11-26-20 Dream: Thanksgiving for Sydney Powell as Peacock of the Spirit




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11-26-20 Dream: Thanksgiving for Sydney Powell as Peacock of the Spirit



“I saw an official notice or declaration with the large-letter title ‘Sidney Powell’ in blue-green color and the page had a blue-green border too.”  Note:  I found the color with google.  It’s called “Peacock.”  Not only is this the color I saw but as soon as I saw the name, I knew that was the right color!  And concerning dreams they say: “A peacock is a great sign indicating re-growth, birth, new life, and rejuvenation; they are omens of prestige and success; it is a positive sign for the future that brings luck and happiness.” I had a God-dream once with a Peacock in it, it was in God’s house, and it had to do with future knowledge of great success.


Back to my dream:  “What was inside the borders was a picture of a Mission building, but it wasn’t rounded like Mexican missions, but with a stately-looking ‘A’ frame front roof with the sign of the Cross on it.  It was a large building on a beautiful estate like a southern mansion.  There was writing below the picture but I wasn’t focused on this, just the impressiveness of this Mission mansion.”


I know the media has discounted Sidney Powell, especially now that she is not appearing with the Trump team of lawyers, but then again she always had her own independent firm.  But the Lord is clearly saying that He is behind her great success with the election fraud cases she will bring to court.  He has officially declared her as ‘His Mission’ and it is as big as a mansion in grandeur and will be ‘Peacock’ successful in the future.


Seek the Lord to open your eyes so that you will have eido vision to understand and open your ears so that you may akouo hear with understanding.  JESUS said this often.  If you don’t get this Holy Spirit revelational knowledge, all you will ever see & hear is the physical realm right in front of you and you will be greatly deceived because “outward appearances are often deceiving” and “you can’t judge a book by its cover” – and the Great Deceiver, Satan, is in the world really having a hay-day with the media, our physical “eyes & ears.”


Even so-called “fair & balanced” Fox channel is a now a joke, even Tucker Carlson!  It seems many in the lying media are getting their resumes revised to be ready to jump to the Harris-Biden regime, and that’s exactly what it will be.  They have a globalist regime planned to dissolve our nation – and they will do it with George Soros within 4 years.  There will be no 2024 if they are elected.


That’s why EVERYTHING is at stake now and why God is showing all His prophets everyday what is really going on – so the Church will wake up from its slumber and intercede!  Stand with the Lord’s great armies to fight the good fight by faith – relational trust & dependence.  Fight along His side!  Speak against the demons in the name/authority of Jesus Christ.  These are our weapons of warfare.  Read Ephesians 6 and 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and do them!  Pull down demonic strongholds with YOUR weapons.  Fight for truth, righteousness, and justice.  Fight!  Don’t complain or doubt God’s ability.  Pick up your weapons and fight alongside Him.  Fight, fight, fight.  No retreat, no surrender!




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