11-18-20 Repeating prayer of Holy Spirit, rain down fire from heaven

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6 am I woke up saying “Holy Spirit, rain down fire from heaven. “  I could not go back to sleep but was compelled to say this over and over.  It wasn’t “vain repetition” that Jesus said the pagans do in prayer.  NO!  The sound of those words repeated was like the rain I was hearing from my sound machine – beauty to my ears, soothing, and peaceful.  I could almost smell the sweetness of the Lord’s ‘rain of fire’ upon the earth, His holiness purging every person and thing it touched. “How sweet it is,” just like Jackie Gleason would always say!  “Lord, I have called down fire from heaven like you told me days ago to do.  Holy Spirit, rain down your fire from heaven.  Bring His Heavy Hand of Holiness (4 H club) upon us so your kingdom can come and your will be done,  Amen.”




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