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A short summary of the study that led me to understand God’s simple ‘PLAN A’ from the previous BLOG – 4 Parts of 1 Obedient-Step with 3 Results




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Jesus ‘saved or restored’ God’s original ‘Plan A’ given even for the “least among you,” that God had spelled out to Moses to present to His people in Exodus 19 and 20 at Mt. Sinai, a plan that the people rejected but Moses obeyed. Thus only Moses received the benefits of a direct personal fellowship, and the people got what they wanted instead – a religion of indirect communication with God, “commandments expressed in ordinances” (a) through gramma writings (b), collected many years later as graphe scripture, and secondarily taught by a hierarchy of mere humans. But Jesus restored how God’s children were to relate to their Heavenly Father, by the “obedience of faith,” where the righteous ones live by trusting-relying-faith, from one obedient step of faith to another” (c), thus the thesis statement of Paul’s “Book of Romans,” the gospel explained to Gentiles. For the full 34 page documentation fo this summary, Contact Us.   <Notes> a) Ephesians 2:15, b) with ink:  Romans 2:27, 7:6; 2 Corinthians 3:7; 2 Timothy 3:15, versus by the Spirit:  2 Corinthians 3:3, 6; Romans 2:29, c) Romans 1:5, 17, 16:26.


Jesus calls us to “repent or return” to Exodus’ ‘Plan A’ of 1 simple “step of faith” – for purposes of explanation I’ve broken it into 4 parts – to enjoy a genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of God through intimate koinonia fellowship, where God comes near/close-beside us to get a close-up look at us or to quiz/examine His disciples/students to ascertain what they really know and to help them to learn it better:


Part 1:  No longer continue to stand far off in doubt and fear as the Israelites did at Mt. Sinai, but instead have child-like, trusting-relying-faith with reverential submission, yet with the child-like confidence to boldly claim what God desires to freely give His beloved children – that’s the actual meaning of routine aiteo “asking” in prayer!


Part 2:  Truly be Christ’s “disciple or follower” by being presently, ongoingly, repeatedly, persistently, routinely-as-a-lifestyle, relentlessly like a little child continually crying out to their parents, abidingly, always-at-all-times, unceasingly, without-wavering, and patiently-enduring, and thus being single-mindedly, whole-heartedly, sincerely, truthfully, delightfully, urgently cravingly with a hunger and thirst, and earnestly or diligently taking the “obedient step of faith” that Jesus and the early Church were singularly devoted to, which is:


Part 3:  A dialogue of proseuche conversational-prayer, not just a monologue of petitioning God with deesis prayer-supplications, by simply doing:


Part 4:  Going up, coming toward, or drawing near to God through Mt. Sinai’s darkness, i.e., past our doubts and fears, “to where God is,” and then calling on, crying out to, asking, seeking, searching for, pursuing, knocking, waiting-patiently upon, being still or quiet or taking a vacation or resting from our works, watching attentively with the eyes of our heart to see the Lord’s prophetic visions and dreams (a), fixing our eyes upon, gazing with wide-open eyes at, setting our minds on, listening with our inner man’s ears carefully to understand the Lord’s voice of directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words. <Notes> a) the oldest book of Job says this is where God “opens the ears of men to give warnings.”


That’s what biblical proseuche conversational-prayer really is, which Jesus says is the “true worship of the Father by [singular] Spirit and/coupled [singular] The Truth,” where Paul’s teaching about the “renewing of our minds/hearts” actually does occur – not by reading the bible or hearing a sermon preached from it!


These 4 Parts are simply ONEobedient step of faith” asked of us in the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant.  Radically simple!  Don’t get hung up on all the words the bible uses above to describe the same thing!  The title of the study really boils it all down.  God’s PLAN A for us is simply to have:


An intimately experiential, abundantly fulfilling, powerfully transforming, and abiding fellowship with God by: 



  • Devoted, restfully-waiting, stillfully-watching, quietly-listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer dialogue where any routine asking, seeking, and knocking is for God’s Promised Holy Spirit to fill us with all the fullness of God Himself!


I, like many others, have had the hardest time with Part 2 above: “routinely-as-a-lifestyle, relentlessly like a little child . . . patiently-enduring . . . and thus being single-mindedly, whole-heartedly . . .  proseuchomai conversationally-praying” – see Obedient Steps of Faith – BT16, for these 4 reasons:


  1. Mistaking this for a “performance-work” to earn God’s favor and thus falling into a Law-mentality – see Obedience Steps of Faith – BT17.


  1. Not fully believing that Part 3 above of “a conversational dialogue of devoted relational prayer” is the only NT “spiritual discipline or devotion” that will accomplish the “3 results that God promises” below – see Obedient Steps of Faith – BT27.


  1. Being easily distracted and preoccupied instead with accumulating religious gnosis info-knowledge through much bible reading, study, and sermons as so many bible colleges, books, and churches have drilled into me – see Bible Info.


