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Links Favorites for Mike Burris’ Drum Lessons and Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Favorite Links of Spirit Music Meet-Ups fellowship by God's Spirit



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Disclaimer:  The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the referenced videos in the Playlists belong SOLELY to the original artists, and are thus not necessarily those of myself – actually most of them are far from it!  Particularly as a drummer, I rarely listen to the actual words in music or watch the videos, but instead focus on the RHYTHMIC interaction of the vocal melody (if there is one) and other melodic instruments with the supporting RHYTHM section instruments to create the “groove,” with my focus particularly on the drumming.  If the video and/or lyrics are objectionable to you, tune it out, or click to another song – there’s hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from here!  However, my experience has shown that the Christian Genre from the Music Genres page does have worship and lyrics that you can genuinely live by.  Also, YouTube is always changing, so some of these links may be wrong!





Mike's Drum Playing & Students - Favorite Links - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Link FAVS – Mike’s Drum Playing & Students:


Mike Burris’ The Revampers – a great Tucson, Arizona band – YouTube Playlist


Mike Burris’ misc. drum-playing – YouTube Playlist


Mike Burris’ Student videos – YouTube Playlist


More to come!





Ministries - My Favorite Links - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Link FAVS – Ministry:


Spontaneous, Anointed, Prophetic Worship Music – YouTube Playlist


Mike Burris’ Word of God Messages – YouTube Playlist


See also Links & Resources Critiqued


More to come!





Links Favorites – Time Signatures or Meters - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Link FAVS – Time Signatures or Meters:


3/4 Meter – YouTube Playlist


5/4 Meter – YouTube Playlist


6/8 Meter – YouTube Playlist


More to come!





Drum Style Favorites - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Link FAVS – Drum Styles:


1-bar Clave (Tresillo Cubano, Cuban Triplet) Style – YouTube Playlist


2-bar Son Clave Style – YouTube Playlist


Bo Diddley Beat (var. of 2-bar Son Clave) Style – YouTube Playlist


Shuffles-Half-Time – YouTube Playlist


Shuffles-Texas Style – YouTube Playlist


Swing-Up Tempo Style – YouTube Playlist


Train-Beat Style – YouTube Playlist


More to come!






Music Genres

Link FAVS – Music Genres:


Blues – YouTube Playlist


Bossa Nova – YouTube Playlist


Bluegrass – YouTube Playlist


Country – YouTube Playlist


Disco – YouTube Playlist


EDM (Electronic Dance Music) – YouTube Playlist


EDM-Drum & Bass – YouTube Playlist


EDM-Country – YouTube Playlist


EDM-House – YouTube Playlist


EDM-House-Pop Remix – YouTube Playlist


EDM-House-Reggae – YouTube Playlist


EDM-House-Tropical – YouTube Playlist


EDM-Pop – YouTube Playlist


EDM-Reggae – YouTube Playlist


EDM-Techno – YouTube Playlist


EDM-Trap – YouTube Playlist


Funk – YouTube Playlist


Jazz-Afro-Cuban – YouTube Playlist


Jazz-Modal – YouTube Playlist


Jazz-Swing (see also Swing Style) – YouTube Playlist


Jazz-Waltz – YouTube Playlist


Latin – YouTube Playlist


Latin-Jazz – YouTube Playlist


Latin-Jazz-Mambo – YouTube Playlist


Latin-Jazz-Rock-Fusion – YouTube Playlist


Latin-Songo – YouTube Playlist


Motown – YouTube Playlist


Reggae-1/4 Time Beat Style – YouTube Playlist


Reggae-1 Drop – YouTube Playlist


Reggae-Rockers – YouTube Playlist


Reggae-Steppers 1/4-note BD – YouTube Playlist


Rhythm & Blues (R & B) – YouTube Playlist


Rock-No Time, 4-Feel


Rock-1/4 Time, 4-Feel


Rock-1/8 Time, 2-Feel


Rock-1/8 Time, 4-Feel


Rock-1/8+2/16 Time, 2 Feel


Soul – YouTube Playlist


More to come!





Favorite Drummers

Link FAVS – Drummers:


Buddy Rich Drumming YouTube Playlist


More to come!




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