12-20-20 Dream of Trump diplomacy, Holy Spirit rain of liquid gold coming, Spirit information rapidly travelling to and fro




Video: 12-20-21 Prophecy-Part 1: TRUMP as a 2nd term President leads the world as a loving, godly diplomat

Part 1


I have been getting prophetic dreams every week now, so there must be something going on!  Trump ultimately gets elected for a 2nd term, that’s for sure, because too many other prophetic people keep seeing this in their dreams.


Around 6-7 am, I had a TRUMP God-dream where he was in a large library with long tables.  I guess I was an aid/page of his because I came up behind him through some books shelves.  I’ve had 2 dreams now where I was so close I can tell you that he has a little mole on his cheek by his chin with little blonde hairs sticking out of it.  He had hand-written a letter on some paper and wanted me to pass it down to a heavy-set, older woman leader of a country.  I didn’t read it, but somehow I knew that it was a very friendly, compassionate letter to a world leader, and he had thrown some of his OWN cash in it before folding it up and handing to me.  I don’t know how much it was but it was just sort of like a Thank You gift for something she had done.  When I came up behind him through the book shelves, somehow I knew that he was a very loving person.  Whatever supernatural events are coming, it’s definitely going to change him into a very godly man!  When I gave the letter/gift to the woman leader, she didn’t read the letter at that time, but took the money, smiled, and just continued talking to the important people at the table.



Video: 12-20-21 Prophecy-Part 2: Holy Spirit's coming Great Downpour of GOLD rain of glory purges evil

Part 2


EARLIER I was woken at 3 am. in the morning.  A lot of powerful things happen at 3-something in the morning.  Notice the number 3 for the Triune God!


I was awakened and heard what sounded like a train from a distance coming closer up the tracks.  I listen for a while to this low, hushing sound.  Then I suddenly realized it was the soft sound of rain gently hitting my roof and the sound of wind mixing together.  Then just as suddenly, I felt a Glory come upon me, feeling more excited, and wondering what it is that was happening to me.  Then the sound got louder like a train approaching, and I felt another rush of Glory coming upon me, and now I’m getting even more excited!  And then the train sound got louder and I felt another rush of Glory come upon me, and I got even more excited!  By NOW it was absolutely pouring rain!  THEN I mentally ‘saw’ that the rain was actually the REIGN of God coming down over the whole Earth like in the days of Noah, and soon I’m practically ready to start screaming in my house “Glory, Glory, Lord rain Down Your Glory, rain down the Glory of your Holy Spirit that is coming, He is coming, He is near!”


And once again I see rain that is liquid GOLD, so pure that it is translucent like a supernatural, liquid crystalline form.  And everything and everyone it touches is purified or made holy because it is so hot that it burns out the impurities so all that is left is the pure, the holy.  The Lord has shown me twice now that He is coming soon to do this, and the rain has already begun to fall.  If you listen closely you will hear it ALL OVER the world like it never has since the beginning of the Church, because “the latter rain” prophesied about in the Old Testament will be much greater before Christ’s return than the “former rain” after His departure, because it ushers in “The Marriage Ceremony with His Bride,” the Church.  When Jesus left, He betrothed Her and promised to build a house and home for Her, and He has in fact – many mansions on a vast estate. Soon it will be time to take Her there for the final Marriage Ceremony. The betrothal, departure to build, processional return with all his friends, and taking the Bride away to her new home for the finalizing Marriage Ceremony is exactly the ancient Jewish marriage process according to the Law of God.


