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Our mission is to:  “Take obedient steps of faith to surrender control of our own “by might and power” external resources and internal abilities in exchange for 100% control of God’s “by My Spirit” resources and abilities in order to create together anointed, prophetic, and even spontaneous music.”





Lord, I will no longer fight You for who is supposed to have control over me.  I am no longer “the captain of my own ship” singing “I did it my way” because I gave my life to You when I publicly confessed “Jesus is Lord” and was water-baptized for salvation.  I confess that I have lacked self-control my whole life, often saying “yes” to my own desires over Yours.  I’ve also had pride in my own “might and power” external resources and internal abilities, and claimed to have self-mastery over many things, even in my zeal to live as a Christian.  But I know that You “oppose the proud but give grace to the humble.”  Therefore, I gladly lay down my fleshly resources and abilities, even my many failures, in exchange or propitiation for the perfect self-mastery of Christ and the dynamite, enabling-power of Your Spirit of holiness.  Guide me NOW as I read these other BLOG topics. Amen.


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BT1:  It really is all about control


BT2:  The exchange of our control for Christ’s control is propitiation or atonement


BT3:  Repentance is our part in the divine exchange of propitiation or atonement


BT4:  What does the phrase “Let go and let God” really mean?


BT5:  What does it mean to surrender control?


BT6:  What repentance is and is NOT


BT7:   We have to learn together how to surrender control, being like little children


BT8:  Jesus understands and helps us in our weakness


BT9:  Should we boast in our “might and power” or our weaknesses?


BT10:  Confession to bring sin and weakness “into the light” for forgiveness and cleansing




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