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The Plan A of God is simple enough for children!




God’s original plan still is to have:


An intimately experiential, abundantly fulfilling, powerfully transforming, and abiding fellowship with God by:


  • Coming near to God with simple, child-like trusting-relying-faith and relentless boldness through a:


  • Devoted, restfully-waiting, stillfully-watching, quietly-listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer dialogue where any routine asking, seeking, and knocking is for God’s Holy Spirit to fill us with all the fullness of God Himself!


There is really nothing “new” in this study that hasn’t been said a 1000 times by Jesus and the apostles, but you may find much of it quite shocking as I did after researching every verse I could find on the subject, translating from the original Greek and Hebrew languages!  Yet, it may seem “new” to you, because you haven’t come across these verses, or seen them all pulled together in order to see “the whole counsel of God” (a) on the subject, or even because most English bibles for the sake of readability and saving expensive print space, don’t translate the full meaning of the original text – after all, it can really get wordy and messy to read – see Bible Info<Notes> a) Acts 20:27.


If you want more expansion on this you can read my 19 page Long Summary of this BLOG or you can read the full 34 page documentationContact Us for these.  If you don’t believe something you read in these, be like the “Berean Jews who were more nobler than those in Thessalonica because they examined the OT scriptures daily to see if the things Paul preached were actually so” (a).  If you are still scratching your head, just keep asking and listening in proseuche conversational-prayer and God will surely tell you the truth! <Notes> a) Acts 17:11.


The impetus for this study was to answer a nagging question I’ve had since receiving many dreams, visions, and doing a comprehensive study on divine unconditional-love.”  God is forever infinitely no-strings-attached unconditional-love – period.  Every other word in the bible about God is simply trying to describe a ‘facet’ of that beautiful diamond or a ‘flavor’ of that “[singular] fruit of the Spirit” (a).  I also had my socks blown off when I discovered the New Covenant was “completely different-in-kind, unprecedented, and superior to the old covenant” and by definition and all the verse contexts couldn’t include anything from the old covenant, contrary to so many “traditions of men” in the Church today.  After more visions and dreams and another equally comprehensive study on “Knowing God” to find out that God “keeps Himself hidden from the wise and learned but reveals Himself to little children,” I followed up with a comprehensive study “The Least Among You” to find out that God’s New Covenant Way of the Spirit bypasses all of Zechariah 4:6 “might and power” that man could pride himself in, their external and internal abilities that “separate” people into “different piles,” which is the definition of inequity or partiality.  But God can be neither, so Jesus comes as a slave, not a boss, to “the least before the greatest” – to “the least among you.”  It has to be so simple that a little child (b), a poor ignorant person, a blind person, a deaf person, or a mute person can understand and obey Jesus!  Other studies spun out of these as I pulled on one thread after another from the unraveling tapestry of traditional Christianity, which turns out to be mostly man-made, self-prescribed, and man-taught religion that really has no biblical support in the original languages of the bible, context, or earliest Christian history. <Notes> a) Galatians 5:22-23, b) means “before reading age.”


From all these studies, I could clearly see what was the actual “bread to eat and water to drink for zoe genuine-life” (Jesus) that would satisfy my “hungering and thirsting for righteousness.” But then I became frustrated that, although I knew who “The Vine of Abundant Life” was (Jesus), aside from past connections to “The Vine” throughout my Christian life – some so intense that I felt I had stuck my finger into an outlet and been shocked by heaven itself  – I nevertheless was “hungry and thirsty” more often than “satisfied” and had really not consistently seen the “bearing of much fruit” and “freedom from the slavery of sin” that Jesus promised for those who “routinely abide in the Vine.”


Other dreams and visions and my comprehensive study on Spirit-baptism proved without a shadow of a doubt that my “tastings of the heavenly grace-gift that transformed me” in my past “fillings” was “The Real Thing” that answered my questions above.  So now I could clearly see “Who the Water of Life is” (Jesus) and “The zoe genuine-life and enabling-power of God” as the Spirit of Jesus to “fill me with all the fullness of the Father,” and that “knowing God” could never be accomplished through book-learned religious gnosis info-knowledge, even though I have spent so much time acquiring it from “sacred gramma letters” collected into graphe scripture, just as the scribes and Pharisees – the bible students of Christ’s day –erroneously “supposed they could take hold of by diligently searching/studying the scriptures” in John 5:39-40.  God told me in a dream that “the actual “theology of God can only be humbly received at the foot of the old rugged cross as God’s angels descend and ascend to deliver this revealed knowledge by the enabling-power of the Spirit,” and my studies confirmed this to be a “full, genuine, progressive, experiential, intimate, relational epignosis knowledge of God.”


Although my studies above on proseuche conversational-prayer, worship, and directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words thru dreams and visions versus second-hand communicated logos messages even if these are of the logos gospel message, all of this should have answered my lingering question:  “How do I get to the watering trough and how do I drink from it?”  However, I think I had either lost the forest through the trees, or just wasn’t convinced, or more likely, still “trapped and snared by the table [a] that cursed them – the scribes and Pharisee bible students – with bent backs forever” (b) – see New Covenant Ways – BT17.  I feel the same frustration of gnosis knowing something so well – how to effectively study the bible, after 5 bible colleges and so many language studies – and being challenged by Jesus “that all this flesh [c] absolutely profits nothing” (d) because He say says that all this is still “apart from Me, so you can absolutely do nothing” (e)!  As back-breaking and time-consuming as it is, it’s hard to let it go!  Paul calls this a “different spirit” (f) and “an elemental spirit” (g) common to every world religion, a fixation on the “shadows, figures, outlines, sketches, prototypes, copies, and elementary abc principles” (h) instead of the “reality that is Christ,” and he includes sacred gramma letters, rituals, and so many other “special things” of all religions, even the OT one. <Notes> a) that the scrolls were rolled out on to read and study, b) Romans 11:19 cites from Psalms 69:22, c) of Zechariah 4:6 ‘might and power’ – man’s external and internal abilities – see also Identity, d) John 6:63, e) John 15:5, f) 2 Corinthians 11:4, g) Colossian 2:8, 20, h) Colossians 2:17; Hebrews 8:5, 10:1; Galatians 4:3, 9.


