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What would Jesus say to so many religious Christians today?




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The same thing He did to all those stuck in religion:  “You really don’t eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know God nor do you genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko Him as I do, though you gnosis informationally-know a lot about God from the scriptures you diligently search/study, erroneously supposing that in them you will take hold of zoe genuine-life everlasting.  However, they simply testify/bear-witness all around Me. My sheep akouo listen/hear-to-understand/know My Voice and these directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words of Mine are Spirit and zoe genuine-life.  So without God’s Spirit within you, you ongoingly look for zoe genuine-life somewhere else and thus ongoingly refuse to Come to Me and/coupled learn-directly from Me.  You are stuck in your faith, O you of little trusting-relying-faith!  You have ‘fallen into the trap and snare of the table’ that bible-students rolled out the scrolls on to study, ‘always learning but never coming to a knowledge of The Truth,’ and so ‘your backs will be bent forever,’ and your hearts hardened, always resisting the Holy Spirit.’  You really don’t have God’s unconditional-love within you, because you really don’t have the Spirit of God within you.  You really don’t have intimate koinonia fellowship with God, where the Holy Spirit becomes your ‘One Teacher’ and writes My ways on your heart.  Instead you put your trusting-relying-faith in writings on stone or paper. And because you don’t have the enabling-power of the Spirit within you, you ergo ‘do/work’ for God, even trying to ‘ergo do/work your salvation out with fear and trembling.’  But I didn’t say that!  I said, ‘You are My workmanship to will and to do My good pleasure – this is what you are to ‘work out,’ just as exercising in a gym doesn’t actually build muscle – it tears it down and I rebuild it at night when you are peacefully-resting from your ergon doings/works.”


It sounds too good to be true, that NOT doing any “might or power” – even bible-study – but simply being together WITH the Lord and carefully-listening to Him in conversational-prayer will actually accomplish far more “by-the-means-of My Spirit” than ALL one’s learning, understanding, wisdom-application, plans, strategies, skills, time, money, and sweat will ever accomplish – if only we will simply surrender-control by loosening our grip, ‘letting God by letting go’ of our rope, falling into God’s arms, and spending time getting to genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know Him through a conversational-prayer fellowship with Him!  But that’s what God’s ‘Plan A’ promises!  That’s what Jesus came to restore:


An intimately experiential, abundantly fulfilling, powerfully transforming, and abiding fellowship with God by: 



  • Devoted, restfully-waiting, stillfully-watching, quietly-listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer dialogue where any routine asking, seeking, and knocking is for God’s Promised Holy Spirit to fill us with all the fullness of God Himself!




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