11-14-20 Vision of sinful Body disconnected from the Head moves by rigor mortis





Video:  11-14-20 Vision: Sinful Body disconnected from the Head moves by rigor mortis


11-14-20 Vision: Sinful Body disconnected from the Head moves by rigor mortis



As I laid in my bed early in the morning, the Lord reminded me of a vision He had given me years earlier of a robotic body that had a very difficult time standing still for this Massive Head to come down from heaven to attach its tendrils, ligaments, and nerves to the Body.  But when it did, an incredible surge of genuine Life came into it, and I felt as if I had never been alive before.  It was so other-worldly different, as if I had just come up out from deep under the water for my first breath of fresh air, and it made me drunk with genuine life.  Whatever I had before in the body, it wasn’t evidently genuine life.  But it didn’t seem like the Body stayed there very long, because it was compelled by its own schedules, plans, and desires to break off and be about doing them.


Well after the Lord reminded me of this previous dream, he explained how the Body was able to still go about doing all its busy work without the Head attached to it.  He explained that it is much like rigor mortis in the morgue. Long after the brain is dead, the body can still twitch and move from old muscle memory.  He explained that this is why even in a Christian it is called our “body of death” that we have to wait for the Lord’s coming to be glorified, that is redeemed and changed into his likeness.


It was once powered by the innermost chamber (the unholy of unholies) within man’s soul – our thoughts, emotions, and will (see Identity). This natural-man power-center is called by Paul “the old man.” This is the core of un-regenerated man and sends its power to the soul and members to sin. The soul and members are the body.  It is the motivator and power of sin.  But once we receive the Lord, the old man dies with Christ in water-baptism – it’s not just a ritual for believers – and we then receive ‘the new man’ when we raise with Christ out of the baptism waters, the ‘new man’ being the Holy Spirit that now is our innermost being – Christ’s Spirit within us, the holy of holies, the hope of glory.


Now He is the motivator and power for righteousness in our body (soul and members).  However, we can disconnect from the Head of the Church, the Body of Christ.  We can stop “abiding in Christ, the Vine to produce much fruit,” and that’s when we dry up and wither.  And if we never repent (turn back) to reconnect to the Head we will die in our sins.  Christ warns often that we must endure in our faith – pistis means relational dependence & trust – to the END to be saved (rescued, made whole).


The world will trample on disconnected branches. They will even throw them into fiery trials. The safest place to be is connected to the Vine of Christ for genuine life and thus His fruit.  He also said, “We absolutely can’t produce fruit without remaining connected! ” I agree, but how often the Church (us) tries!  We ignore the radically different “New Covenant” prophecy in Zechariah 4:6 when God say, “Absolutely in fact no longer will it be by man’s might & power (internal & external resources) but by My Spirit.”




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