I also did this incredible study called “One is your Teacher” that convinced me that the Father draws people and teaches by His Spirit, that Christ did the same when He was here, and that now since He ascended to the right-hand of the Father, Jesus relies on the Spirit He first sent on Pentecost to continue this “teaching of ALL things” (a) to Christians who have been Spirit-baptized, so that they “have absolutely no need that anyone write you or teach you because you have the Anointing” (b).  Nevertheless, I have still found myself having trusting-relying-faith on bible study more than my dreams and visions, even though my wife and dad receive clear instruction from the Lord through proseuche conversational-prayer on a daily and weekly basis – steno pads full of it! <Notes> a) John 14:26, 16:13; 1 Corinthians 2:10, b) 1 John 2:20, 27.


So after some more visions and dreams, I decided once again to do another bible study – this one to answer that lingering question of “How do I get to the watering trough and how do I drink from it?”, and it really did pull together all of my studies, confirmed all my previous answers, and answered all my new ones, especially this lingering question.  The only way that Jesus, Moses, the OT Prophets, the apostles, and the earliest Christians were able to “get to the watering trough and drink from it” was by:


  • Coming near to God with simple, child-like trusting-relying-faith and relentless boldness through a:


  • Devoted, restfully-waiting, stillfully-watching, quietly-listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer dialogue where any routine asking, seeking, and knocking is for God’s Holy Spirit to fill us with all the fullness of God Himself!


If I am “obedient in this step of faith,” then God will powerfully work everything else out, “working in me both to desire and to do His good pleasure.”  Wow, what a simple-to-do step for little children to take!  What a “Great News” promise for God to keep!  It seems too good to be true, but the crazy thing is – it is!  I sure hope this is my last study, finally surrendering the “what, when, where, why, and how” of gnosis info-knowledge religion and being fully satisfied with the “Who I am seeking” and finally knowing how to “abide in the Vine” the way Jesus did with His Father!



Here is a short summary of the study that led me to this conclusion:




Jesus “saved or restored” God’s original “Plan A” given even for the “least among you,” that God had spelled out to Moses to present to His people in Exodus 19 and 20 at Mt. Sinai, a plan that the people rejected but Moses obeyed. Thus only Moses received the benefits of a direct personal fellowship, and the people got what they wanted instead – a religion of indirect communication with God, rules gramma written down in graphe scripture, and secondarily taught by a hierarchy of mere humans. But Jesus restored how God’s children were to relate to their Heavenly Father, by the “obedience of faith,” where the righteous ones live by trusting-relying-faith, from one obedient step of faith to another” (a), thus the thesis statement of Paul’s “Book of Romans,” the gospel explained to Gentiles. <Notes> a) Romans 1:5, 17, 16:26.


Jesus calls us to “repent or return” to Exodus’ “Plan A” of 1 simple “step of faith” – for purposes of explanation I’ve broken it into 4 parts – to enjoy a genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of God, where God comes near/beside us to get a close-up look at us or to quiz/examine His disciples/students to ascertain what they really know and to help them to learn it better:


Part 1:  No longer continue to stand far off in doubt and fear as the Israelites did at Mt. Sinai, but instead have child-like, trusting-relying-faith with reverential submission, yet with the child-like confidence to boldly claim what God desires to freely give His beloved children – that’s the actual meaning of routine aiteo “asking” in prayer!


Part 2:  Truly be Christ’s “disciple or follower” by being presently, ongoingly, repeatedly, persistently, routinely as a lifestyle, relentlessly like a little child continually crying out to their parents, abidingly, always-at-all-times, unceasingly, without-wavering, and patiently-enduring, and thus being single-mindedly, whole-heartedly, sincerely, truthfully, delightfully, urgently cravingly with a hunger and thirst, and earnestly or diligently taking the “obedient step of faith” that Jesus and the early Church were singly devoted to, which is:


Part 3:  A dialogue of proseuche conversational-prayer, not just a monologue of petitioning God with deesis prayer-supplications, by simply doing:


Part 4:  Going up, coming toward, or drawing near to God through Mt. Sinai’s darkness, past our doubts and fears, “to where God is,” and then calling on, crying out to, asking, seeking, searching for, pursuing, knocking, waiting patiently upon, being still or quiet or taking a vacation or resting from our works, watching attentively with the eyes of our heart to see the Lord’s prophetic visions and dreams – the oldest book of Job says this is where God “opens the ears of men to give warnings” – fixing our eyes upon, gazing with wide-open eyes at, setting our minds on, listening with our inner man’s ears carefully to understand the Lord’s voice of directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words.



That’s what biblical proseuche prayer really is, which Jesus says is the “true worship of the Father by [singular] Spirit and/coupled [singular] The Truth,” where “the renewing of our minds/hearts” actually does occur – not by reading the bible or hearing a sermon preached from it!


These 4 Parts are simply 1 obedient step of faith” asked of us in the New Covenant.  Radically simple!  Don’t get hung up on all the words the bible uses above to describe the same thing!  The title of the study really boils it all down:


God’s original plan still is to have:


An intimately experiential, abundantly fulfilling, powerfully transforming, and abiding fellowship with God by:


  • Coming near to God with simple, child-like trusting-relying-faith and relentless boldness through a:


  • Devoted, restfully-waiting, stillfully-watching, quietly-listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer dialogue where any routine asking, seeking, and knocking is for God’s Holy Spirit to fill us with all the fullness of God Himself!



I, like many others, have had the hardest time with Part 2 above: “routinely as a lifestyle, relentlessly like a little child . . . and thus being single-mindedly, whole-heartedly . . .  proseuchomai conversationally-praying” for these 4 reasons:


  • Mistaking this for a “performance-work” to earn God’s favor and thus falling into a Law-mentality.


