Drum-Declarations – Mike’s God-Messages


Drum-Declarations – Mike’s God-Messages

Drum-Declarations – Mike's God-Messages


Intro video - Mike Burris’ prophetic DRUM declaration - Here to send out God’s Love

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God’s Prophetic Rhema Word from His Mouth given to us to Declare will succeed!



You can see from My Story the long road I have been on in order to understand more about my identity in the Lord and how to minister in koinonia partnership with Him.  When I first created Spirit Music Meet-Ups back in October 2021 I had not yet been shown this aspect of the ministry of Anointed, Prophetic, and Spontaneous Declaration, only that of Learning & Practice and Performance “absolutely-in-fact-NO LONGER by-the-means-of might nor power but by-the-means of My Spirit, says Elohim (plural God) of angel armies” per Zechariah 4:6.


After my wife & I survived COVID-19 following real science instead of the propaganda shuffled out by the government and mainstream media, the Lord gave me a sense of even greater urgency to get out of my house, and out from the 4-walls that has trapped so many churches, and send all the powerful prophetic rhema words that the Lord ‘downloads’ to me nearly every day/night – only a fraction makes it to Mike’s God-Messages – into the park, the surrounding homes, the city, the other surrounding cities, the state, the other states, the United States of America, and the world.


I just can’t sit back any longer and watch so much corruption, conflicts of interest, propaganda, lies, deception, fraud, and lawlessness from our government that no longer represents the people despite increased taxes and runaway inflation caused by them – wasn’t the War of Independence started because of “taxation without representation” – and how they have “opened the floodgates of hell” for every criminal to come out of the dark corners like cockroaches from inside our country and Mexico because nobody is guarding our borders or cities anymore, one of the only officially-stated responsibilities of government.




The Vital Power of Prayer



Instead of watching my world ‘go to hell in a hand-basket’ since 1/20/2021 and grumbling with everybody else I know about it, I was urged by the Lord into more koinonia partnership with Him into intercessory proseuche prayer, which I do before bedtime but more so when waking.  Then as I was in various parks being with the Lord and playing drums “by-the-means-of the Spirit,” I started seeing, hearing, and feeling prophetic rhema words for my life, family, friends, and others suffering under this totalitarian regime.  The Lord started showing me the sin that is destroying the world and giving me the inner desire to fight back using His BIG GUNS!


I really didn’t know much about intercession until I researched and wrote the BLOGS for the prayer page, and still had little practical experience.  Our own “might & powerskill really doesn’t matter!  If you routinely A.S.K. (Ask, Seek, Knock), the Lord really will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know, just a 1 John 2:20, 27 says!  I also knew very little about “Decree & Declare” power, but I decided just to A.S.K. and the result is these BLOGS below.


I look forward to the Body-of-Christ to minister to one another through the comment section below so that “we can all weigh what is said . . . so that all may learn and/coupled all be encouraged together” per 1 Corinthians 14:29-31.




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HOW TO Videos:


Video:  2-27-22 Mike’s Preparation for Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous Drum-Declarations in Tucson Parks – Palo Verde Park Part 1a, Part 1b


Video:  2-27-22 Part 2 – Palo Verde Park



Declaration Videos:


2-7-23 Prophecy Declaration: Building on a sure foundation of God and the Light of His Truth


Videos:  12-26-22 Declaration: Baggins Fountain – Behind the Fun is Holy Spirit’s flow of Light & Life:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Video: 10-30-22 Declaration:  Lowe’s Park – Light in the midst of much Darkness: Signs & Wonders of Gospel


Video:  10-4-22 Driving – Musings about today’s evils in America and Prophetic declarations against it


Video:  10-5-22 Adoration of God and Declarations in the Lowe’s Park today


Video:  9-26-22 Declarations & Ministry to homeless at Lowe’s Pantano-Wash Park Ministry


Video:  8-22-22 Hoffman Park – Drum-Declaration: Let the Lord use your practice to prophetically declare His gospel truth 


Video:  3-15-22 Drum-Declaration:  Healing for Penny from a stroke – see from 19:50 on for demonic interference during my Intercession


Video:  3-3-22 Drum-Declaration: A little intro about the Holy Spirit’s gift of Tongues but then I DO THEM


Video:  1-22-22 Hoffman Park – Against the storm and winds of deception


More to come!



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