Trump perturbed by family chaos but resumes course


11-2020 Dream: Trump perturbed by family chaos, but then resumes course

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Sometime in November 2020 I had a dream where Trump was dressed in his characteristic blue suit and red tie walking to my right across a dusty parking lot away from his family station wagon.  He had a determined, resolute look on his face like he was set out to accomplish something.  Haven’t we all seen him in public with this face?  But then their was chaotic commotion in the back of the station wagon and the family was trying to control their dog who was trying to jump out and run away.  With a perturbed look on his face, Trump turned around, walked back across the parking lot and dealt with the rebellious dog.  Once he did, he turned back around and got back on course with that same resolute face.


As I write this, I am aware that many people believe that Trump is ‘out of the picture’ because of the election shenanigans that usurped him from his second term, but from all the God-dreams I have had, that particular viewpoint would be merely ‘on-the-surface’ observation that is actually a deflection away from the actual truth.  God was very aware of the frustrations Trump would have to go through to deal with “out-of-control dogs” in the USA ‘family.’


But God has made Trump unique in that nothing seems to phase him for long.  He just gets back on course with that same determined look.  Many have seen this prophetically from Isaiah 50:7 – “But the Lord God helps me; therefore I have NOT been disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint, and I knot that I shall not be put to shame.”


Well, this will be fascinating to see how God works this all out!  One thing is for sure:  All through history, God “destroys the wisdom of the wise and thwarts the understanding of the understanding ones” (1 Corinthians 1:19 citing Isaiah 29:14) – we must become like Little Children and the Least Among You.



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