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Mike Burris here.  Although I’ve sprinkled my revelations from the Lord throughout this website, I’m going to try and keep a master list here instead of on every scrap of paper in my house.


I’m also going to keep other logos messages to the Body-of-Christ here so I they can easily find them.  And I’m going to chronologically order them with the undated and most recent on top.


I’ve had many people ask me over the last few months why I get so many God dreams or how I do that.  So I’ve passed on dreams over the years, but it’s definitely increasing rapidly in the last six months of 2020 and particularly these last 3 months of November-December. I believe that God is just pouring out his his Spirit in “the latter rain” that is spoken of in the prophetic scriptures, and by many prophets of today.  I’ve been given many dreams about this “latter rain.”  One thing that is clear it does not have anything to do with personal merit, or holiness, or that the people getting them somehow deserve it.  I know this because I’ve been getting them even more so during times of greater weakness.  I know that frustrates a lot of righteous, moral, ethical people, particularly unbelievers that feel like they are good people and wonder why they don’t hear from God.


It also bothers a lot of righteous church people that don’t hear from God either. This has them all scratching their heads and in many cases criticizing the people who do hear from God.  Well I can tell you from the thousands of people on the internet on Elijah List, Sid Roth Supernatural, and so many people I know personally that are routinely hearing/seeing from God, that God is pouring out his Spirit just as He said He would do, and it has nothing to do with your personal holiness.  Well that sounds really unfair, doesn’t it?  But the Apostle Paul even realized that the more he admitted, confessed, and surrendered his weaknesses, his failings, his struggles against sin, and the dominion of The Flesh, that the more he did this to the Lord then the stronger he became in the things of the Spirit, even saying or concluding that “When I am weak then I become strong,” so he said he “would boast even more so in my weaknesses so that he would be ‘covered like a tent’ with the dynamite-like dunamis enabling-power of Christ,” which we know is the role of the Lord’s Holy Spirit.



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Revelation – Birds on a power-line straight to my drum studio


Dream – The monster of sin ravaging the world


Dream – Coke is not the real-thing, but Christ’s love is.


Dream – Bucket of pure white paint with colors being added to it


Dream – The Preacher saves America through Worship with the Holy Spirit


Dream – Books before 1452 and True Theology of God


Dream – A park Band warming up in the Spirit waffling people into salvation


Vision of covering myself in bed with the Robes of Righteousness


Vision of a stagnant Stinky Pond and the Entertainment of the saints


Vision & Dream of a study chair in a dark room but the Spirit’s beauty outside through Christ


Dream of Red Wagon with 10 Stars


Dream of Complex Car that wouldn’t work from Might and Power


God’s Sovereignty and Our Free Will to Receive by Faith


10-7-2021 Vision of neglected Garden Courtyard and faded Woman watching Ocean


10-6-2021 Dream of Christ as King coming with Evangels preceding


10-5-2021 Dream of Biden stealing bases and getting struck out


9-30-2021 Dream of Biden flying the USA plane off the runway into a ditch


9-28-2021 Dream – Light and Water for our vine to grow


9-27-2021 Revelation about John 12:24 Kernel of wheat buried in ground


8-30-2021 How my wife and I survived COVID-19


7-16-2021 Dreams – A war is coming but so is Love, Joy, and Peace from a divine marriage


4-15-21 Dream – Meteor pieces causing pandemonium on Earth


4-15-21 Dream – The Spirit power of Jesus will knock people down to rest in peace


3-14-21 Dream of Joe Biden driving the country backwards into great harm to himself and many others, forgiving him as deluded sinner like the rest of fallen mankind


2-17-21 Dutch Sheets response


2-5-21 Dream of having to back up a bit from too steep of a mountain


1-25-21 Deliver us from the Evil One – the Gold Rain will purge evil from the evil people too


1-22-21 Dream that Hamm radios on VA buildings involved in EBS that British will get first


1-21-20 Rhema that God will take His people forward even as they reject the prophets



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