11-16-20 Revelation to celebrate ahead of the New Day and New Thing God will do in the USA





Video:  11-16-20 Revelation to celebrate ahead of the New Day and New Thing God will do in the USA


11-16-20 Revelation to celebrate ahead of the New Day and New Thing God will do in the USA



I woke up at 12:00 midnight  bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and thought how odd.  I don’t usually get up for the restroom until much later.  Hasn’t it only been an hour or so?  I heard it was a “New Day,” and I thought, I guess that’s true because now it’s after midnight.  “No, not new in time.” Then I understood, the divine THOUGHT meant “new in kind, different than before.”


I knew this because of when God says He will bring about:  a New covenant, New way, New & living way, New spirit, New heart, New creation, New song, New thing, New name, New heavens, New earth, New world, New tongues, New commandment, New teaching, New life, New man, New Jerusalem, New king, that none of these use the Hebrew word tsa’iyr or Greek neos (as in Genesis 19:34), which means “newer in time, younger” but instead use chadash and kainos, which means “new in kind, fresh, COMPLETELY different than what was before – borrowing nothing, unprecedented, a unique invention worthy of a patent, and implies it is superior.”


Well, I asked God “What’s so ‘New’ about this day?” He said, “Sing a New Song for this New Day.  Sing  by the Spirit.”  I knew Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 told Christians to sing Spirit-kind of odes, which are hymns or instrumental psalms but unique because they aren’t pre-composed but spontaneous from the Spirit.  These were the same as the “New Songs” of Psalms 33:3, 40:3 and numerous other verses, and very likely what Paul said he practiced in 1 Corinthians 14:14-15, which is singing in tongues!  I’ve studied all this as a prophetic, anointed musician that God called me awhile back to BE – see “My Story” on the About page.


So, God was telling me to “Celebrate today by singing in tongues.”  Why? He said, “Because My people are to rejoice now for what the world will do at the great coming light in January. Rejoice for I am doing a New thing today.” I and others were shown the darkness to prepare for, to endure by faith, waiting for the great light in January.


“TODAY” makes sense because Dutch Sheets and other prophetic interceders announced yesterday that at 7pm EST TODAY a large gathering will be livestreaming nationwide intercession in PA at the mouth of a key river from our Independence Day from slavery.  This is a clarion call to all of God’s people to join with HIM in this battle for freedom from the  darkness that would consume our nation, that the rampant election fraud and deception, protests, lawlessness, etc.  are exposing.  We must unite with THE God of truth and justice if we are to succeed. JOIN with His people TODAY and TONIGHT.


Today 2/27/21 as I create this page, I am disappointed that the “great light in January” of 2021 didn’t come with the re-election of Trump even though so much evidence for fraud was compiled by so many, it wasn’t even seen by the Supreme Court!  I know Satan has been hard at work, but it’s also possible that God meant a future January, as I’ve often noticed that our time frame often is shorter than God’s because there is so much He has to accomplish.  It’s very likely the “New thing” the Lord will create will be for more radically-different than just another Trump presidency and that there will be many more major changes before God springs this on us.  God’s people are still called to celebrate ahead of time the victory the Lord will bring about!




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