  • Not fully believing that Part 3 above of “a conversational dialogue of devoted relational prayer” is the only NT “spiritual discipline or devotion” that will accomplish the “3 results God promises” below.


  • Being easily distracted and preoccupied instead with accumulating religious gnosis info-knowledge through much bible reading, study, and sermons as so many bible colleges, books, and churches have drilled into me – see Bible Info.


  • Being easily distracted by the worries, pleasures, and comforts of this world!



Here are 3 results God promises for taking the 4 Parts above of “1 obedient step of faith.” If we relentlessly draw near as a little child to our Father UNTIL He comes near/beside us to ascertain what His disciples/students really know in order to help them learn it better, then we really are Christ’s disciples/followers – not just ‘believers’ – and these supernatural things will actually be done by God to us:


1) The adoring, reverential awe or true worship of God by the Spirit of The Truth will come over or shine upon us as the glory of God, because we will have found WHO we are looking for, received WHO we are asking for, and the door to this “intimate, dining-together koinonia fellowship” was opened by the WHO of Jesus! “The Kingdom of God and His righteousness we seek” are not 2 ‘what’s, where’s, or how’s’ of religion to zealously do but instead 2 “WHO’s to intimately know” – the Spirit and The Son, for they represent and serve the Father.” The object of our proseuche conversational-prayer is the presence of God Himself.


2) In addition to Himself, God desires to give whatever we routinely aiteo ask, but only if it is according to “the will of God.”  However, the NT doesn’t often explicitly state in gramma “letters” what that is for a reason, and when it does it’s usually very broad, because “sacred gramma letters” are “the way” of the OT.  Instead the NT’s way is “discerned through revelation by the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and insight of the Holy Spirit – see New Covenant Ways – BT16, and through a genuine, experential, relational epignosis knowledge of God” as cultivated only by proseuche conversational-prayer.  Jesus said you can only be confident that your deesis prayer-supplications will be answered if you are abiding/living in Him and/coupled His directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words are abiding/living in you – not bible verses of “sacred gramma letters!”  You can’t really follow Jesus as one of His sheep unless you first can akouo hear/listen to understand His Voice!  There is no indication that Jesus is speaking figuratively – He means His sheep are defined as those who actually akouo hear/listen to understand His Voice and consequently follow Him!


3) Finally God promises all the riches of His glory as well, but this is God’s work so that we can rest from our works to receive the “peace of the Holy Spirit that is beyond understanding.” This glory of the Spirit, whose [singular] fruit/productive essence is unconditional-love, the essential nature of God, will Spirit-baptize us with all the fullness of God in order to:


  • Genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know God and mentally grasp The unconditional-Love of/belonging to Christ, which is actually The Truth of God, through the enabling-power of the Spirit’s revelational wisdom, discernment, understanding, and insight within our innermost being, which exceeding surpasses all gnosis info-knowledge, as Paul often declared.


  • Only then will the dark doubts and fear of judgment flee with the coming of Christ’s light and unconditional-love, because Christ’s “perfect/complete unconditional-love casts out all fear, because fear has to do with judgment.”


  • Only by being connected to and by abiding/living in the Vine of Christ will we experience the zoe genuine-life of Christ from the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit. I can’t forget that dream where the Massive Head of Christ was hovering over an ADHD-busy robotic body, always moving to its next “thing to do,” but when it stayed still long enough for the Head to connect to it, I then felt an intoxicating surge of life as I inhaled my first breath, like I had never been alive before, but before long the Body-of-Christ would move to the next “to-do” of its programs and schedules.


  • Only then will we bear much fruit unto God, because not only will we intimately know the [singular] fruit of God’s Spirit that is unconditional-love, but we will be filled with the enabling-power of God to actually “both desire and do God’s will.” Jesus says, “Apart from Me you absolutely can’t do anything!” The Greek is clear that “If we are abiding/living in/by/with Christ’s unconditional-love, then we will have the enabling-power/constraint/control to obey His commandments” – not vice-versa as too many English bibles say, putting the cart before the horses!


  • “Resisting the devil so that he will flee from us” is a by-product of surrendering koinonia communion with Jesus. “Resisting” doesn’t mean “standing or moving forward to fight.” God showed me in a vision that I must turn/repent and flee/retreat from the repetitive waves of the world’s sin crashing up against me, running to a sea-cave in the Massive Rock – Jesus, “the petra Rock He builds His Church on” – cliff on the seashore, but then He told me to continue walking deep inside it until I was in the middle, safe from the drowning waters near the entrance, but that it would take even more “obedient steps of faith” to walk into “the thick darkness” of the cave. No amount of Zechariah 4:6’s “might or power” human way to relate to that towering Rock Wall of God’s holiness would save me!  Jesus told me that this is what He meant by “meno abiding in/by/with the Vine for zoe genuine-life or enabling-power to bear any fruit” – continuing until you are in the middle of, living in relation to, living by the means of, and living with the instrumentality of the Vine, who is Christ. Remember that Jesus said we could only expect to receive answers to deesis prayer-supplications if we were meno dwelling ‘in the middle’ of Christ and Christ’s directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words were meno living ‘in the middle’ of us – that’s the only way to know the will of God!  The deeper in the cave I travelled the quieter it got, until there was no outside noise.  That’s when I could really akouo hear to understand God talk to me!  That’s the secret of answered proseuche conversational-prayer – going deeper to actually akouo hearing to understand the will of God for yourself!



