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About – Mission


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Please comment on the bottom of any page following our BLOG Guidelines in order to Meet-Up together with others on this website for fellowship and to teach one another “so that weighing in what was said, . . . you ALL may learn and ALL be encouraged” (1 Corinthians 14:29-31). Hopefully you will also Meet-Up to Spirit-practice music together in small groups and then Meet-Up to Spirit-perform together in public!  Although we’ve added a lot of content already with summary questions, actions items, and a prayer that you can “weigh in” on, this is only to start the conversation so you can ALL begin fellowshipping, “learning and being encouraged” together, and then take it to the next step to Meet-Up together!  This is called Body-of-Christ-Ministry!







We are primarily a fellowship of students and musicians teaching one another how to learn and how to play music that is anointed, prophetic, and even spontaneous, so that we become the “genuine worshippers that the Father is cravingly searching for, those who worship by the means of singular Spirit and singular Truth” (John 4:23).


If you become even more excited about this ministry and want to help it move at a faster pace, you can share this BLOG website with others and even share in its financial expenses by donating on the bottom of any pageMay the Lord bless you!







Our mission is to be coaches and facilitators to promote holy spaces for musicians and students of all skill levels, even “the least among you,” to Meet-Up for fellowship through Body-of-Christ ministry without walls to:


Advance the Kingdom of God under:


  • Their own might and power external resources and internal abilities to:
  • Exchange this for God’s “promised Spirit” resources and abilities in order to:



WHAT you know doesn’t matter as much as WHO you know!



Have you taken these STEPS to experience Zoe Genuine-Life?



Taken obedient steps of trusting-relying-faith like water-baptism for God’s salvation to:





Click on pic: 4 ways we will implement this Mission Statement to Meet-Up WITH . . .



  1. Meet-up TOGETHER with each other on this BLOG website or through *In-Person Clinics:  Here musicians and students can Meet-Up together for fellowship to learn from one another through Body-of-Christ ministry how to fully surrender control to the Holy Spirit’s “resources and anointed ability” instead of their own “might and power,” in order to create together with each other worship music that is anointedprophetic, and even spontaneous.


*In-Person Clinics:  If your church or organization is interested in learning how to do this in person, please email us through the Contact Us page. 


  1. Meet-up TOGETHER with God in your own Private Practice:  Here musicians and students can take what they have learned together in #1 and apply it, in order to create together with God worship music that is anointedprophetic, and even spontaneous.


  1. Meet-up TOGETHER with each other in Group Practice:  Here musicians and students can gather locally into small groups to Meet-Up together for fellowship, believing Jesus that “where two or three are gathered in My name/person/authority, there am I actually among them.”  In these music groups, they can “use their Spirit-empowered grace-gifts to serve/minister to one another through unconditional-love” in order to Spirit-practice together what they have learned in #1 and #2, in order to create together with each other worship music that is anointedprophetic, and even spontaneous


  1. Meet-up TOGETHER with each other in Public Performance:  Here these music groups can gather in public to Meet-Up together for fellowship in order to Spirit-perform together with each other worship music that is anointedprophetic, and even spontaneous – not only in churches that desire their music to supernaturally draw people into God’s holy presence to be purified and Spirit-empowered, but also with unbelievers in public venues where God can supernaturally draw them into His holy presence to be cleansed and saved.



Click on pic: There is a night & day difference in the BENEFITS to musicians and others between the best-crafted, pre-composed, skillfully-written, arranged, and artfully-performed music, even if it’s FOR God, and instead surrendering control of all this “might and power” to the Lord in exchange for allowing His Holy Spirit to flow through you to co-create anointed, prophetic, and even spontaneous music by the Spirit – no matter what your age or skill level!




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