10-24-20 Dream of running into The Fortress Rock of Christ for rest and safety against demonic attacks

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I really slept in today because I was really “talked to” a lot last night.  Many different temptations came to me and worries of life.  At first I did what I was taught:  I asked the Lord to deliver me.  Nothing happened – the temptation prevailed. Then I spoke in tongues for awhile.  Still nothing.  Then I rebuked the demons in the name of Jesus, taking authority over them.  Still nothing.  But these things have worked in the past!  I felt all my trying produced nothing.


Then I saw, “Come to Me and I will give you rest. Rest in Me.”  I then remembered  a vision I had awhile ago of a fortress along the oceanside with a sea cave in it.  The Lord had said “RUN from the crashing waves of this world’s sin to it for safety.” So I did that now.  I went into the cave, into the fortress, and I was now “abiding in Christ” and I “rested” there, just enjoying the company of the Lord.  It was peaceful.  And as I stayed there, very soon the temptation vanished.  I soon fell back asleep, but later I woke with a different temptation.  I repeated this “run to safety” and it vanished, I calmed down, and fell asleep. Later I had 2 different worries come to me that woke me and kept me awake.  So I ran to my fortress and “rested” and fell asleep there these 2 times.  So after 9 hours of sleep, I couldn’t get out of bed because of so many “things to do” that flew into my mind, but I just kept seeing those words “rest in Me” so I would end up drifting back to sleep!




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