Spirit-baptism is the enabling-power for metamorphic transformation, and this is only through the renewal of our hearts and minds by a lifestyle of conversational-prayer!  The overwhelming teaching and historical evidence of the NT and subsequent early Church history, as well as the history of subsequent revivals, is that the outpouring, immersion, or filling of Spirit-baptism didn’t just occur once on Pentecost to start the Church or even once at a person’s water-baptism when they proseuchomai conversationally-prayed for this “promised grace-gift,” but occurred repetitively to the same Christians because of individual and corporate obedient steps of faith to clear NT imperatives to “be routinely filled by the Spirit” (a) and to be devoted to “asking for this in proseuche conversational-prayer until they received this grace-gift of the Father” (b). It’s the only way to experience “Thy Kingdom come…Thy will be done” (c)!  If your trusting-relying-faith is stuck in the bible, that’s all you get! <Notes> a) Ephesians 5:18, b) Matthew 7:11; Luke 11:13, c) Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:2.


Cessationism is a “doctrine of demons” taught by powerless men to keep Christians powerless! The early Church said you can’t separate the grace-gifts or signs & wonders from the fruit of the Spirit, because excluding the former is “cutting yourself off from the Vine so that you can’t bear fruit” (a).  The indwelling Spirit wasn’t a doctrine that you had to simply take by trusting-relying-faith – the creeds and dogma that a later powerless Church came up with!  When the Spirit came into a new believer, there were visible signs of overwhelming unconditional-love, joy, worship, and often supernatural tongues and prophecy – hearing prophetic rhema words directly-spoken from God.  This was the evidence that a person actually does have Christ and is saved!  Paul “wants all Christians to earnestly desire the Spirit’s grace-gift, all to proseuchomai conversationally-pray and sing by the Spirit in tongues, just like he does, but especially to prophecy.” “Apostling, prophesying, evangelizing/preaching, and shepherd-teaching” are the Spirit’s ongoing “grace-gifts to equip the saints for service,” according to Paul (b).  Peter quoted Joel on Pentecost (c) that said only “prophecy, even thru dreams and visions,” was the singular way God would speak to His “men and woman servants in the Last Days/Church Age.”  A lot of so-called Christians are not saved at all, though they may say they are. The NT is full of people saying one thing, but the NT writers saying they were tragically deceived. <Notes> a) John 15:4-7, b) Ephesians 4:7-12, c) Acts 2:17-19.


Not only are they not saved, but they won’t have the supernatural ability to stop practicing sin – only The Truth, Jesus by His indwelling Spirit, “can set you free from the slavery of sin!  God’s Spirit poured into our hearts will cause us to keep His statutes and obey His ways” (a).  For the unconditional-love of/belonging-to God constrains or controls us; we unconditionally-love because He first unconditionally-loved us – this is not a doctrine but an experience!  Self-control is the end result or final taste of the [singular] fruit of the Spirit that is unconditional-love!  It isn’t a word to study and try to do – you will fail miserably!  Only then will we have rest from our works of holiness and sanctification attempting to be free. Only then will we have food and drink for our hungering and thirsting for righteousness. <Notes> a) Ezekiel 11:20, 36:27; Philippians 2:13; Hebrews 13:21; 1 Corinthians 12:6, 15:10.


Plan A simply relies on a routine lifestyle of conversational-prayer, but every religion insists on something else or tries to get the cart before the horses by trying to do the work ourselves through “spiritual disciplines” or “church programs” to get the “3 results God promises” above without following the “4 Parts of 1 obedient step of faith” above.  Religious people work to acquire the gift on their own or to earn it from God, but they won’t trust enough to follow “the obedient steps of faith the righteous one shall live by.”


Religion concerns itself with “what, where, when, why, and how” about God and His will.  Plan A doesn’t; “the righteous ones” are those who are preoccupied with “the WHO” of God!  I was told directly by God on a proseuche conversational-prayer walk that “The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness” that I was to seek wasn’t “a what and a what” of things to do as I had been taught by so many, but “The WHO and The WHO of The Holy Spirit and The Son” to intimately know, to seek!  You will never find that in the bible or its study notes, even though the bible says over and over that the Holy Spirit is the enabling-power of the reigning King and that King Jesus is The Righteous and Holy One of Israel!


Every religion, even the OT, is about Zechariah 4:6might and power” – man’s external and internal abilities or “works,” even about how to worship.  Religion makes the walls to God tall and difficult to climb, giving only a small window for outside light to shine through onto your “bible study table and chair” – a vision God showed me. Plan A doesn’t have a tall ladder; God says the New Covenant will “absolutely no longer be by might or power, but by My Spirit, says Yahweh of hosts!”  Jesus says that “God is Spirit and the true worshipers are those who worship Him by The Spirit of The Truth.” That’s why Jesus said, “Absolutely nobody can come to the Father except through Me – I AM The Way to the Father, because I AM The Truth, and My directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words are The Spirit and The zoe genuine-life because I AM the zoe genuine-life.” In my vision above, God once said, “Speak to the wall in the name/authority of Jesus 7 days and I will make it fall.”  At another time, He said:  “Get up out of your chair, walk away from the study table, and open the door who is Christ and go outside.”  When I did I saw the bluest sky, greenest vegetation, and brightest flowers ever, and sparkling bread floating down from heaven like floating diamonds and I was filled with incredible joy!


In another dream, God said the more accurate books about God, the theology of God, were on the oldest top shelf of the Library of Congress long before 1452’s printing of the Guttenberg bible, but there was no ladder to reach them but an old rugged cross.  But no matter how you use the cross, you will never reach the true theology of God, because even if you read the old scrolls, they are still second-hand knowledge from mere men, and only handwritten copies by later scribes at that!  The True Theology can only be received humbly at the foot of the old rugged cross as the angels descend and ascend upon it to deliver it to us by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said, unlike all the “other rabbis, His yoke of instruction to learn from Him would be kindly useful and His burdens/commandments/works forever light to carry, as a cloud is blown by the wind.”