Other God-Messages about Gold: 

1-25-21 vision of gold rain purging evil from people

My own Spirit-Baptism vision in 1985 of a gold shower entering my head

Golden doors in “Christ as King coming with Evangels & Miracles”

Golden acorns in “Neglected Garden and a Faded Woman”

Golden, melted butter in “Dream – A park Band warming up in the Spirit waffling people into salvation

Christians glow as gold light in “God will move His people forward

Gold-threaded veil in the Temple in “6-14-17 Prayer vision of Wall & Window blocking the Holy of Holies – Speak to It to Come Down

In Zechariah 4:2, a gold, super menorah of 49 lamps would be continually feed by 2 olive trees.  From Zechariah 4:14, these 2 trees are symbolic of the 2 anointed ones or 2 sons of/providing fresh, shining, pure oil (a) who stand before the Supreme Authority ‘adownkurios of the whole earth, and we know from so many bible verses that this “gold” (b) or “golden” [oil] (c) of verse 4:12 is the Holy Spirit (d) continually bringing Christ’s light (e) into the world!  <Notes> a) the usual word for anointed mashach wasn’t used but instead yitshar meaning “fresh, shining, pure oil.”  This is very similar in meaning to chadash to describe the fresh, completely different-in-kind New Covenantb) Hebrews noun zahab, c) Septuagint Greek adjective chrusous that means “made of gold.”  I think the LXX was more accurate, since in many cases the LXX texts we have are much older than the Masoretic Hebrew text.  The ‘oil’ of Jesus may very well have been translucent gold!  Extremely pure, supernatural and priceless!  And this is what created the pure fire that lights up the world, d) 1 Samuel 16:13, e) John 8:12, 9:5.



This is another God-Message about Trump being filled by the Spirit, likely what gives him the godly character I saw above:  11-10-20 Trump will be so filled by the Spirit


Yesterday, my wife couldn’t stop praying in the Spirit for 20 min. on the way to work, being repeatedly given the words of praise “YOU have STRUCK down the mighty.”  God is in more control than we see right now but I feel it won’t be long before we really see it.  However, at the same time, we will never see many people again:  Some will be locked up in military prisons and some will be given new identities with new faces because they blew the whistles on very bad people and will be hidden under the witness protection act.  Some of the latter got caught up in the evil but now they have been convicted by the Holy Spirit and spilled the beans on many evil schemes.  Thank You, Holy Spirit that you come to convict a fallen “world of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come” (John 16:8).



Video: 12-20-21 Prophecy-Part 3: Daniel's "Abundance rapidly going to & fro" is Web's Knowledge of Christ

Part 3


In fact, a lot of people are being fooled by the information they are reading and listening to, as it will be at the very end before Christ’s return:  In the Old Testament, the prophet Daniel 12:4 says, “But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end.  Abundance shall indeed rapidly & continually go to and fro, and/coupled knowledge (gnosis or daath) shall indeed continue to multiply.” Hebrew for abundance = “abundant in quantity, size, age, number, rank, or quality.”  The next Hebrew word’s is a verb in the imperfect tense with Polel stem that means “to go to and fro, go eagerly or rapidly to and fro.”  Hebrew daath or Greek gnosis means factual information, cunning, or skill.  It’s often used very negatively of the limited intellect and its analytical understanding, discernment, and wisdom of the world of men in complete contrast to that of God.  The imperfect Qal of the verb multiply means “to continue to become many, become numerous, multiply the people, animals, or things (here, information).


Yet Paul said he considered all the gnosis factual-knowledge of the world that he had gained as a scholar under the greatest teacher of his day Gamaliel – like being at the feet of Socrates or Aristotle – as a pile of excrement (the Greek is more graphic, using the slang word of their day).  He would trade it for the gnosis factual-knowledge belonging-to Christ in a second, saying in Philippians 3:8:  “Indeed, I add up everything as complete loss because of the surpassing worth of the gnosis informational-knowledge of/belonging-to Christ Jesus my Lord.  For His sake I have suffered the complete loss of all things and add them up as excrement, in order that I may gain Christ.”


Upon writing this, the Lord gave me a revelation about this:  Satan knows what the Book of Daniel says about factual-information gnosis/daath knowledge rapidly flowing to and fro at the very end, and Satan has helped manifested this through the invention of the high-speed internet, and now Satan is further using the internet to destroy humanity by using digital information that travels very quickly to carry out his lies, since he is “the father of lies” (John 8:44), carrying out his deception over those who do not have a love for The Truth, just as 2 Thessalonians 2:10 predicted.


