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God has showed me and others “The Great Wall” that is quenching the Spirit from freely moving in the modern Church.  This is keeping much of today’s Church from experiencing the actual (instead of hyped-up) presence of the Lord, true revival, and being able to profoundly influence society around them.  Unlike “The Great Wall of China” that was built to keep invading armies out of China, we have been shown through careful examination of Church history and ‘seeing’ in the Spirit that “The Great Wall” of the modern Church is a very old wall intentionally built by some who want absolute control and perpetuated by many who are ignorant of its origins and pervasive presence in today’s Church.


Particularly, I’ve found few Christian musicians that have actually learned to surrender control of their “might and power” in exchange for playing anointed, prophetic, and even spontaneous music “by the Spirit.”  That’s what I found after playing drums for 52 years in 25 secular and 15 church bands and orchestras, teaching 5000-plus students for 22 years, reading too many books and websites about worship music, and watching so many Christian bands attempt it.  This is part of “The Great Wall” quenching many musicians from realizing their God-given potential!  “Lord, may this ministry by the Body-of-Christ reciprocally to one another allow your Holy Spirit to speak freely in order to teach one another your ways of playing music.  We lay everything that we have learned from religion and this world at your feet.  Guide us Holy Spirit. Amen.”


BT1:  “The Great Wall” foundational problem quenching the Holy Spirit in today’s church


BT2:  I saw “The Great Wall” blocking or quenching the Holy Spirit in many churches


BT3:  How does any of this so far relate to Christian music?


BT4:  “The Great Wall” quenching the Spirit in churches is being built by worldly stones instead of by The Rock.


BT5:  A vision of abiding in the Mountain-Fortress Rock of Christ, the Kingdom of God.




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