Every religion elects some people to be “special leaders” or mediators, translators, scribes-scholars-lawyers, or clergy to “learn from/about God” and then relay this knowledge down a hierarchy of leaders (Sadducees) and teachers (Pharisees, Levite priests) to everyone else, the ‘laity,’ but by then all this becomes nothing more than second-hand gnosis info-knowledge about God.  What’s worse, is that the top guy(s) often have never actually heard from God, but are just passing down something they read or devised from their own thinking.  Plan A doesn’t; it says “be still to experientially, relationally ginosko know God” such that “you absolutely have in fact need of no other teacher!”  The first thing Paul said about having a “renewed mind for God’s Kingdom” is “that no man should think of himself higher than others, for we are all brethren of one Body-of-Christ, each member equally important with different praxis functions.” And Jesus said, “The greatest among you shall be the slave of others, just as I came to serve and not be served,” and He strongly warned His disciples on more than one occasion to “However, never in fact desire to have authority over others, but to follow His example of being a servant, even a slave.”


Every religion has “special titles for special offices for special people” signifying their level of authority, even within the modern Church whether Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, such as Catholic or Eastern Orthodox ‘Fathers,’ Eastern Orthodox or Mormon ‘Patriarchs,’ Anglican ‘Lords’ or University ‘Masters,’ Protestant ‘Head Pastors,’ and Messianic-Church ‘Rabbis or Chief Rabbis’ or with great honor ‘Our Master-Our Teacher-Our Rabbi.’  Plan A doesn’t use them; Jesus warned about taking titles or offices of authority like: “Father, Lord/Master/Head, or Teacher (rabbi)” because “you are all brethren,” and respectively, “there is only One Heavenly Father, One Lord Jesus Christ, and One Spirit of The Truth who guides you into ALL truth.”


All the places in the NT that talk about church assembly never say anything about 1 authoritative man doing all the teaching or even a “worship music team,” but instead about the “logos gospel message dwelling/residing among them richly by addressing/teaching and admonishing ONE ANOTHER…EACH of you bringing an instrumental psalm, a composed hymn, a spontaneous song by the Spirit, a teaching, prophecy, revelation, logos message of wisdom, logos message of knowledge, a tongue, its interpretation, all submitting to one another for the building up of the Body.”  Body-of-Christ ministry was the only prescribed ministry!  Everything else is “self-prescribed worship-service, made and taught by men.” The “apostles, prophets, evangelists/preachers, and shepherd-teachers” weren’t supposed to be the “special people/offices who minister” but simply “functioning grace-gifts of Christ’s Spirit that equip/coach/facilitate the saints for ministry!” Once again, the modern Church thinks it’s all about “special people” when instead it’s about a multitude of grace-gifts given to the entire Body-of-Christ, which even change due to the particular situation, ALL that should be working equally together to build up the Body into the likeness of Christ.


Religious people even try to correlate the lists of the Spirit’s grace-gifts and then believe that it’s complete. Good luck, because Paul’s lists evolve over time as he experiences the Spirit, and that was never his point anyway – they are only examples of God’s unlimited enabling-power to get His work done through “a diversity of grace-gifts and manifestations,” through a Body that should be treating each other equally, just as “God shows now partiality or favoritism!”  A careful study of “authority” will show that the top-down, vertical, hierarchal structure of religion (and many churches) is actually patterned after Satan’s angelic/demonic kingdom, externalized in the world of fallen men, and not God’s horizontally-flat Kingdom structure where there is “only 1 Head over ALL of us given ALL authority, who is Jesus, and we are all brethren, one belonging to the other, equal children of God.”


Every religion erects “special buildings” for prayer and worship. The Jews and half-breed Samaritans had their temples or “places of worship,” and invariably they become “marketplaces, places of business” by the peddlers of religion, the Canaanites. Plan A doesn’t; There are no Christian “building programs” in the early Church after the Jewish temple was destroyed in 70 AD, unlike every church today that seem to have an “edifice complex,” until Catholicism was made institutionalized by Emperor Constantine 300 years later, when he patterned the basilicas after pagan Greek and Roman temples.  Jesus called the Jerusalem temple, “My Father’s house of proseuche conversational-prayer,” but told the Samaritan woman that “the true worship of God would no longer take place in a place, either in Jerusalem or Samaria, because God is Spirit so the true worshippers that the Father seeks are those who will worship by [singular] Spirit and/coupled [singular] Truth,” which Jesus says concerning:  “The Spirit of The Truth, who I AM, will dwell in you, who will bear witness about Me, and will guide you into ALL The Truth.”  Because of the indwelling Spirit of Christ, Christians, even their individual and corporate bodies, are now “God’s temple,” and so are now God’s actual “house of proseuche conversational-prayer that is essentially worship.”


Every religion also looks intently or gazes at or studies sacred gramma writings or letters” and the collection of these into “sacred graphe books” that the Jews called “scriptures,” in order to learn about God and His will to then “take hold of zoe genuine-life.”  It really does take Greek and Hebrew scholars, the “wise and learned,” to adequately translate or understand the bible, and they argue constantly on which texts are more accurate and what the words really mean – see Bible Info.  There are 1000s of manuscripts with 1000s of textual variants and the scholars are always changing their minds!  There are many college courses on textual, literary, and biblical criticism, biblical archeology, biblical languages and interpretation (hermeneutics), biblical and church history, and theology – and I’ve taken too many!  It’s exhausting and our English bibles don’t come close to even relaying the meaning of any agreed upon text!  Plan A doesn’t; like little children with their parents, we can optanomai fix our wide-open eyes and ears of our hearts on God Himself.  To these God promised revealed prophetic knowledge, clear sunesis connect-the-dots understanding, and zoe genuine-life through the experiential, relational ginosko knowledge of the Father and the Son.  Paul says, God “thwarts the wisdom of the wise and learned,” and Jesus ridicules their “diligent searching/studying of the scriptures to take hold of zoe genuine-life,” and Isaiah mocks their “line upon line, precept upon precept” expositional approach as elementary ‘abc’ foolishness, while giving God’s wisdom and understanding to those who will simply be like little children and just relentlessly aiteo ask their Heavenly Father, wait, and listen.


