Vision & Dream of a study chair in a dark room but the Spirit’s beauty outside through Christ





Once I had a vision after my counselor had the same vision during a proseuche conversational-prayer/counseling session I had with her.  After she described it, I soon saw even more of the same vision!


I was in a dimly lit, empty room with nothing on the old weathered, wood-slat walls.  Only a chair was in the center of the room with me sitting in it.  Light was hitting me from a very high window, but after awhile I got up and went to the door, opened it, and went outside.


It was bright out, the ski brilliantly blue, the grass was like velvet lilies, and out of the sky fell bread that twinkled like diamonds.  At first I thought they were actually diamond flakes, but as they neared I could see it was actually bread from heaven.  Everything was so green, growing, and alive!  It was pure abundance from God, glorious grace-gifts from heaven to earth!


Shortly after this vision, I became aware that I had sat in my computer chair doing bible studies for too many years – 5 bible colleges has taught me this.  I had just been doing a 6-month study that convinced me that “The Promise” of the New Covenant (NT) was direct communication with God, not to add more scriptures to those of the old covenant OT, which had been disseminated by teaching down through a religious hierarchy from “the greatest to the least” – from Moses down to Aaron and his sons, then to the Levites, then to the men, then to the women, and finally to the children.


However, Jeremiah 31:31-34 and many other OT verses convinced me that the New Covenant would be completely different-in-kind from (a) the OT  in that God would teach His people directly, by the means or instrument of His Spirit into new hearts, “from the least to the greatest.”  <Notes> a) the absolute negative means “in no way shape or form be like.”


Sure, I did get a little bit of light from that impossible-to-reach window in my vision via the very complex and labor-intensive study of the bible from the original languages.  But I had to admit that it had not really changed me much for all that I had put into it.  And the vision was telling me that there was so much more – directly from God – on the other side of the door, if I would only leave the chair.


In a dream I had some time after, I realized that I had indeed gotten up from the chair, no longer going back to my old habits of detailed research of the bible, looking for truths that would change my life.  However, I had not really made it a habit of going through the door.


In my dream, I clearly saw that Christ was the door, and many bible verses came flooding into me about this, like John 10:7-16, 27 “My sheep hear my voice (phone), and I know them, and they follow me.”  I could see that the door was there not just to start fellowship with Christ but to continue fellowship, one that would lead to abundant pastures and rich koinonia fellowship.  It all comes down to hearing the voice of the Lord, not by reading, studying, or memorizing OT or NT about Him and his ways.




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