This verse says that clearly that “the coming deception” comes to those who do not have a love for The Truth, which we know is Jesus Christ (John 14:6).  Ironically, Christ is using Satan’s intended evil for good (see Genesis 50:20).  Christ is using Satan’s plan to use the internet to establish his kingdom on Earth and to censure/block The Truth since he knows his time is near the end – just as the Book of Daniel correctly prophesied!  Remember that Satan didn’t understand that when Jesus came in to Jerusalem on a donkey he was not there to set up His Kingdom FULLY at that time, but to bring into His Kingdom all those who would have faith in His death in their place as a ransom-payment for sin.  Knowing the scripture about the donkey, Satan was doing everything he could to block the establishing of the Kingdom.  However, Satan got it wrong because his pride blinds him!  Nevertheless, Jesus ended up starting His kingdom of salvation that He will later conclude by His full reign!


In Daniel’s revelation, many think that Daniel is talking about airplanes and people flying back and forth in the world, which it could be, but more likely it refers to gnosis factual-information, especially since the second phrase describes the first phrase, being that they are coupled together with a coupling conjunction. The two phrases are directly related, so what is traveling very rapidly back and forth are not planes or people but instead and abundance of gnosis/daath factual-information.  But whose information?


NOW then, some people say that this refers to the internet in general and that’s what Satan has himself created to establish his kingdom on the earth as it is in hell.  After all, many money transactions of all businesses are going more and more thru the internet and that’s how Satan’s going to establish the mark of the beast of the Book of Revelation through digital technology, like Krypto currency, like Bit-coin.  Well, certainly Satan can read and it sure does look like he has gone down this path to try to establish his kingdom and to censure/block what is going to come.  And it sure seems to be working!


However, Satan got it wrong before because of his pride – he (and others who listen to him) will never believe the truth even if you showed it to them all day long.  They will say to the “truth declarers” that it’s fake news, propaganda, and debunked misinformation.  They will quickly point the “the fact checkers” to support their accusing-censoring judgment, but many people don’t realize that these companies are paid by (or heavily donated to) by the very people perpetuating the lies & propaganda, who then censure the “truth declarers.”  This is how Hitler and every tyrannical leader does it – secure the education system and company “fact checkers,”  send out the propaganda through the mainstream media they also own, and then censure/cancel the “truth declarers” with the “fact checkers” that also work for them.  It’s how organized crime works also!


However, the real Revelation the Lord gave me about this prophecy of “Abundant to and fro gnosis factual-knowledge” is that it ACTUALLY isn’t the evil world’s controlled by Satan but instead the “gnosis information of/belonging-to Christ” that Paul talked about in Philippians 3:8 above but also that Christians are to pray for in Ephesians 1:17 in order “that God may grant you the Spirit [who possesses] wisdom and revelation by-the-means of epignosis ‘genuine, intimate relational, experiential knowledge of Him’ that comes to us as the “rhema directly-spoken/heard prophetic word of Christ” to give us faith, per Romans 10:17.  “MY sheep hear MY voice,” Jesus declared in John 10:27.  This is what is going to “rain down upon this Earth” like napalm!  It’s going to be “fire from heaven like pure GOLD that is going to burn up the impurities on the earth.”  It’s the coming of the Holy Spirit, “the latter rain,” the tongues of fire to make anything & everything holy.  “The earth shall be abundantly-full of the gnosis/daath factual-knowledge of/belonging-to Yahweh as the waters cover the sea” per Isaiah 11:9 (cf. Habakkuk 2:14).



GOLD – no coincidence!  I saw this out the back window as I was telling my wife this Revelation.  It was in the neighbor’s yard, but as far as I could see no other trees around me had turned their leaves to this color yet because we haven’t had enough consistent cold weather.  Yet, here it was!  What a confirmation!  Thank You, Jesus!


As I post this on 3/1/21, I’m reminded to be patient for God to bring things about, even if He gives us such urgency that we believe it is eminent!  God has a lot of pieces to put together, so we have to keep expectantly praying to see it realized.  He wants us to partner with Him – the very essence of koinonia relationship!




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