Jesus doesn’t train disciples any other way than He was discipled by God.  Isaiah’s prophecy said that Jesus learned through His devotion to proseuche conversational-prayer and that’s the only “spiritual discipline” we see Jesus devoted to while on earth!  Only once did the NT say that Jesus read scripture – once in a synagogue to say He had fulfilled it. We have to remember that He was the eternal Logos message of God, so everything that Moses and the Prophets wrote was told to them by the Son!  That’s why at 14 years old Jesus could debate the socks off the scribes and Pharisees!  His disciples never read scripture and there is no indication as a poor carpenter Jesus would have had access to them!  Although all rabbis had scribes to write down their sayings, Jesus never did nor did He ask His disciples to.  Instead He and the apostle John said the Holy Spirit, The Anointing of the Holy One, would be their “One Teacher of all truth” after Jesus left them, because the Spirit was Him now living in them, not just close-beside them!


Every religion promises that reading and study of their “special books” will lead us to knowing The Truth that will transform us into God’s glory and set us free from sin, but it actually hides God’s glory from them behind a veil/covering and their hearts become hardened and sin multiplies.  Plan A doesn’t; it removes the veil or curtain for direct access to God to find that The Truth isn’t a “what, where, when, why, and how to read, study, analyze, memorize, and debate in order to acquire gnosis info-knowledge” through the “sophia wisdom and sunesis connect-the-dots understanding” of logos “second-hand communication of content in a message” through “sacred gramma letters” collected into graphesacred books” of scripture, which can only be accurately done by “the wise and learned/understanding ones” – the scribe-scholars and clergy like rabbiteachers and Pharisee leaders, the very people Jesus said “diligently searched/studied the scriptures” but were “the blind watchmen leading the blind, who never akouo heard/listened to understand God’s actual Voice [as the Prophets did], never eido mentally ‘seen’ to perceive/know God or His will [as the Prophets did], and thus never experientially, relationally ginosko knew God [as the Prophets did], and so they couldn’t possibly have God’s unconditional-love abiding/living within them [as the Prophets did].”


Jesus came to bring God’s people back to Plan A of genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko knowing “The WHO of The Truth, the Son WHO can actually set them free from the practice of sin.” All the so-called NT proof texts for “studying the bible” completely fall apart when you read them from the original Greek in context! The KJV “study (spoudoza) to shew thyself an approved workman” is a deceptively bad translation that kept the 70 bible translators gainfully employed at their universities by King James in 1611!  Politics, money, and power have had much effect on bible translations!  Spoudoza means “to be diligent or zealous” as the better translations have noted!  So much of churchianity is continuing the way of the other religions, especially the OT one, when the New (a) Covenant calls for the completely different-in-kind new (a) way of the Spirit!  <Notes> a) chadash, kainos: fresh, completely different-in-kind, unprecedented, sharing nothing with its predecessors, unique, and superior.


Every religion has “special truths” to read, study, and memorize about God!  Plan A doesn’t; the OT is not “The Truth or even The Unconditional-Favor-of-Grace” but only “shadows, figures, outlines, sketches, prototypes, copies, or elementary ‘abc’ principles of good things to come.”  Instead, Jesus Christ is “The Truth” and “The Unconditional-Favor-of-Grace” that came into existence – “The aletheia Absolute Reality” of God!  Jesus “fulfilled/completed” the “first covenant in order to establish the second,” so that the first’s “glory vanished away, ended, and was finished, done away with, and abolished because it was nailed to the cross,” so that the second’s glory will be an “everlasting covenant.” Christians should have “died to the Law and been freed/liberated from the Law’s yoke of slavery” in order “to belong to another – Christ,” and thus “absolutely no longer serving God by the way of the gramma letters!” The old covenant “absolutely cannot perfect those who draw near to it,” but the New Covenant can!  “Christians are now the epistles/messages of God, gramma written not by letters on stone tables or ink on paper but by the Spirit of God on tablets of human hearts!”


Every religion has “special statements of faith” or “creeds” they recite that prove by confession that you are saved.  The Catholic Church created one after another from 120 AD on, as did the Protestants from 1517 AD on.  All through history you will find that when the Church falls away from trusting-relying-faith in the ministry of the Holy Spirit and His supernatural prophetic grace-gifts, it looks to bible study, apologetics, dogma, theology, and creeds to articulate this for the people to adhere to and differentiate themselves from what the Church will then label as “heretics” to excommunicate or persecute, even by torture and death!  Many godly men, Spirit-baptized, even theologians and bible translators were tortured, hung, or burned alive. Plan A doesn’t do this; Although historians try to find creeds in the NT like “Jesus is the Christ,” which means Messiah, the Anointed One of God, or “Jesus Christ is Lord,” which means “Supreme Master,” or “Jesus Christ has come in the flesh,” or “Jesus is the Son of God,” there is only one occurrence of each of these, and John only says to “Confess Jesus” or “Confess the Son.”


The NT was never intended to be graphe scripture – a term applied by a Catholic theologian around 200 AD!  Jesus instead teaches: “For out of the heart, speaks the mouth” – words aren’t that important except to reveal the heart!  Peter says: “This water-baptism, which corresponds to Noah’s family being saved by the ark dia through the [medium/avenue of] flood waters, [to safely land on shore even though it buried a world of people] now saves you also, …because it’s an request-appeal/profession-pledge of good/sincere conscience to God – this water-baptism saving you dia through [the medium/avenue of] the resurrection of Christ.”  Water-baptism is the “reality/substance/type that corresponded to the antitype” OT shadow of Noah’s flood.  The “request-appeal/profession-pledge” was the common public confession all Gentile proselytes to Judaism made before their full-body Spirit-baptisms, which they believed saved them also!  This is what Jesus and the early Church taught also, just as Paul does in all his writings, like Romans 6:3-5.  They didn’t try to separate the “request-appeal/profession-pledge” from the waters of baptism; both were part of “one baptism that now saves you also.”  But it only saves anyone because of Christ’s resurrection, so it isn’t a work to earn favor, but an act of trusting-relying-faith to take hold of the free grace-gift of God’s unconditional-favor-of-grace given to us.


