Musical theater and choirs:  Studio Connection’s DiVinci Players and Gospel Workshop of America.


15 church bands and orchestras: Mountain Avenue Church of Christ, Son Light, Casas Adobes Baptist Sanctuary Orchestra, Casas Adobes Baptist Youth Orchestra, Grace Chapel Sanctuary Orchestra, Calvary Chapel, Christ Community, Evangelical Free, Catalina Heights Christian Union Church, Crossroads Neighborhood Church, New Life, Aria Adonai, Pantano Christian Church, Freedom Fellowship, Christ’s Church United Methodist.



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