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Mission – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


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Home Page – Mission of Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God's Spirit



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Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous Drum-Declaration Ministry in Tucson, Arizona


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4 Parts to Spirit Music Meet-Ups

4 Parts to Spirit Music Meet-Ups:




Music-Making – Spirit Music Meet-Ups


1.  We are a Fellowship of students and musicians learning on this website how to Make Beautiful Music & Drums Together, especially what is AnointedProphetic, and even Spontaneous, so that we ALL become the “genuine worshippers that the Father is cravingly-searching for, that is those who worship by the means of singular Spirit and singular Truth,” as Jesus taught in John 4:23.




3 ways that you can Meet-Up together with God and others - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

2.  We especially encourage you to Meet-Up together in 3 WAYS to learn from this website (but also thru WORKSHOPS) how to practice PRIVATELY, practice in GROUPS, and finally PUBLICALLY play AnointedProphetic, and Spontaneous music that will not only Spirit-empower believers by God’s presence but save unbelievers!




Relationship Knowledge instead of Head Knowledge - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


3.  Some of the BLOG-Topics also focus on KEY obedient-steps-of-faith to take in order to progressively deepen your relationship with God toward the completion of you salvation when Christ returns for His spotless Bride, His Church.  They will greatly help you be “led into the Presence of, walk by the means of, and keep in step with the company of” God’s Holy Spirit.  This also naturally greatly influences your music-making!





4.  The founder Mike Burris also provides a LOT of Drum Lessons on this website from a purely technical point of view but also for practicing/learning by the Spirit and playing by the Spirit.





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Please comment on the bottom of any page following our BLOG Etiquette Rules in order to Meet-Up with others like yourself for fellowship on this website and to teach one another, “so that weighing in what was said, . . . you ALL may learn and ALL be encouraged” as the apostle Paul taught in 1 Corinthians 14:29-31.  Hopefully you will also Meet-Up to Spirit-practice music together in groups and then Meet-Up to Spirit-play in public!


Although we’ve added a lot of content already that you can “weigh in on,” this is only meant to start the conversation so you can all begin fellowshipping, “learning and being encouraged” together, and then take it to the next Meet-Up step!  This is called Body-of-Christ Ministry!


If you become even more excited about this ministry and want to help it move at a faster pace, you can share this BLOG website with others and even share in its financial expenses by donating on the bottom of any pageMay the Lord bless you!





Mission Statement of Music Meet-Ups Fellowship by God's Spirit


Our broad mission is to be coaches and facilitators to create holy spaces for musicians and students of ALL skill levels, even for “little children and the other least among you,” to Meet-Up for fellowship through Body-of-Christ ministry without great walls to:



Advance the Kingdom of God under:



God’s completely different-in-kind New Covenant Way in order to teach one another:



To fully surrender control of:



Their ownmight and power” external resources and internal abilities to:


Exchange this for God’spromised-Spirit” resources and abilities in order to:


Learn & practice and play music by the means of the Holy Spirit, even:


Spirit drum-practicing and Spirit drum-playing – not just:


Human skill from technical drum lessons offered by Mike Burris, but for:


AnointedProphetic, and even Spontaneous music & drums that:


Worships the Lord by the means of singular Spirit and singular Truth!





An intimate relationship with God is part of our Mission for our Spirit Music Meet-Ups Fellowship

Click on Pic: WHAT you know doesn’t matter as much as WHO you know!


KEY to our Spirit Music Meet-Ups Mission is to insure YOU:



Have taken obedient steps of trusting-relying-faith like repentance, confession, and water-baptism for God’s salvation to:


Have genuine-life everlasting through the genuine, experiential, relational knowledge of:


Jesus Christ, the Logos Word of God and the The Truth of God, to be abundantly-filled by:


Spirit-baptism’s supernaturally-enabling Spirit-power for unconditional-love, joy, and peaceful-rest that is:


Accompanied with gifts given by unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace and demonstrational-proofs of miraculous signs, wonders and healings!


With only 2 commandments of trusting-relying-faith in Christ and unconditionally-loving on another like Christ did, you are now FREE:


With a new self identity to genuinely, experientially, relationally know God through conversational-prayer and worship.






About Music Meet-Ups Fellowship by God's Spirit

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Benefits of Spirit Music Meet-Ups for Fellowship by God's Spirit

Click on Pic: There is a night & day difference in the BENEFITS to musicians & drummers and their audience between the best-crafted, pre-composed, skillfully-written, arranged, and artfully-performed music & drumming, even if it’s FOR God, and instead surrendering control of all this “might and power” to the Lord in exchange for allowing His Holy Spirit to flow through you to co-create Anointed, Prophetic, and even Spontaneous music by the Spirit – no matter what your age or skill level!



Testimonies of Website & Drumming teaching - Mission of Music Meet-Ups Fellowship by God's Spirit

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Click on Pic: BLOG-comment pages to: 1) Learn from each other about Anointed, Prophetic, and Spontaneous music, 2) To fellowship together, and 3) Meet-Up to practice these ideas to share in church and more importantly your communities.




BLOG Commenting for Mission - Spirit Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God's Spirit

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Drum Lessons with the founder Mike Burris:



Mike Burris' Drum Lessons for Mission - Spirit Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God's Spirit

Click on Pic: Learn more drumming ‘technicals’ from Mike Burris’ teaching since 1998 thru his companies CoreBeat, then TeachMeToDrum, but now Spirit Music Meet-Ups on the ‘Drums’ tab.




Learn & Practice Drums by God's Spirit for Mission - Spirit Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God's Spirit

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Perform Drums by God's Spirit for Mission - Spirit Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God's Spirit

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