The closest we get to a saving creed is Paul’s in Romans 10:9, but notice the emphasis:  “If you confess with your mouth that ‘Jesus is Lord (Supreme Master) and/coupled have trusting-relying-faith in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall actually be saved.”  However, Paul may have been adding “raised from the dead” because of the current heresy going through the Church that Jesus wasn’t even human/flesh, so He couldn’t die, let alone resurrect.  That’s because the Greeks and Romans believed in dualism that said the world of flesh and the spiritual world are completely separate.  The NT was written to address specific needs for specific groups of people, and never conceived of as new set of universally-binding “scripture!”


Every religion has “special wisdom sayings” or “Proverbs” to read, study, and memorize to become “wise and understanding.”  Plan A doesn’t; God mocks the “wise and understanding ones” who acquired it this way, thwarting their efforts, but instead gives the “directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words of wisdom, understanding, insight, and gnosis info-knowledge through revelation by the Spirit to ‘little children’ or “the least among you” through a genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of God – even to those that can’t hear, see or read!”  God shows no favoritism except to favor the least before the greatest!  Again, the ability to “walk in a manner worthy, fully pleasing, bearing fruit in every good work” comes from what I just described, not from books, not even from the bible!


Every religion has “special prayers” to recite as a work to please God or to earn something from Him.  They even “pray the promises of God” from the bible, but the bible never says to do that.  Then there was the fad of “declaring blessings,” taken from the OT.  Then there was the fad of “declaring bible verses” to defeat Satan or unlock God’s promises.  Then there was the fad of finding the few explicit statements of “the will of God” that would certainly be answered.  Now the fad is gleaning from the prayers of people in the bible what we should pray!  All of this is just religious works that again requires reading, studying, and memorizing the bible, just like other religions do of their “sacred gramma letters” to use them in similar fashion.  Paul says, it’s all nonsense!  It all shows favoritism!  Plan A doesn’t; the Lord’s Prayer isn’t a ritual prayer as most churches treat it – it’s simply a brief model or outline of how to practice proseuchomai conversationally-praying, and it behooves us to treat it this way.  Jesus said that pagan Gentiles pray with “many repetitive words or phrases like someone stuttering or stammering, which vain babble, supposing that by their many words that God will hear them.”  This recitation of prayers is simply a ritual like Eastern religions reciting Mantras or the Catholics praying the Rosary Beads or the Muslims their many daily prayers!  Superstitious pagans!


The NT says God already knows what we will ask; that our words should be few; that we can groan or sigh without words and the Spirit will intercede for us; and that we can even proseuchomai conversationally-pray by the Spirit in supernatural tongues the perfect will of God.  God sees what’s in our hearts and cares more about us submissively listening than our monologue of words.  The “Word of God that never comes back void but accomplishes what it was sent out to do” is not bible verses, it’s prophetic rhema – the directly-spoken/heard words of God that is the “bread that man can actually live on!”


Now “the logos Word of God that is to meno abide/live in” new believers to make them true disciples isn’t OT scripture or any “sacred gramma writings” but the logos gospel message of Jesus Christ they akouo heard/listened to preached.  And regarding this preached logos message of The Truth, Paul says, “Trusting-relying-faith comes from hearing the directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words of God.”  Jesus said that people can’t even come to Him unless the Father first draws them and teaches them – by His Spirit!  You have to akouo hear “Jesus knock on your door to come in and intimately dine with Him” in order to say “Yes” to His logos message to you!  The sermon isn’t what you are answering; it can only provoke you to be open to akouo hearing Christ speak through the logos gospel message of The Truth directly to your heart!  John says “If you let what you akouo heard/listened to from the beginning meno abide/live in you, then you will meno abide/live in the Father and Son.”  That’s why Jesus said we had to have His directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words meno abiding/living in us if we want our aiteo asked-prayers answered!


Jesus preached and taught then – and still does – by His Spirit.  The NT writers say much more about examining, discerning, or scrutinizing the will of God through continual practice in renewing one’s mind via routine listening proseuche conversational-prayer, as given by the Wonderful Counsel of the Spirit, than they ever do explicitly stating the will of God for Christians.  Nevertheless, you can see Christ’s priorities within His Prayer model, so it’s a great idea to use this to guide your proseuche conversational-prayer as He intended!  The number of words are very small, so evidently proseuche conversational-prayer has much more to do with listening than talking!  After all, what did Jesus do all night long – say the same things over and over?


Every religion creates “special commands, ordinances, precepts, rules, and regulations” to work/do in order to curb the indulgence of the flesh to stop sinning and become more sanctified or holy. But the Law of 613 commandments “cannot make anything perfect” and not only reveals sin, it multiplies sin to make us exceeding sinful, and then kills us to be dead!  I’ve read on the internet that there are 500 or 1000 commandments for Christians to obey!  Lies!  Plan A doesn’t; the Messiah has already sanctified or “set us apart or consecrated us as ‘special’ for God’s use, making us ‘clean’ and thus makes us holy by His own sacrificial work to blot out or wash away all our sins forever and give us His Holiness in exchange for our sin – this atoning exchange called “propitiation” – and then instills within us His Holy Spirit to transform and renew us daily as we follow Him in intimate fellowship!  We can stop working for it and starting trusting and thanking Him for it!