  1. Being easily distracted by the many worries, pleasures, and comforts of this world!



Here are 3 results that God promises for ergon ‘doing/working’ the 4 Parts above of ONEobedient step of faith.” If we relentlessly draw near as a little child to our Father UNTIL He comes near/close-beside us to ascertain what His disciples/students really know in order to help them learn it better, then we really are Christ’s disciples/followers – not just ‘believers’ – and these supernatural things will actually be done BY God ergo ‘doing/working’ in us – see Obedient Steps of Faith – BT21:


  1. The adoring, reverential awe or true worship of God by the Spirit of The Truth will come over or shine upon us as the glory of God, because we will have found WHO we are looking for, received WHO we are asking for, and the door to this “intimate, dining-together koinonia fellowship” was opened by the WHO of Jesus! “The kingdom of God and His righteousness we seek” are not 2 ‘what’s, where’s, or how’s’ of religion to zealously do but instead 2 “WHO’s to intimately know” – the Spirit and The Son, for they represent and serve the Father.” The object of our proseuche conversational-prayer is the presence of God Himself.


  1. In addition to Himself, God desires to give whatever we routinely aiteo ask for, but only if it is according to “the will of God.” However, the NT doesn’t often explicitly state in gramma writings what that is for a reason, and when it does it’s usually very broad, because “holy gramma writings” are “the way” of the OT.  Instead the NT’s way is “discerned through revelation by the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and insight of the Holy Spirit particularly through a genuine, experential, relational epignosis knowledge of God” as cultivated only by proseuche conversational-prayer.  Jesus said you can only be confident that your deesis prayer-supplications will be answered if you are meno abiding/living in Him and/coupled His directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words are meno abiding/living in you – not bible verses of “holy gramma writings!”  You can’t really follow Jesus as one of His sheep unless you first can akouo hear/listen-to-understand/know His Voice!  There is no indication that Jesus is speaking figuratively – He means His sheep are defined as those who actually akouo hear/listen-to-understand/know His Voice and consequently follow Him!


  1. Finally God promises all the riches of His glory as well, but this is God’s ergon ‘doing/work’ so that we can “peacefully-rest from our ergon doings/works” to receive the “peaceful-rest of the Holy Spirit that is beyond understanding.” Then this glory of the Spirit, whose [singular] fruit/productive-essence is Unconditional-Love, the essential-nature of God, will Spirit-baptize us with all the abundant-fullness of God in order to:


  • Genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know God and mentally grasp The Unconditional-Love of/belonging to Christ, which is actually The Truth of God, through the enabling-power of the Spirit’s revelational wisdom, discernment, understanding, and insight within our innermost being, which exceeding surpasses all gnosis info-knowledge, as Paul often declared.


  • Only then will the darkness of doubts and fear of judgment flee with the coming of Christ’s light and unconditional-love, because Christ’s “perfect/complete unconditional-love casts out all fear, because fear has to do with judgment.”


  • Only by being connected to and by meno abiding/living in the Vine of Christ will we experience the zoe genuine-life of Christ from the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit. I can’t forget that dream where the Massive Head of Christ was hovering over an ADHD-busy robotic body, always moving to its next “thing to do,” much like Martha serving Jesus and the apostles, but when it stayed still long enough for the Head to connect to it, like Mary at the feet of Jesus, I then felt an intoxicating surge of life as I inhaled my first breath, like I had never been alive before, but before long the Body-of-Christ would move to the next “to-do” of its programs and schedules. The “equippers” pushing the saints into these are part of The Great Wall quenching the Holy Spirit in the Church.


  • Only then will we bear much fruit unto God, because not only will we intimately know the [singular] fruit/essence of God’s Spirit who is Unconditional-Love, but we will be filled with the enabling-power of God to actually “both desire and do God’s will.” Jesus says, “Apart from Me you can absolutely-in-fact-NOT do anything!” The Greek is clear that “If we are meno abiding/living in/by/with Christ’s unconditional-love, then we will have the enabling-power’s self- constraint/control to obey God’s commandments” – and there are only 2 – not vice-versa as too many English bibles say, putting the cart before the horses!


  • “Resisting the devil so that he will flee from us” is a by-product of a surrendering koinonia communion with Jesus. “Resisting” doesn’t mean “standing or moving forward to fight.” God showed me in a vision that I must turn/repent and flee/retreat from the repetitive waves of the world’s sin crashing up against me, running to a sea-cave in the Massive Rock – Jesus, “the Petra Rock He builds His Church on” – that created a cliff along the seashore. But then He told me to continue walking deep inside it until I was in the middle, safe from the drowning waters near the entrance, but that it would take even more “obedient steps of faith” to walk into “the thick darkness” of the cave.  No amount of Zechariah 4:6’s “might or power” human way to relate to that towering Rock Wall of God’s holiness would save me!  Jesus told me that this is what He meant by “meno abiding in/by/with the Vine for zoe genuine-life or enabling-power to bear any fruit” – continuing until you are in the middle of, living in relation to, living by the means of, and living with the instrumentality of the Vine, who is Christ. Remember that Jesus said we could only expect to receive answers to deesis prayer-supplications if we were meno dwelling ‘in the middle’ of Christ and Christ’s directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words were meno living ‘in the middle’ of us – that’s the only way to genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know the will of God!  The deeper in the cave I travelled the quieter it got, until there was no outside noise.  That’s when I could really akouo hear-to-understand/know God talking to me!  See also 11-21-2021 Vision on Feeling meno connected to Jesus.  That’s the secret of answered proseuche conversational-prayer – going deeper to actually akouo hearing-to-understand/knowing the will of God for yourself!




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