6-4-16 Dream of Jesus as The Massive Head





I saw a massive head with a neck as big as a waist with many tendons, ligaments, veins, and arteries dangling from it that were trying to attach themselves to a body, but the body wouldn’t stay still long enough.  But when it did, I could see these wiggly things making connections and I could feel the energy flowing into me.  It made me dizzy, warm, soothing like I was melting butter, and incredibly refreshing.  Then I became aware that the body was me.


It was odd that the body could be so busy, always moving off to another destination, another activity.  But for a time the difference was so amazing that whatever the body was experiencing before, well it sure wasn’t “life.”  Because when the head did make the connections, that’s the first word that came to mind – “zoe genuine-life.”  That’s what I felt flowing into me, like the body had been robotically animated before, but now it was really alive.  It was so intoxicating and made me feel woozy, like I was getting drunk!


Yet it was also a bit frightening, like I was losing control as it took control of me.  Maybe because of this or the other “purposes and plans” on my mind, I moved away.  I found it hard to be still and receptive.  As I moved, this great feeling of “aliveness” subsided.  I had flitted to the next “important” thing on my “to do list” or whatever caught my attention next.”


After I woke from the dream, I felt so sad.  This dream tells me that we must be still/quiet long enough for Jesus as the Head, the source of our only zoe genuine-life, to connect to us who are the branches of The Vine.  That’s what my extensive study of Psalms 46:10 showed:  “Cease from activity and movement and/coupled experientially, relationally know (yada, ginosko) that I am God.”  Kathryn Kuhlman taught on proseuche conversational-prayer:  “We cannot see the face of God or hear His gentle voice if our hearts and minds or tumultuous like a windy sea, but only if they are like a smooth, glassy pond that easy reflects the image of the moon.”




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