The completely different-in-kind New Covenant Way or ministry of the Spirit has absolutely nothing to do with the old, antiquated, feeble, useless way/ministry of the sacred gramma letters.  The Spirit alone can set us free from the Law of sin and death!  Now God’s instruction or Torah or radically-different New Law of only 2 commandments integrally connected into ONE is simply:  “Trusting-relying-faith in the son He sent,” the “work of the Father that saves you,” and “unconditionally-loving one another as I have unconditionally-loved you,” “the completely different-in-kind New Commandment or Law of Christ,” written on our hearts, no longer on stone tablets or with ink on scrolls, so “there is absolutely no need for anyone to write you concerning unconditional-love for the brethren, because you have already been taught by God.”  John says, “because of the Anointing of the Holy One, you absolutely have no need of any other teacher, because He actually, ongoingly teaches you about ALL things, especially to continue meno abiding/living in Christ.”  The OT “oracle of God” (prophecies) used to convert Jews to Christ were “infant’s milk” and “elementary ‘abc’ principles” compared to the “solid food” of the Spirit’s teaching!   “The Wonderful Counselor” is within us as the Spirit of wisdom, revelation, discernment, insight, and understanding given through prophecy, dreams, and visions and most often as a result of routine conversational-prayer – for certainly this is the will of God that He will unconditional-love to answer! For this is “The Promise” of the New Covenant, not more scripture that didn’t even work for the Jews in the old covenant!


Every religion creates “special works” to be worked into order to earn God’s favor, blessing, and unconditional-love or to avoid His just wrath and judgment. This is the old covenant or Law that so saturates the OT that Jesus, the NT writers, and modern Jews consider them synonymous.  Plan A doesn’t; it trusts and relies by “obedient steps of faith” in God’s unconditional-favor-of-grace and unconditional-love through Christ, so that we can finally “rest from our works.”  It has trusting-relying-faith that surrenders control to God’s Spirit “to will and do His good pleasure in us.”


Every religion puts God in a box to be taken out when we aiteo ask-pray or for a worship service during “special events” (holy festivals) or “special days” (holy days, New Moons, Sabbaths, or Sundays at church) or “special times” (saying ‘grace’ for our food) or for “religious liturgical services for God,” even circumcision and sacrifices.  These churches call this “a worship service!”   Plan A doesn’t; Jesus and the NT writers practiced and taughtproseuche conversational-prayer at all times and places” because fellowship with God requires cultivation “of the garden” by regular visitation, communication, and sharing of each other’s lives.  Every day is “special” when we spend it together with God!  Paul says “We are the true circumcision, whose liturgical-service is by the Spirit of God and thus putting no confidence in the flesh [of man-made religious rituals], now offering our bodies as living sacrifices to God, which is now the rational way to liturgically worship-serve God.”  The NT returns us back to biblical proseuche conversational-prayer which has always been considered the true worship of God!


Every religion has “special foods and drinks” and “spiritual disciples like fasting and asceticism.”  Plan A doesn’t; Paul writes extensively of the “weak-in-The-trusting-relying-Faith” of those Jewish-Christians who practice such things, still enslaved by the yoke of the Law, and that such severities to the body, though appearing wise, are but man-taught rules, like elementary abc’s common to all self-imposed religion, which are of no value in curbing the indulgence of the flesh.  They are “zealous, ceremonial, rituals and disciplines of holiness that are self-prescribed,” because Jesus doesn’t prescribe them!  Instead He said that fasting is “the old wineskin that you can’t pour new wine in, or the old garment you can’t put a new unshrunk patch on, or both will ruined.” All the NT “proof texts” for fasting crumble when examined carefully from the Greek manuscripts. All of these were either Jewish-Christians struggling to break free from Judaism, as Paul kept urging them to do, or Catholic monks who added these into the later texts to justify their church laws.  The OT never commanded fasting, but this “tradition of the elders” shows up in later NT writings.  The fasting of Jesus in the wilderness was only mentioned in one account by a very Jewish Matthew and the idiom may actually mean “eating only of desert foods.”  Jesus and His disciples were accused of NOT fasting like John’s disciples and other Jews!  Jesus said, “It’s not what goes into a man that makes him unclean” and He and the other writers teach to “give thanks for ALL that God provides!”


What would Jesus say to so many religious Christians today?  The same thing He did to all those stuck in religion:  “You really don’t know God, though you know a lot about God in the scriptures, supposing that in them you will take hold of zoe genuine-life everlasting.  But My sheep hear My Voice and these directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words are Spirit and zoe genuine-life.  So without God’s Spirit within you, you look for zoe genuine-life somewhere else.  You are stuck in your faith, O you of little faith!  You have ‘fallen into the trap and snare of the table’ that bible students rolled out the scrolls on to study, ‘always learning but never coming to a knowledge of The Truth,’ and so ‘your backs will be bent forever,’ and your hearts hardened, always resisting the Holy Spirit.’ You really don’t have God’s unconditional-love within you, because you really don’t have the Spirit of God within you.  You really don’t have fellowship with God, where the Holy Spirit becomes your One Teacher and writes His ways on your heart.  Instead you put your trusting-relying-faith in writings on stone or paper. And because you don’t have the enabling-power of the Spirit within you, you work for God, even trying to ‘work your salvation out.’  But I didn’t say that. I said, ‘You are My workmanship to will and to do My good pleasure – this is what you are to work out, just as exercise in a gym doesn’t build muscle – it tears it down and I rebuild it at night when you are resting!”


It sounds too good to be true, that not doing any “might or power” – even bible study – but simply being with the Lord and listening to Him in conversational-prayer will actually accomplish far more “by My Spirit” than all one’s learning, understanding, wisdom, plans, strategies, skills, time, money, and sweat will ever accomplish – if only I will simply loosen my grip, let go of the rope, fall into God’s arms, and spend time getting to genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know Him through a conversational-prayer fellowship with Him!  This sounds too easy to be true!  But that’s what Plan A promises!  That’s what Jesus came to restore:


An intimately experiential, abundantly fulfilling, powerfully transforming, and abiding fellowship with God by:


  • Coming near to God with simple, child-like trusting-relying-faith and relentless boldness through a:


  • Devoted, restfully-waiting, stillfully-watching, quietly-listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer dialogue where any routine asking, seeking, and knocking is for God’s Holy Spirit to fill us with all the fullness of God Himself!




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