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Body-of-Christ ministry through functioning grace-gifts is to simply serve.  This is such a vital aspect of this SpiritMusicMeetups ministry that you will see much written about the Spirit’s grace-gifts as they impact Body-of-Christ Ministry throughout this BLOG website but especially about the Grace-Gifts, Coaches and Facilitators, Teach One Another, Spirit-Baptized, Anointing, and Prophetic pages.  Some of it will be repeated here, but don’t count on it, because I’ve written extensively for years on all these subjects, so it’s spread out.


BT1:  Positions, offices, and titles are the last thing the NT had in mind!


BT2:  Grace-gifts are functions, not people, positions, offices, or titles!


BT3:  Elders, Bishop-Overseers, and Shepherd-Pastors are the same group functions!


BT4:  Where do the preachers fit in?   They are supposed to be the evangelists!


BT5:  Everybody wants to be a “leader” in today’s Church instead of just “little children.”


BT6:  New Covenant Kingdom “leadership” structure is upside down!


BT7:  The NT warns about church “leadership” interfering with Body-of-Christ ministry.


BT8:  There is a blindness to the Body-of-Christ that Church clergy have.


BT9:  Church clergy is blind about what is supposed to occur when we gather together.


BT10:  1 Corinthians 14:26 is NOT a complete list of “gathering” activities but has 2 main points.


BT11:  Christians loved to “party” in the 1st century, just like they do now! 


BT12:  Early church gatherings would put most of today’s churches to shame!


BT13: What is “THE READING” of 1 Timothy 4:13 that Paul tells Timothy to focus on?


BT14:  What is “THE EXHORTATION” of 1 Timothy 4:13 referring to?


BT15:  What is the “THE TEACHING” of 1 Timothy 4:13 referring to?


BT16:  More about what is NOT the “sound teaching/doctrine” for the Church.


BT17:  What else was the early Church devoted to doing together?  


BT18:  Summary of BT13 – BT17!  


BT19:  Body-of-Christ ministry should ONLY be done by the means of the Holy Spirit.


BT20:  Body-of-Christ ministry supernaturally happens in the presence of God.


Body-of-Christ ministry absolutely does NOT rely on skill and professionalism – see Skill page.


Entertainment of the saints by skilled professionals on a stage – see Skill page.




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