11-17-20 Revelation of God’s Heavy Hand of Holiness convicting fraudsters to repent – 2 Spirit bombs coming





Video:  11-17-20 Revelation of God's Heavy Hand of Holiness convicting fraudsters to repent - 2 Spirit bombs coming


11-17-20 Revelation of God’s Heavy Hand of Holiness convicting fraudsters to repent – 2 Spirit bombs coming



6 pm while praying to and praising God, the Lord just showed me His Heavy Hand of Holiness (HHHH – the 4 H club) coming, for it is “at hand.”  The world will be terribly and terrifyingly convicted of sin by 4H.  This sin has “come out” blatantly into the open – it’s fully “out of the closet” now. God’s Light of Truth, the Spirit of the Truth is quickly revealing this to many people.  And their many consciences will be severely accusing them because of the Law of God that He has put in every person.  Now God will so reveal their sin and His holy Law within them that out of great internal misery, bad dreams, physical stress ailments, etc. caused by their suppression of the truth, so many of these people will fall to their knees and cry out for  mercy, for absolution, for forgiveness.  And God will pour out such mercy!


The Holy Spirit will convict them by the righteousness of Jesus Christ. They will be in terror of the judgement to come. But His mercy will rain down in a down-pour and so many will confess their sins publicly to have a clear conscience and to find forgiveness – that’s what the early church did at water-baptism. And that’s where they would be filled by the Spirit to live and minister for Christ.


Yes, God is bringing us back to our beginnings in our darkest hour, right before the new day. Yes, they will confess their evil involvement in this election fraud and so much more, because it is the only way to get out from under 4H. They will repent and be free!  And their own testimonies will reveal the truth about the election.  It’s already starting to happen.  Key people are confessing with signed affidavits.  So many more are coming.  The war must end very quickly, because too much damage has already been done and too much more can be done.  Too many lives are in the balance.


So God is going to drop 2 “atomic bombs” of the Spirit on the US.  Watch for them – 1 shortly after another. Watch!  Join with God and His people to declare and decree these to drop!  Praise the Lord.  He knows how to get things done. He will not fail His people, despite the mob of doubters and naysayers that have always said, “Nothing ever changes; Where is His coming ?”


1130 pm:  O my gosh, the LORD just told me a few hours earlier about 2 bombs being dropped from heaven about this election, 1 soon after another.  Maybe this is one of them?


At 11pm, I just heard about this from a brother who sent me this incredible video that insiders are saying is a MOAB (mother of all bombs) that is about to be dropped by the Trump law teams about the election fraud.  Listen at around 30:00.  But it’s all fantastic, especially from 13:00 on.




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